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Lavender Heights 
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@"Dax Attwood"

"You're gonna behave, aren't you," Yesenia smiled, stroking Rocky as he lay down perfectly still and calm in the cab. The dog only gave a loving snuggle, shoving his head into her lap. Even the driver seemed impressed, and maybe it was helping alter his opinion of pit bulls some.

They arrived in Lavender Heights, and it felt.. a lot more active than Avondale was, for this late.

Anyway. She thanked the man and offered him a cash tip, Rocky's leash clinking as she drew him out. The dog was a model citizen, less rowdy than half the people on the streets, and only waited calmly once they reached Dax's place's door.

She buzzed, and if prompted, would answer with her name.

Marybeth found herself in the Heights an awful lot for a rogue vampire not allowed to hunt here.

She was just passing through, really, mapping out the area, when her attention was grabbed by a night-dog. Also there was a person there. Regardless, MB's eyebrows shot up into the universal about-to-talk-to-a-baby face, and she began to tiptoe across the street, from an unforgivably far distance, to go up and meet this dog. She was mercifully approaching from behind, hopefully to spare the dog owner the terror of watching a white woman approach her from a half-block away.

Once close enough, she called out to the both of them in an excited whisper. "Hiiii buddy! Can I pet your dog?"

There was no answer at the door yet. Instead there was a voice behind her, and Rocky's attention shifted from her to new her. His short fur along his shoulders rose, his first reaction being to protect his smol human.

Yesenia noticed it, and ran a hand over Rocky's back. "Hang on, good boy. Be nice."

That worked instantly, because Rocky was just the best, and Yesenia looked to the lady who was hopefully not crazy as she nodded and smiled. "Yes, totally, go for it!"

The dog looked to her with relaxed ears and a soft, welcoming wag of his tail.

Marybeth had known a lot of dogs, or at least had a certain knack for them that she lacked with her own former species. She had stopped when Rocky bristled up at her, and noticed the immediate change when the woman gave him a calming pet. "He's beautiful," she whispered reverently before creeping forward to pat his head and scritch her thumb between his eyes. "You beautiful boy, look at you! How did you get so strong!!"

Yesenia was overly cautious, waiting here outside her... well, Dax wasn't a friend yet, but a-person-she-knew. Outside her place, anyway. But the woman approaching seemed respectful and nice, and she was older, and hopefully that meant she wasn't a threat?

Yesenia swallowed and offered a smile. Rocky was relaxed, panting happily in the summer night air. That should relax her, too. Plus, the woman was petting him very nicely, so.

"His name's Rocky," she offered gently. "And he's the best ever. Do you have dogs too?"

It took Dax an uncomfortably long time to reach the door. First there was Dexter about to knock over a lamp, then Gilligan frantically meowing because clearly any movement from the couch meant it was food time, then the faint sound of voices from beyond the door where she paused with one hand on the doorknob. Had Yesenia brought a friend? Kind of presumptuous, but whatever.

But no, sounded like a stranger. And another surreptitious sniff brought the distinct smell of undead.

Dax felt instantly... protective? Jealous? Just petty?

Probably the latter.

She pulled open the door and greeted the two women with a short upward nod and an, "Evening."

She didn't recognize the vampire from either clutch, but that didn't mean she hadn't signed onto Beau's since their first meeting. Either way, Dax was not a fan.

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"I can tell," she cooed, gazing adoringly into the pibble's beefy panting face. She would probably have never looked up again if Yesenia hadn't snuck in some questions, but at these she paused in petting Rocky's cheeks and looked back up. "Not for years, no. I can't always get a place that allows 'em." Marybeth casually outing her status as a financially unstable 40-year-old, no biggie. Plus being dead asleep for more than half the day in summer didn't make for the best dog-momming.

The door cracked open in front of them, a clear sign that her moment of dog-attention-stealing was up. She blinked up at Dax before getting reluctantly up from her knees. She turned to Yesenia and waved, because, okay, and took off at a walk that was very close to a trot. "Thanks, bye!"

"Aww," she sympathized with a nod, totally getting that struggle, and might have suggested her apartment building in Avondale, but the door was opening behind her.

Dax! Answering the door! Yesenia turned with a smile, but the clipped greeting had her wondering if she'd done something wrong, which doubled with how fast the other woman departed, maybe?

She looked back and offered a wave. "Bye," Yesenia said, and then. Just Dax. "Hi, um. We sort of had, like... a friend date for tonight I think?"

Rocky sniffed the air for food between panting.

The vampire chick promptly absconded, and Dax stared after her for a moment, committing her to memory just in case.

Her expression didn't exactly soften with the stranger's departure, but the tension in her chest eased and she allowed half of a wry smile when she redirected her attention to Yesenia.

"I see, already staking out the friendzone," she remarked with a melodramatic sigh, waving Yesenia inside, "I promised ghosts, and ghosts I shall deliver."

Dax had already rearranged the living room so that the coffee table and recliner were flush against the furthest wall, leaving a comfortable amount of space in front of the couch, where a ziploc bag of tealights waited.

Dax glanced pointedly at Yesenia's dog. "I've already locked the cat into a bedroom, so he's free to wander around or whatever dogs do."

Yesenia gave an awkward laugh to mention of the friend zone, moreso because she was surprised at mention of it than, like, discomfort. She tried not to wonder if that laugh was weird because Dax was discussing Rocky!

"Oh! Okay, yeah, he'll be good. Rocky, lay down," she instructed, and the dog did so with immediate and happy obedience next to the couch. She scratched absentmindedly at an itchy bump on her arm. Ugh, summer bugs.

"So how was your day?" she asked, knowing there were ghosts promised but not wanting to like, force it? Or.


Boring question, but it wouldn't kill Dax to play ball for a little bit. "I'm a night owl. This is basically my afternoon." Which was only kind of a lie. "You?"

She settled on the floor without further ceremony, back braced on end of the couch furthest from the dog. Dax dragged her Occult Supplies ™ closer and began setting up the Scrabble board, shaking out the wooden tiles and flipping each over so the letter showed.

"Oh, um, it was okay. Kind of excited about today. This. Ghosts and stuff."

She smiled and settled down with Dax, next to her dog, crossing her legs for comfort, and watched her set up everything with curiosity for all it was laced with a little gut-trembly fear.

"How come a Scrabble board?"

Ghosts and stuff. Sounded about right.

Dax grinned at the question, although she remained focused on the Scrabble board as she laid out tealights. "Ouija boards are too slow, and half of them—the ghosts, that is—half of them won't move the damn thing unless I'm touching it. Scrabble is more efficient."

She dug a lighter out of the ziploc bag and offered it to Yesenia, inclining her face slightly to glance aside at her. "Your solemn duty for the evening. Any tragically murdered exes and/or parents you want me to attempt to conjure?"

Oooohhh, she nodded silently, and watched with slightly held breath as she took in the sight of Dax setting it all up. At the question, she leaned back with a wide-eyed expression.

"Me?" she pointed at herself with cartoonish surprise, "Oh, no, I don't... think so...? Um. Oh, maybe my grandmother?"

She was doing her best.

Weird answer.

"Maybe?" Dax pressed more patiently than she felt. "Do you want me to summon her or not? Alternatively, if a family reunion doesn't appeal, I can just drag Houdini's ass over here and rub it in his face that mediums and shit are real."

Well... she hadn't like, expected to be asked to summon someone she knew? Or had she? Yesenia wracked her brain but she just thought Dax knew other ghosts or something.

"Uhm," she answered apologetically. "Yeah, Houdini is better."

Was she being real about that.

Dax's eyes narrowed slightly as she evaluated Yesenia. "Houdini it is," she agreed. Who was being weird here? Her or her audience?


She straightened up and snapped her fingers dramatically, then scowled when her cue went unacknowledged. Silver seeped into her irises. "Lights, please."

Dax added as an aside to Yesenia, "We're still working on our party tricks."

Someone obliged—Dexter, she suspected—and the overhead lights winked out, leaving only the faint orange glow of two salt lamps. (Hey, they were cheap and she liked the aesthetic.)

Her eyes remained silver when she looked to Yesenia again, taking the opportunity to brush her powers against her guest to get a better read on her while she could blame the color shift on her ghost-whispering. "Do you want anything before I summon the dead? The kitchen's pretty bare so your options are cookies, beer, and water."

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At first Yesenia thought Dax was telling her to turn off the lights, but when they shut off on their own, she gave a little jump in surprise. Rocky stirred to it, his muzzle wrinkling slightly, but he soon settled again on his own with a hefty sigh.

A glance to the salt lamps, and she looked back to Dax and nodded.

"Uhm, maybe after," she decided to the offer, not wanting to miss anything and still kind of too wiggly and nervous about all this to go ahead and get up yet.

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