Why am I so bored?

Mountainside Planetarium - Clutch Only 

Current life status? Waiting for Ellie to get off work.

She was legit the most proudest of her friend for getting a job. Also happy because it meant they wouldn't lose the apartment! The only issue was it was pretty damn late at night, and all the cool exhibits of planets and space were closed off. She was forced into the weird vampire lounge place for lack of anywhere better to chill, sitting awkwardly in the leather booths for a little while scrolling on her phone.

How long till Ellie was done again? Like an hour or something?


Savvy propped her chin on her hand, scrolling through YouTube. Boring.

She stretched out more, still scrolling, still bored. Also her thighs were stuck to the leather now, ew. She peeled herself off, and then just.. Flopped onto her back on the bench, legs bent up, arms above her head as she kept. fucking. scrolling.


Why her life currently so boring? Like legit, could she go back to school please? Homework was starting to sound nice, and that was a disturbing insane thought.

With more money cane more paranoia. He’d taken to keeping his wallet and keys down in the common room’s lockers (they exist because raylers says so). It was a sense of security that he probably didn’t need much, considering he head the capability to smite even a vampire that tried anything. Alas, there was a human part of him still that found it easier to relax without needing to worry about his stuff behind rifled through whilst he was working.

The night was drawing to a close, the hours inching closer to sunrise, and it was finally the end of his shift. Things were in order throughout the building. All the lights and systems were running smoothly. He was free, intent on just grabbing his stuff an-

And there was someone here. Aiden let out a small sigh as the door to the common room opened, revealing the girl as she lamented about her boredom. A frown etched into the corners of his lips. He recognized this one from the meeting, but fuck all if he knew her name. Maybe she wouldn’t notice him. He was never quite so lucky.

Her head twisted round to peer from under the table as the door to the room opened. Ellie finishing early? A small squinty frown, as she looked at feet annnnd... Those were man feet. Feet of the Man.

Not her friend, another vamp apparently. Upon closer squintage, it was determined to be like one of the two soul vamps her age, about. Hi yes! She was looking for friends her age who were dead! Come talk to heeeer pleaaaase.

"Hi! I saw you at the meeting," Savannah chirped happily, about to sit up only to bash her skull into the underside of the table. So graceful, wasn't she? Motherducking ow.

Slower this time, she straightened herself up and shot the guy a small wave. "Savannah, but Savvy works too. I don't think I caught your name last time." Come talk Mr. Vampire, give her something to dooooo.



His jaw set firmly as he watched the girl cram her skull into the table. There was the ghost of a smirk at that, but it vanished almost as quickly as it came. She was bright and bubbly and... he had to physically keep his eyes from rolling.

“Aiden.” He answered as he made his way over the the cubbies, hoping Savannah would just disappear. He could only hope.

Oh wow, he was one of those really non talkative douches, wasn't he? Or well. She couldn't say douche without like, attempting to get to know him. But his clothing choice? Kinda sorta screamed fuckboi to her.

It toned down her excitement, mildly, but she was still bright as she regarded him. "Cool cool."

Frantic search for conversation as he got to the cubbies for his stuff, presumably. UHHHHHHH.

"You haven't been a vampire long, have you?" Wasn't the best start, but it was something they could connect to at least. He felt decidedly weaker than she did, that metaphysical sense that told her he was lower down on the pecking order.

Not one to take hints, then? Aiden frowned into the cubby as he collected his belongings and pocketed them. He was glad he didn’t have to breathe anymore else a sigh would have given away his irritation. “Few months.” He said with a nod of his head. Fuck, how many had it been?

“You?” He’d entertain her for long enough not to gain a reputation for being an asshole. Not that he wasn’t fully aware that he was. But the rest of the Clutch didn’t have to know that. Especially if they were supposed to be the ones to watch his back.

Few months then, cool. Probably a tiny bit older than Ellie? Or well like.. Vampire wise. He looked like a broody 17 year old to her, like definitely younger. Some kinda Edward-from-Twilight wannabe.

It was the type of person destined to just not get along with her own and hey, she could cope. Wasn't like she had to be friends with EVERYONE.

"Uhh.. Like almost a year? I got vamped at a college party first week, no fun at all, 0/10 recommend." Forever turned off of alcohol, both because she couldn't drink and because the reason she couldn't drink (or eat or see the light of day etc.) was because she got drunk drinking and let some strange dude suck her neck!


She crossed her legs up under her, head cocking. "Did you get fucked over like me or did ya have a choice?" Savannah wouldn't be insulted either way - she wasn't one of those people who'd like, be all judgey over someone who wanted to become a vamp.

A year. Seemed about right, from the creepy vibes all vampires seemed to give off. Her's seemed more significant than his. More like Leah's, but hardly as powerful. A brief burst of air shifted hollowly from his nose at her rating of her experience. "It's not exactly something anyone would reccomend, I don't think." He said, his arms crossing as he looked her over. "No, I didn't choose it." He said simply enough. She didn't need the details.

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