So Little Thyme 
It was a loud enough sound to make him jump at his desk on the other side of the shop.

A thump, or a thud, of something against the front glass of the building. Abraham frowned, rising from his desk with the stupid slow movements of a wary cat.

He'd need to walk all the way to the window to spot it, but once he did, he frowned even further.

Stepping around to the front of the building, he could only loom over it sadly.

A massive pigeon on its back, wings spread wide and little legs curled at the toes.

"Well shit, buddy," he mumbled to the dead thing, glancing briefly to the bird shaped mark on the window.

He definitely couldn't leave it here. The jaguar suggested eating it.

Was it pretty sappy to have some kind of bird burial?


Katya hadn’t actually arrived because of the plant shop (though really she should’ve). It was the sound of a thud which made her backtrack.

Curiously and cautiously, she reversed back down the street to see a dude looming over a dead bird. Katya also definitely should’ve remembered him, but she didn’t, though she could tell he was a jaguar from exposure.

She stopped just a few paces away, staring down the bird.

”Sadness,” she narrated, approximately like :(.

But really her eyes were gradually shifting to a yellow as her wolf considered dinner options.

He smelled her before anything else, and boy was that a weird were life thing.

Glancing up to see some tiny teenager basically speaking his mind, he nodded. She seemed highly familiar, but there was a good chance he was combining her with all the other wolves he'd met before.

"I dunno what to do with it. Him."

It was a dude bird now.

"Kinda feels shitty to leave him here, though."

Abraham crouched to look it over and his jaguar suggested a sniff which he decidedly did not oblige.

”I could take him?” she voiced the sudden urge confidently, before like, very clearly frowning at herself.

What the fuck, Katya.

Abraham chuckled at the sheer unexpected nature of that answer.

But. Like. Hey, if she was going to bury him, or... taxidermy him. Or eat him. Whatever the options, that was better than leaving him here to rot in front of the store.

"I could, uh. Get you a box."

Was she legitimately being enabled to abduct a dead fucking pigeon. Katya considered her options, actively resisting wolfbrain now that she’d let that slip.

But also, like. Going back on her word now would look so bad. So.


Katya glanced to the store name.

”Can I buy some plants?”

He glanced up to the name of the store himself, as if he might have been at risk for forgetting it.

"Oh, uh, yeah. C'mon in."

Stepping carefully away from the dead bird, he'd open the door for her to be nice, trying to remember why the hell she seemed so familiar but he just couldn't place her.

She had a moment to actually look at him as he held open the door. Katya squinted, more than obviously, before shuffling inside with a ”thanks.”

He was sort of familiar, but her brain refused to think of any guy who looked over forty as anyone but Wilhelm. Even as she remained actively aware that he was a jaguar.

Maybe it’d come to her.

”I’m looking for some like, tiny basil plants I can have in my flat. And rosemary.”

She was giving him a look like she was trying to remember too so obviously they knew each other, but. Like. From where.

"Oh yeah. Totally got you covered," he said, leading her toward a sunny shelf by one of the windows. "If you can keep these guys by a window, they'll be super happy. I found plants around my place helps with... uh."

Being a terrifying jaguar!

"Dog. And. Cat stuff."

He prodded affectionately at a healthy basil leaf.

Her mind trailed away from who he was and instead if she could somehow abandon the responsibility of taking that pigeon home. Like. Now that they were inside, maybe he’d forget about it.

Or would she leave the store and he’d be running after her with a dead pigeon in a box?

”How does that work?” Katya asked, also prodding a leaf from another plant, because children modelled adults’ behaviour.

Oh. Geez. Uh.

"Honestly not really sure," he said, and as they stood still and somewhat close, his jaguar offered a friendly hiss what why STOP THAT.

Hissing wasn't friendly and he ignored it, automatically apologetic.

"But mine's a... jungle cat. So I guess plants feel jungley. Your mileage'll probably vary. Uh. See any you like?"

Omega Wolf growled in return (but like a real wuss with her tail tucked, surprise) and Katya was stunned enough at the metaphysical behaviour that she blinked a few times. And half-missed his question.

”Mostly she likes steaks and squeaky things. And water, duh,” Katya told him, choosing one of the basil plants which looked the most perfect. And a rosemary one. Which also looked the most perfect.

”Does yours like catnip?” she asked, turning to face him directly.


The cat was pleased enough to see her looking scared, and he settled with a huff, flopping with disinterest. Such a fucking asshole. Stupid awful cat.

"I wish. My gir- uh. My girlfriend's does."

Was she his girlfriend? Abraham literally didn't know for sure. Like. They were Together, but to say their relationship was problematic and... just. Full of problems was an understatement.

Nodding toward the front counter, he'd walk with her there assuming she wanted to follow.

"Squeaky things is actually kind of fun. I wonder if mine would be into that."

His cat giiiirlfriend his girlfriend his girlfriend his girlfriend.

Katya walked with him at a leisurely pace before suddenly stopping. ”ABRAHAM!” she exclaimed, lifting the basil into the air like Simba and staring at it with a grin.

Sorry he’d definitely said something about squeaky things too.

Abraham was legitimately startled, eyebrows rising as his eyes flashed to green. Braincat gave a few spirited roos of alarm.

"I- uh- you know Asha? Or-"

Fuck. What if she'd just happened to remember him from whatever it was before and now he was just blurting out stupid shit.

Too late now.

Katya looked from the basil and then to Abraham.

”We went out for ice cream the other day,” she told him proudly, still not moving. But she at least lowered the plant again. ”Was that heart locket for her?”

He looked older than Katya remembered. But that time she’d met him had also been a year ago, so, memory wasn’t great.

Asha had so many goddamn friends. She hadn't been home hardly at all lately so apparently one of those nights was dedicated to ice cream with whoever this was and. Fuck.

He remembered and she remembered GREAT.

"Oh, no. It was, uh. Silver. I was trying to see if it would..."

A double check that they were alone in the store, the only other employee upstairs in the greenhouse.

"Burn. But. I hadn't had my first shift yet. So."

So he was just a moron.

Katya had a hard time following people who spoke with a lot of pauses. So she leaned forward some as she listened, as if it’d help.

”Why didn’t you just ask the person who infected you??”

Great question. He scrunched his face briefly and even the jaguar seemed to groan at the reminder of Lexus.

"Because she abandoned me after the attack and I never saw her again. I didn't know weres were even a real thing at the time."

Had the silver been before Wallace rolled in to play hero? Abraham could barely recall those terrifying early days.

That reminded her of Fray’s story. Fray’s story which had been a lie.

She tried to believe Abraham in spite of it.

”Bummer.” Katya began towards the register. ”At least you’ve got Asha now. And two dickwads.”

Oh. Wow. Apparently Katya knew... a lot.

"You meet the dickwads personally, or Asha just tell you about them?"

He took a step to lead them toward the counter and randomly remembered he needed to find a dead bird box. A bird coffin.


”I met Fray when I was infected and he was working at the coyote den. Asha also told me about the troubles they’ve given you guys too, though, so. Great rep.”

She lowered the plants onto the counter, in no rush to retrieve her purse as she did so slowly.

He wondered how she got turned, but not enough to ask.

Leading the toward the counter, he punched in a whole mess of buttons to log himself into the register.

"He's something alright. I've tried to get along, but. I'm not the friendliest on my best days, I guess."

”He thanked me for getting infected because it showed him how to turn his girlfriend harmlessly,” Katya explained, stone-faced, and not really considering Abraham might not know how she’d gotten infected. ”So. You’re probably fine.”


Was this kiss wolf?

Kiss wolf reminded him of the fact that Asha probably fucked Fray to turn him and then lied to him about it and that just wasn't the best feeling ever.

He tapped in the codes for the plants, reading off a reasonable total because drew didn't want to Google prices.

"Sorry about him. Jags are banned from Larkspur, so at least you won't see him there again."

The sentiment was nice, but really she was more sad for anyone stuck being the same species as Romeo and Juliet. Katya guessed she had Liza to make up for that.

"Jo didn't tell me that," Katya thought aloud, fishing out some notes and handing them to Abraham.

A slightly bitter chuckle.

"Yeah. I imagine she just told the coyotes and us and that was plenty. She a friend?"

Abraham opened the register and counted out change into his palm.

It was a simple question but one Katya struggled to answer about almost everyone. It left a lengthy silence on her end, before she found words which felt somewhat accurate.

"I wouldn't trust her to take a bullet for me, so."

That got a little deep.

Handing over her change, he shrugged some.

"I dunno if I'd trust anyone to do that."

Maybe that would make it back to Asha and he'd feel shitty for it, but no amount of being shoved into a wall and told he couldn't travel without her inspired a true sense of trust.

"Well. Cool that you're friends with Asha, anyway. Come by any time you wanna grow your apartment garden."

He accompanied it with a small customer service smile.

Katya would. She wondered if that made her naive, but if it did, she didn't really care. She also wasn't sure if she was actually friends with Asha like Abraham said, but she was deeply indebted to her.

"Thanks," Katya said as she took the change, sliding it back into her purse. "I will. Try not to get swung at by people my age in the meantime." It was sarcasm.

He was putting the plants in a bag, and Katya extended a hand to take her purchases. Now just. Forget about the bird, pls.



Did she. What. Did she mean like.

Julie? Or.


"Thanks?" he said, audibly confused but trying not to be, letting her go and definitely forgetting about the bird corpse at this point.

He didn't get it. Which hadn't been the intended reaction, but honestly, it was kind of better.

Katya nodded in acceptance of the thanks, offering no further explanation. "Catch ya!" She'd bust out of the store in a quick skip, and also make sure to not step on the menacing dead pigeon on the way out.

Normally his death would've made her a lot sadder, but if she thought about the poor dude she'd just want to eat him, so. :((

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