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There was a particular joy in picking out an outfit that cast her in such an innocent light in such a crude place. An angel fluttering into Barbarian, seeking the next thrill she could charm home. Perhaps this time she'd manage to keep them.

She was aware of the loose end that was Cris' failure to return to her, though as far as she was aware, the girl was doomed to silence. Perhaps she'd been bitten by more than she could chew.

Nursing some alcoholic mess or another, the scent of it pungent to her nose, she awaited the appearance of something — anything — sweeter as she drifted about.


"Let go of your responsibilities and go wild!"

This motto appealed to Rabbit while she was on the second floor of the club, dancing amongst the rowdy crowd. The bass thumped in her chest, making her feel alive, disregarding the fact that she felt rather dead on the inside. A few whiskeys were already in her system and only amplified her exciting numbness and warmed her belly.

Beads of sweat formed on the edges of her forehead but an inked hand reached up and swiped them away as she stepped off the dance floor. Heading to the bar, she slipped some money out of a girl's best pocket and slapped it on the bar, in exchange for this time, a shot of tequila.

There was eventually a much sweeter scent back at the bar — of course at the bar — and Taraneh weaved her way through the crowd as hunger and yearning took precedent. She gathered looks both confused and amused for her out of place style, but they were all rather ignorable. A psychic was here.

The girl her nose led her to was another one with poor fashion sense, young and thin and sporting terribly cumbersome jeans instead of a skirt. It made her sigh internally, but she bared enough skin up top to make herself alluring.

The vampire handed off her drink to someone else and slid in next to her, hearing the girl's sloppy order. She smelled richly of the alcohol Taraneh could not drink, but she could make a doubly intoxicating drink herself for it.

"Why stop at one?" she smiled sweetly, and motioned for the bartender. "Two more each for us both, on my tab."

Surely she wouldn't mind anything given to her for free. And she could have all four.

A velvety voice called out to her while she stood at the bar. Rabbit adjusted her shirt, pulling up on the sleeve so it wouldn't fall down. The woman was well put together, a little business-like especially for this venue. It peeked her interest, especially when she offered to buy her her drink. Rabbit was hesitant, waving her hands to deny the offer but it was too late. The woman had already ordered four shots. Damn.

"I really shouldn't be drinking that much, I appreciate the offer," she said shyly. If the woman really insisted, she would take at least one of the drinks to not make her feel bad about turning down her offer. And the woman even had a tab. Damn, again. Who was this girl? Someone important? She sure looked the part.

How suddenly demure, but the wealth of alcohol on the girl's breath spoke to just how much she truly subscribed to such temperance.

"Then don't," Taraneh smiled with a relaxed single shrug. "They'll be here if you change your mind."

She sought conversational eye contact, the kind of thing most people found natural and most later-aged vampires knew better than to engage in, but spoke without an attempt at suggestion for now.

"What's your name?"


If he were honest with himself, Jaxon hadn't gotten his hopes up whether he would like any of the nighttime venues in Larkspur. It was his ambition to scout the area for curiosity's sake, among other things, but he was ever the opportunistic predator concerning a perspective meal. While the throngs of drunken college students and millennials were promising in that respect, the atmosphere certainly clashed with Jaxon's tastes; the more he observed, the less he liked.

Barbarian in particular stood as a testament to everything he disliked.

The establishment in question tried so terribly hard to be something it wasn't, misguided in its efforts to call upon man's primeval nature. Condemning such a laughable attempt with plastic foliage and garish jungle motifs was all too easy for a practiced man of trickery and deception.

Yet, at the end of all things, nightclubs were still havens for decadence and depravity, and such conditions made for prime hunting grounds.

Compelled by a distinct lack of interest in mingling on the ground floor, Jaxon was quick to ascend the staircase from which lyrics of dreadfully contemporary music howled for his attention. Although the air was thick with scents of booze and sweat, there were other, far more intriguing notes permeating the poorly ventilated space. Something sweet and almost familiar teased his senses, whereas something else warned him that death was already here.

Another night spent spectating another's hunt.

The thought was grimly amusing, but Jaxon was rather peckish. Upon his arrival to the second floor, the man wove through the pulsating crowds, every heartbeat reminding him of the new moon's approach. Such triggers were little more than a nuisance for one his age and strength, but it still tried his patience.

He soon emerged from the crowds near the bar, curiosity piqued by the scents that guided him. While a fair number of individuals sat along the bar's length, it wasn't long before hiss gaze fell upon two women. One of them possessed dark curls, a dress that was far too innocent for her surroundings, and a deadly prowess that rivaled Jaxon's own. Such a vampire of note might have interested him, perhaps even warranted caution, were her sights not set upon a delicate thing with the aroma of a psychic and familiar markings inked upon her fair skin.

Oh no, Jaxon couldn't have that.

Closing the distance with a purposeful step, he overheard the begins of a conversation, introductions initiated with a serpent's gaze. Without so much as a second thought, Jaxon rested a hand upon Rabbit's shoulder. "Small world, isn't it?"

A smile for his prize, a glance toward the competition—Jaxon's first guess was Mediterranean.

The woman's gentle demeanor made her relax when she confirmed it was fine that she didn't take the drinks to Rabbit's relief. Her red lips formed a light smile in return to the woman's own. Yes, her demeanor was gentle, but there was something more stern or confident about her, that she wasn't quite sure of. The booming music would have made it hard for her to hear her, but somehow her attention was focused on her breath taking beauty, and as if there wasn't any music in the first place.

"Thank you," she nodded, taking one of the shots of the bar, holding it up to her in a cheers before slugging it back. And then she remembered why she didn't drink tequila that often. A cough escaped her as she set the shot glass back down on the bar, laughing at herself. "I'm Rabbit, and y-."

She was getting ready to return the question back at the woman, but a familiar touch rested on her shoulder. Small world, isn't it?

Her eyes gazed up to who the hand belonged to, meeting a familiar face. Desmond. Her small grin for the lady who treated, grew wide for him. "I guess you're right."

The girl relaxed instantly, which had been her aim. Taraneh laughed pleasantly along with her, finding her name a foolish but cute pet name, and could have guessed the question to follow, but it seemed their fun would be cut short when the feeling of an equal neared, and he was quick to place a claiming hand on the girl's shoulder.

Taraneh might have laughed more, but she had the sense to hold it down. Now, now, no reason they could not compete... or share.

She looked to the man, finding him wearyingly tall. It was all too clear they did know each other, which meant it wasn't as simple as simply intimidating him into running off.

"Not small enough, but that should change. Mahnaz. And you are...?" she asked, glancing to the vampire with a gracious smile and an outstretched hand, but keeping her eyes level with his chin.

There was that laughter, the very same Jaxon remembered from that night.

Hearing it only reinforced his belief that Rabbit was in fact his. Seldom was he one to actively sabotage another vampire's meal, but Jaxon wasn't fond of sharing that which he considered his own. Nevertheless, he reciprocated Rabbit's smile, ever hungry for those beautiful green eyes.

"Mahnaz." Jaxon then turned and noticed how the other vampire's gaze fell short of his own. "Desmond."

He flashed a wry look as he took the proffered hand and shook it. She apparently wasn't the trusting type, which made neglecting her the courtesy of eye contact that much simpler as he returned his attention to Rabbit. "I hope I'm not intruding." Spoken with measured combination of wit and arrogance, Jaxon could easily imagine what might have gone on in his absence.

Regardless, there was something rather entertaining with continuing the game.

Rabbit felt the tension in the air and it made her feel as if she was the one intruding instead. Her eyes casually flickered between the two, watching them both as they made pleasantries and shook hands.

"Maznah here was kind enough to buy me a drink," she said after clearing throat, cutting the tension. Her eyes glanced back up to his while an inked hand gestures towards the woman.

The woman’s intentions were now sparking Rabbit’s own curiosity; a stranger buying another stranger two shots seemed a little too generous despite how nice the woman seemed. She was glad she only took the one. It was already taking its affect. Her cheeks reddened and gut warmed, and she was pretty sure her words were starting to slur just the slightest. She had been two drinks deep before Mahnaz gave her another.

"Desmond," she repeated with a nod. The girl misspoke her name of the evening, and she chalked it up to the alcohol she'd consumed. At least the vampire could parrot correctly.

Taraneh remained relaxed otherwise, still bearing her smile, tone a light tease.

"Indeed, you've made a rather untimely interruption in my search for friendship. But I can forgive it if you're willing to share company with me."

She wondered to what extent the girl was property of this boy, and if she might be easily charmed from him. Taraneh looked to her again, finding her a far prettier sight in a consumable sort of way.

"Do tell me how you both met."

Again, naturally, Taraneh looked to her face, readying her mental magic for any locking of gazes.

A vampire who had been kind enough to buy a psychic a drink. "How kind of her."

Rabbit already smelled strongly of alcohol, and Jaxon knew better than to take such an act of kindness at face value. Nevertheless, the man turned his head a touch to acknowledge Mahnaz as she spoke, lending an ear in lieu of so much as glance in her direction. It was all too easy playing the dismissive male.

"Of course. The more, the merrier, as they say?" Jaxon flashed a smile, charming as could be.

Then the other vampire asked how they had met, and he took it upon himself to begin with a preamble of sorts. "At a motel, actually, after a long day of travel." Leaning an elbow against the bar, he raised a brow toward Rabbit, curious to hear what else she might add to that.

The conversation before her would be normal to any other ear, but the tone Rabbit was sensing was more sinister. She gathered some words she had put together carefully in her head, but put them on pause while Mahnaz mentioned sharing company. Normally Rabbit would have been more aware at the situation at hand, but her handling of her alcohol was getting in the way of that.

She watched Desmond lean onto the bar, casually answering the woman's question of how they met. She met his eyes, those ocean eyes, and exhaled happily. Rabbit was hoping that he would cover the story as minimally as possible but when he looked over towards her to add something, she choked. If she were sipping on a drink, she would have most definitely spit it out.

At a motel, actually, after a long day of travel. He did not. Her face grew red, hoping she could simply blame it on the booze. Booze... she could definitely use more of it to forget this moment. Inked fingers trailed down to fidget with the loop on her jeans while her eyes became dismissed.

"I was just coming from a camping trip by myself and need some help with my ride," she partially lied, looking at Mahnaz and meeting her gaze, not daring to look towards Desmond.

Oh dear. A motel.

The unladylike sputtering and choking from the girl was more than plenty to clue her in otherwise, and Taraneh rose a brow faintly, a small smile on her lips. What fun could she have with this pet, right in front of her owner?

"A ride indeed. But come now, entertain me with all the lovely details," she pressed, wanting to see just how much the poor girl would bare when compelled for it.

The words were, unfortunately, fruitless. At the very least, her eyes remained their natural brown.

Perhaps her owner would continue to be more open.


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