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Saturday August 11, 2018

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First things first! Asha sent a text out to Levka to let him know that she and three other jaguars would be off doing some hiking and grilling in Kelby. No trouble, just hanging out, and he had prime hiking/hangout grounds.

Also, Asha brought so much food for grilling, you guys. She absolutely raided the meat place in Ravenswood and had packed a nice big cooler of meat and another of random side dishes, and she'd also brought a bunch of six-packs from her work trip. But she hoped they'd all bring more to drink and eat because what was a party without too much food?

The campsite with the grill was conveniently situated near the lake. They could grill up, shoot the shit, go hike around, maybe edge out of territory and even go for a shift? That was her cat's idea. Asha wasn't sure that could happen, but she'd keep an open mind.

But also. She had a new bikini she could show off for reasons, if swimming or even sunbathing happened, and she wouldn't push for it but it would be so nice if it happened.

Anyway, they were parked and bringing out their food and stuff towards the grill, and Asha had let the other two know about their specific location and all that too.

Abraham was here. And he was sweating. He had no idea what Frank looked like, but he was definitely picturing some kind of fifty-something doctor guy, possibly still wearing a white coat as if doctors wore that everywhere.

Would Sol enjoy this? Did she want to hang out with a bunch of old jaguars and Asha the not old jaguar?

Was he going to be grilling everything? Would his skills be judged?

Dressed in green swim trunks, a t-shirt, and unflattering flip flops, he tried to pretend he had his shit together enough that Asha wouldn't feel his nervousness. It was probably going just okay.

"What if I just go become a jaguar and hide in the water real low. And you can throw food at me."

So this was fun and super not critical of being accepted into a group that would help him more or less be a functional member of society again. He already knew so far that Asha was ok, but Abraham and Sol were who knows who and it was a bit intimidating. But, he was trying his best to be sure of himself and the situation. Ultimately, he wouldn't shift right? He just had to keep telling himself that like a mantra. It'd be fine, Frank was sure, but his cat was pacing and that was rubbing off significantly. There were steaks and shrimp already marinated ready to be thrown on the grill and several things of chips, and sodas in his car. It'd been tough to figure out what to even get considering he knew nothing about anyone's food preferences. Who didn't like surf and turf?

Frank had just pulled up in the campsite when the definitely not wilderness smell hit him after opening the driver door. After meeting Asha, he could actually pick it out to probably what could only be signature jaguar smell. It was comforting to know he was in the right place after all and the gps hadn't led him to some unknown location, ready to be mauled by mothra or whatever stupid else lived in Colorado. The lake could be seen close by as well as two figures. So that was probably where he was heading. Grabbing various bags from the trunk, Frank made the walk over, precariously holding everything.

As he neared, the hum of a voice got stronger till his ears picked up on the very last bit the guy had said. Throw food at me? For a moment, he wasn't sure if he was actually nearing the right camp site of his group or some college kids. A few more lengths, and now he could see Asha and a man, that was probably Abraham, in swim trunks. That reassured that this was in fact the campsite mentioned. "Hey," he called out with a wave. That action immediately unbalanced the sodas he'd been holding. The case fell, tore, and several cans made the roll towards the group ahead. Oops.

Hehe, guess who was running late?

This girl!

In Sol's defence, her cab driver was shit. (Sol also sort of just woke up from a nap, but, that doesn't matter.) She was certain they got every single red light to get there. For the duration of the ride, she kept asking herself if she had bought enough chips. She only bought four family-sized bags of potato chips, but weres ate, like, a lot. Maybe someone else had brought chips, too.

But, still, what if that hadn't and that was all they HAD?!

She sighed sharply.

When the cabby finally pulled up, Sol paid them and left a no-so-nice tip and then promptly left. From there, Sol followed the scent of cat. The four bags of chips were hugged to her chest. A yawn escaped her as she marched toward the campsite.

Outfit is her grey chill summer dress I'll link it later

"That would be so cute!!" Asha gushed at his suggestion, moving to wrap her arms around him briefly once his arms were free. Sweaty Barlit gave her pheromones a joyride.

It wasn't hard to miss the approach of another jaguar, her own brimming with a tail-lashing interest in pouncing everyone and being the small cat queen on top of the pile. Frank also helped by calling out, and then...

"Party started!" Asha blurted with a grin, breaking the embrace and approaching with a stoop to help pick up some cans. Carrying them to a table, she introduced, "Abraham, this is Frank, Frank, this is Abraham!"

Her cat roo'd incessantly, and boy that was annoying, but Asha was super excitable anyway!! But at least she wouldn't be the only girl anymore, because, as she turned her heel, she realized their fourth was coming up too.

Asha damn near wiggled for it, abandoning the boys to their whatever and nearly bouncing up along the sandy path to meet her halfway.

"Sol! Lemme help!"

Because four bags of chips were very difficult to manage for a were, totally.

Everything was happening so fast. Abraham needed an adult and Asha was too exuberant an adult. Abraham needed an unenthusiastic adult.

It was good to be called cute, though, and his jaguar chewed affectionately on hers for the hug. This was going to be fine. Everything was going to be fine. Really. Totally.

And then there was a voice, and it sounded... younger? Than he expected? Turning, Abraham could barely hide his horror. It probably looked something like surprise.

Taller than Abraham? Check. More muscled than Abraham? Check. Younger than Abraham? Possibly. Better looking than Abraham? Absolutely. Completed more med school than Abraham? Very, very sure.

Asha flitted right over to help him with soda, but Abraham stood a deer in headlights for a few seconds. Say some words. Use your mouth, you big dumb gray-haired out of shape idiot. Your girlfriend is running off to go hang out with the other girl.

"Frank," he said, but not in the way someone would say a name, just a confused kind of sound. That was bad. Real bad. The jaguar, much more eager to be social, threatened some kind of brain shift. "Uh. Sorry. Hi, I'm- uh- Abraham, like she said."

He made a stupid sheepish face as his human brain screamed and his animal brain roo'd.

"Lemme help you with all that."

And then he approached with his arms because he had arms he'd hold things in them?

As he bent down to start picking them up his jaguar decided to just full out roo multiple times in a row as Asha approached. Ok, that wasn't ok, please stop. "Thanks," he smiled, grabbing the few still left and putting them into the bags. Gathering everything, he followed after to the tables and the guy was just standing staring, looking a like he'd seen a ghost or about to have a stroke. So this must be Abraham.

Frank listened as Asha introduced the two of them before flitting off to another approaching person. Some commotion and he figured it was the other girl expected. At the moment though, Abraham had his attention with a simple 'Frank' said in a really rather weird way of saying it. It had him shifting his weight, about to chime in with an 'Abraham' before it seemed something kicked in on the other. Maybe, he was just really shy and had problems talking to new people? It had Frank chuckling a bit, shaking his head with an amused smile.

"Happy to finally meet you. That'd be great, thanks." He handed over two bags as Abraham offered arms, grateful that now he had help for the last few lengths to the picnic table. His cat got louder, readying to pounce in a friendly jump if it got the chance. Looking back, he took in the new person as well, feeling a bit out of his element and just a bit outnumbered in experienced weres. Frank looked back to Abraham as they walked. "Was I interrupting some plans? I don't think I brought enough for a food fight if that's the case." He was still trying to figure out why Abraham would ask to have food thrown at him and if it was something Frank had to do for a sort of hazing.

Sol could hear voices ahead. She kind of forgot about the super-hearing, though, and thought they were closer than they actually were.

They weren't.

She got there eventually. Remembered she still needed to do more hiking. (But that was hardly hike, Sol, you lazy-ass.) The others came into view. Two of them were easily recognised. One wasn't. Frank, she thought.

Asha was coming over and she gave her a smile.

"Oh, I've got 'em," Sol said. Although, she wouldn't try to stop her if Asha decided to grab a couple of bags, regardless.

Good thing Sol didn't try to stop her because Asha was so gunning to be a helper she only gave a little chuckle at Sol's reassurance.

"Hiiiio how've you been," she asked, grabbing one— two— nope, three chip bags and lightly moving to hip bump her a little in playfulness. And also give her cat a chance to pounce. She walked slowly, noting the boys were Interacting™ and wanting to give them space to do so.

Okay there was chuckling happening, you're being a weirdo, Abraham, but he's playing it coool, so you play it cool, Abraham.

Meanwhile the jaguar just wanted some kind of bro-hug action going and how about not?

Also why was this guy some kind of I'm Definitely A Model In My Spare Time good looking? Like. How was that even fair. Was it too much to ask to have some old ugly jaguar in their group?

Was that Abraham? Oh God-

"No food fight, just saying dumb shit before I realized you were here," he said, but not grouchily. So the guy had also been listening to Abraham complain why was everything suffering.

But still. Still. Frank seemed okay so far. Embrace the okay, Abraham. Where was Asha and why wasn't she babysitting him. (Him being Asha, not Frank. Definitely not Frank.)

"How's your weird burn thing?"

Super pleasant casual talk!!!!

At the mention of no food fight Frank wanted to exhale in relief. "Ah ok." All that food going to waste was going to be so sad. Abraham's comment about him just being dumb though kept it in. Perhaps, it had been a couple thing? He hadn't a clue, but at least the guy was approachable from what he was gleaning.

While they reached the table, he put down the bags just as Abraham asked about his burn. He grimaced slightly at the reminder of that and the many questions said thing entailed. Currently, he had a tshirt on with swim trunks so he couldn't just show how it'd progressed in healing. That'd be a bit weird to just take a shirt off out of nowhere and be like, look at it. The healing was slow like Abraham had said, but almost completely healed at this point. Scarring was a thing and Frank wasn't too happy about that. It actually still irritated him to not know what had happened and what even his cat had been thinking. They were going to have a serious talk when he figured out this whole buddy system. Scratching the back of his neck, he answered. "It's umm, just about healed. Just really tender still." Dropping his hand, he went to set out some stuff from the bags next to the rest of the stuff the other two had brought, wanting to change the subject, but not wanting to just randomly pipe in with a half-baked 'how's the weather'. They were in the same place right now, how'd that work? "Looks like we are all set with the cat treats," he said, while also giving a pointed look to Sol and Asha coming down who had four bags of chips.

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