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Incoming call from Osvald

@Greta Hellström

Hello, Osvald.


She answered, and he felt his embarrassment piqued.

Ah, good evening, my dear. I hope you're not too busy?

Prelude for him to get down to business.

I was wondering if you perhaps knew what this... "Clutch Dungeons and Dragons Group" was? There was a flyer for it left in the lounge. I'm afraid I'm a bit too embarrassed to ask anyone else.

It mentioned dice, so he assumed it was some sort of... gambling, perhaps? But he has no idea what to make of "character sheets."

Not at all.

She had all the time in the world, after all. Hmm? A small note of curiosity escaped her, into the phone.

Clutch dungeons and dragons...? I can't say I've ever heard of such a thing. Perhaps one of the fledglings might know?

There were, after all, so many things younger people were much more privy to. Of course, she was curious enough to want to know, now.

Ah, so she was just as unaware as he was. That was comforting.

Would you be interested in finding out? It says we are to contact a... "Dax" if we wish to participate.

He was ninety plus six hundred something and he was a bit too shy an old man to go into this alone.

Certainly. I’m too curious for my own good. Are you going to contact her or shall I?


A little more shame. If vampires could turn into turtles, perhaps that would be his animal form.

I would say you are the better candidate. Perhaps we could meet with her in the lounge.


A soft chuckle of amusement. Perhaps she was the more diplomatic of the two of them.
Alright. I will contact her. I'll let you know what she agrees to?


By all means. Thank you, my dear.

Osvald thumbed at the head of his dragon cane and wondered if actual dragons were part of this possible gambling game.

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