Copper Mountain 
Outfit sans mic, unless you really want her to throw it on your head & backpack.

Slaves to the new moon, that's what the undead were.

Whilst not nearly as overpowering as it once had been, the hunger was still there and it had managed to draw her out of her hiding hole. Copper Mountain had become a favorite of hers lately and that was mostly because easy pickings were abound; between homeless people and substance addicts, it was basically heaven on Earth. For the undead, anyway.

A good half hour was spent wandering the ruins of Copper Mountain with Amy taking the opportunity to practice her phasing some since there wasn't a soul in this particular part of town. At one point, her power had nearly given out and had she not pulled her hand out of that wooden wall belonging to some half-collapsed building down the street, chances were it would've fused with the wood.

She was spared such horror, however, which was all thanks to inhuman speed.

Numbness had taken a hold her body paired a certain lightheadedness as she let her fingertips trace a store front. She'd lift her gaze then, turn her attention towards the dusty glass and let her eyes linger on what was on the inside. Admittedly, there was nothing too impressive within the building besides some old clothes which must've been sold some sixty or so years ago—from what she could gather anyway.

Either way, the building was an excellent vantage point and after a few moments of steadying her breathing, her gaze bled crimson and she phased through the barricaded door. Dust and cobwebs were the only inhabitants of the abandoned space and now, well, perhaps some more life was shed to this place even if said "life" was decidedly undead.

Navigating the space, amber eyes flecked with traces of crimson sought out the staircase which led to the second floor.

Stink. Dead. She remembered the smell from one of her jaunts in the Heights, from sweet, mildewy Ellie.

It was much, much sharper to her now, rolling through the abandoned town as a hyena.

She padded her way around trash and rotting wood, her nostrils flaring delicately, tracking the scent. It led her to an abandoned storefront. She focused black eyes in through the dirt-caked glass, searching for movement inside, but saw nothing.


Patrolling to the side of the building, she found a window shattered from the outside. She lifted herself onto her hind paws, peering in like a potbellied and deeply malformed meerkat for a moment before making a decision and jumping in.

200 pounds of animal landing on a wooden floor would never be soundless, and she had caught some glass shards on her way through, sticking into her forelegs and the great calloused pads of her paws. It hurt, bleeding, and then began to burn and itch as the wounds began to heal. She didn't bother to think about getting the glass out. More interesting to listen for a minute, and see what came down the stairs (or didn't).

She honestly didn't expect to be graced with animal stink so soon after she'd reached the second floor. There was some kind of balcony in the far distance and she was half-tempted to reach that, perch herself against the semi-worn bars and survey the area for a meal. But. There was something here and it was decidedly not human—nor was it undead.

It made her face scrunch up slightly, the musk of animal blood reaching her nostrils a second later.

Whatever it was, it was bleeding and it most definitely wasn't of the jaguar variety.

Letting out a little whistle, which turned into a mirthful hum at the end, Amy turned on her heel and took a couple of lazy steps back towards the downwards spiraling staircase. She'd halt halfway through, though, bring her backpack to the front of her and get a hold of that silver dagger she'd exchanged for her knife back when the mess at Chupacabras had blown in her face.

Placing her backpack normally, she moved slowly, wariness and curiosity at equal measures. For the thing to have entered an abandoned clothing store, it must've caught wind of her at some point, so being quiet was not really a concern of hers. So, instead, she hummed out a couple of decidedly well-known lyrics.

"Welcome to the jungle we've got fun and games... We got everything you want honey," we know the names. The song was still gold in her opinion and she honestly couldn't help but wonder if this four-legged devil would be able to recognize it. After some careful deliberation, she decided to close the distance between herself and the staircase and she even went as far as descending two steps.

She was high up enough and shifters didn't know how spiraling staircases worked, did they now?

And speaking of shifters, there was a.. Hyena. A big one. Some ways away from the staircase.


Amber eyes fixed themselves upon the spotted beast, the musical mumbling continuing as the dagger in her hand was grasped more firmly. Just don't fucking try anything with her whoever the fuck you were and she wouldn't try anything with you.

Step, step. Pause. Rustle. Then singing, more light footsteps, and she could see boots at the top of the stairs.

Humans always looked so tiny to Peteyena. Her mouth fell open into a low, heavy pant and she began to pace forward, and ear flicking. Glass crunched beneath her for a moment, and she tracked more blood into the room before her paws caked over with dust. She didn't know shit about vampires, she realized.

Her head dropped, and she approached the staircase with the unsettling, uneven gait characteristic of her species, disturbing even when slowed down to an amble. She let out a moan, lifting a paw to bite out a sliver of glass, and shook her head in distress. Then she barked and bit out petulantly, taking hold of the banister and tugging half-heartedly.

Panting like a dog who'd overexerted himself, the thing approached closer, its gait uneven, but lacking any aggression from what the blonde could tell. Still, there was something irritating the animal if the moan was any indicator; chances were it was linked to the glass shards it'd stepped on.

Blood assailed her sinuses and she sincerely wished she'd come across some junkie instead.

At least then her hunger would've been sated.

"That's not very nice, what you're doing." Amy decided to inform after a moment or two, watching as the hyena tugged at the railing like some child who just wanted to bring some attention upon themselves. Staying where she was for now, she opted to watch.

Could they even understand speech?

The beast moaned and grumbled in response, and ripped the bottom banister out with a wooden squeal. Then, clicking and clacking, she ascended the stairs.

Stake through the heart, she thought suddenly. Heh heh.

The staircase sounded like it did not enjoy bearing a 200lb occupant, although spreading the weight out over four legs helped a bit. She made it as close to the witch girl as it would allow and began to whisk her tail furiously, shaking the railing bar in her teeth for a moment before...grinning?? Snarling? It was unclear.

Ah, nice. The banister was gone now. Excellent.

Amber eyes watched as the beast began to ascend the creaking staircase with some kind of snarl on its face. In all honesty, it was tempting to offer a hiss in return, but the blonde was far more curious to see if karma was a bitch with this one, so instead, she took a couple of steps backwards as the shifter neared, getting her feet off that staircase.

A large part of her hoped for the frail wooden thing to collapse beneath the hyena's weight; that way, she'd get to see the stupid animal groan in misery as it tried to understand what the fuck had just happened.

In response to her entreaty, the witch-girl only backed away. She moaned piteously, distracted for a moment into scratching at the back of one foreleg with a big hind paw, sending bits of glass tinkling down the stairs. Then her attention returned, and she snuffled and snorted, creeping to the top of the stairs. She dropped the railing and sent it clattering forward with a swipe of her nose, then crouched and panted expectantly, wriggling in the narrow clearance of the hall. Throw it!!

The stairs didn't collapse beneath the shifter and Amy watched as the hyena creeped closer only for it to nudge the railing her way with a big black nose and just... What...? Was this thing legit acting like a dog???

Wariness flooded her mind, but there was nothing inherently aggressive about the beast; it'd stopped snarling and it was just... wiggling expectantly. So, moving slowly, she went and snatched the railing and just... threw it off in the distance after wiggling it within the hyena's line of view to make sure it saw were the wood went.

...This planet was nuts...

Beady black eyes followed the railing greedily, and the sound that escaped the broad bulldog mouth as the railing flew was greedy, too. She wanted that shit. It was a feat to get turned around in the narrow stairway and a frustrating nightmare to circle down to the bottom, the whole edifice creaking and groaning as she rocketed down. Somewhere in the dark, partially obscured, the bar was located and worried mercilessly, to break its neck.

Then...circling back up the stairs, her chin and neck flecked with foaming spit. She stopped with gusto, her feet bracing, and let the railing skitter back to the girl. Again, her eyes, her heaving chest said. Again!

The entirety of the building rumbled and shook as the hyena spun around and went after the railing. Honestly, this had to be one of the friendliest encounters she'd ever had with a shifter and it was comical in its own right. The beast felt more like an oversized dog than anything else.

And, speak of the devil, the railing was nudged back towards her feet, saliva tainting it.

The numbness in her limbs had her feeling rather funny when she went to pick up the railing at her feet, the saliva feeling more like goo with a million ants trapped in it than anything else. The lightheadedness had subsided some at least, but she still wished it'd be gone completely rather than only partially.

Still, the piece of wood would be dangled within the beast's view for a moment, before Amy decided to throw it off to the side instead of downstairs. The second floor was rather spacious and as the railing hit the far corner of the room, it'd at least give her some time to clamber back down.

Playing games in a ready-to-collapse building with a colossal animal didn't sound like a wise idea.

Outside would be more suitable.

Pete barged after the railing, her stubby tail flagging straight up behind her. She made a parade around the empty second floor, showing off, and returned to the stairway to find it vacated.


Rising again onto her hind paws, she gazed over the curving staircase and watched the witch-girl leaving. Then she sank down slightly, her haunches wiggling as she calculated. And jumped. Over the staircase and, it turned out, through the floor - did you know this building had a basement?

From the sizable dark hole now featured in the main room, groans and laughter rose.

Oh. My. God.

The sudden sound of someone breaking through the floor had her irises burning a fiery red as she whirled around in an instant, back pressed against the boarded up door, only to find a.. sizable hole on the store's aged, wooden floor.

The damn thing had jumped down.

Groans and laughter invaded her ears and she found herself conflicted.

Instinct perceived it as a threat—this colossal hyena—whilst Amy's more rational side felt bad for the dumb animal and its stupid choice to leap to reach the bottom floor. "Um.. You okay?" Spoken very uncertainly, back pressed against the door still, a hand reaching up to her jaw as she felt some slight tension begin to build there.

Just.. One more second and she'd be outta here.

"Wooooooo," the answer came wanderingly up from the hole, followed by a lot of shuffling and groaning. Eventually a very human voice followed.

"Can you pull me back up?"


Well, that was something.

Specks of crimson had started to taint her vision, the realization that all was probably fine taking a while to kick in. Until words reached her ears—words which were decidedly human and had Amy blinking a couple of times as she tried to register what the fuck was happening.

"Can you pull me back up?"

Could you pull her back up, Hale?


Just. Give her a second. Just. One. Bloody. Second.

Nodding quite unnecessarily, she found it in her to step away from the wall and stop being a wuss over nothing and just.. move closer towards the hole, lower herself to a crouch and extend a hand for... a very naked chick to take.

Don't bite it off was the sentence that popped to mind, but Amy knew better than to say that out loud; she had no fucking idea if this one was up for games and the last thing she wanted was to lose a couple of fingers to a goddamned animal.

Pete could make out a little hand reaching down into the dark, and so: her own knuckly white hand reached up and grabbed Amilia's forearm at the top of a jump, while below the warping floorboards there was a great deal of nude windmill kicking. Her free hand waved around awkwardly.

Her arm was grabbed in a rather firm hold, the nude woman making a leap to reach the help the vampire offered her. Admittedly, Amy had expected the shifter to be a little lighter and, as such, she found herself struggling with balance at first, before bracing her other, free hand against the wooden floor for more support.

With an equally as firm grip, the hyena would eventually be pulled out of the basement and um.

Yeah, nudity.


Pete was hauled up out of the basement looking exactly as gross as you'd expect her too, dusty and grimy and inadvisably naked. Also, her right forearm looked a little off, but that was probably less salient at the moment than the loose titties, who had not appreciated being dragged over a threshold of splintering wood by the way, you dumbass. She groaned, arching forward and hiding under a nest of tousled hair; the crooked arm tried to rest on the ground but danced back up immediately.

Pulling naked shifters out of holes was definitely an experience she would remember with a peculiar sort of fondness, which bordered straight out weirdness. It was just bizarre, okay? This whole encounter was bizarre as fuck.

The woman would curl forward like a worn out cloth, messy dark hair covering her face. If Amy had to guess, her hand had been royally fucked, but it'd be a lie to say the vampire could see what exactly was wrong. A raging sea of hair was in the way which.. kinda made things difficult. Still, no matter, she'd help the hyena stand if the shifter allowed her to.

If not, well. Help yourself, man.

"I'd suggest we play fetch outside next time," a cheap attempt at levity.

Pete stayed bent over, taking in a slow breath and sighing it out. Pain or not...shifting did have a way of taking the edge off. Her violent restlessness had abated for the moment in favor of a long, uninterrupted nap.

Only...well. She straightened up, taking her time about it, until her broad shoulders were level and she was kneeling and sitting on the backs of her feet, staring up at Amilia like a primitive idol blown up to life-size. Through a bit of shaggy-sheepdog hair still hanging over her face, she smiled. "You have any clothes I could borrow?"

Then, her good hand went to her lips, which pursed. "I've got a splinter in here."

Oh, hey. Look, a smile.

That was.. well. Not a first one, but a rare sight coming from a shifter.

Then followed the request to borrow some clothes, which had Amy nearly asking whether or not the woman had bothered to, y'know, actually plan ahead and have a spare change of clothes somewhere so she could get dressed after the shift, but the blonde decided to keep her mouth shut.

"I'm pretty sure I've got some in my car—you wanna wait here till I fetch them?" Feedings could get messy sometimes and you couldn't exactly strut about with blood on you without raising suspicion from those around you. So, yeah, she did have a spare outfit, which... she wouldn't mind lending.

And then, of course, there was the issue of splinters, but Amy sincerely doubted she'd be able to offer any help with that.

She drew a long splinter out of her mouth and blinked sleepily at it. "Yeah."

Someone besides Pete might take a moment like this to think why do I make these choices, but to a Pete the answer was obvious: because it was interesting, and unpredictable, and people went and got you clothes out of their cars afterward. It was worth the occasional broken wrist. The witch-girl exited, and she wiped her hair out of her face with a wide-mouthed yawn.

She had a big scratch on her titty :(

Fast forward some fifteen minutes and the vampire was back faded blue jean button down shirt which... was honestly huge, because she liked to be weird and combine loose clothes with ripped skinny jeans and whatnot.

But, there was a little problem here.

"I'm pretty sure you're all set for the top half," whereas the bottom... Cue her wiggling the pair of black jeans in the hyena's view for a moment. Amy sincerely didn't know if the shifter could fit in that pair of jeans, 'cause clearly, there was a size difference going on and SORRY FOR CRITICALLY FAILING THIS TEST.


The post-shift pass-out was coming for Pete, but she managed to stay upright until her little buddy came back, helpfully offering boyfriend shirts and a pair of pants she could burst out of like the incredible Hulk. "S'better than nothin'," she responded with another yawn.

She struggled her way into the shirt, going a little pale as she worked a broken wrist through the sleeve. "What's a nice girl like you doing in a dump like this?"

Suggestion: fail

It was indeed better than nothing.

Watching the hyena get dressed, Amy sincerely found herself pitying her; that wrist looked bad and the expression on the woman's face was more than enough to confirm as much.

"Believe it or not, it's not as easy as walking in a McDonald's, snatching myself a burger and calling it a night anymore. I was looking for dinner, but it's nothing you should worry about; I know my way around." Cue an amicable smile, perhaps a bit of a defeated one—if only just barely—as the suggestion failed. It was a shame the new moon was so cruel to the undead.

"Want some help with your wrist?" A bit of a head tilt. "I might be able to do something about the pain." Why bother with such an offer, Hale? She sincerely didn't know, but she put it out there regardless.

Pete had no idea the vampire was worried about how she'd take...what, the fact that the kid was a vampire? Pete turned into a giant hyena and ate housecats, it was really no big deal. She didn't even bother to react, or avert her gaze, because really caution was only for chumps.

She fought off another yawn, sprawling a naked leg out and squinting at Amy. "Oh, really?"

Suggestion: success

A hum of acknowledgement.

"I can give it a try if you let me get a hold of your hand," she said, words gentle. And, truly, if the hyena let her, Amy would go ahead and get a hold of her hand. However, the movement was done more for show than anything else; she needn't the shifter's hand; all she needed was her gaze. Still, Amy pondered her options for half a beat before deciding to weave a bit of a show.

Forcing what little energy she could muster, she felt it rise from her core and travel to her hands, followed by her feet. It was a familiar numbness, one which would be enough to have her knees buckling had she forced herself to phase yet another time, but all she did now was gather enough psychic energy to warrant a shift in eye color and nothing else.

"You're going to feel no pain at all, don't worry." She said as if to reassure, but, in truth, it was yet another failed suggestion... which... Was not very uplifting. Still, the blonde opted to fill the void with some more words, further the show. "Some of us have the ability to heal if we were gifted before undeath, but, truthfully, I've never tried this on one of you guys before." She explained, content with the butchered truth she'd offered. One could never be cautious enough and being straight out honest with a species that wasn't all that fond of vampires sounded like a number one mistake.

Her grip tightening some around the hyena's wrist—though, mindful not to cause any significant pain—Amy maintained eye contact and prayed to whoever might listen that what she was about to say would work. "You should be able to ignore the pain till the limb mends," a successful suggestion and a defeated sigh to keep the front up. "But I think that's all I can do tonight, I'm sorry." She said, apologetic. "Humans are easier to heal whenever I've tried for whatever reason, but bones have always been trickier to mend." And with that said, she'd let go of the woman's hand, her gaze still tainted crimson, the unnatural color fading at a dreadfully slow pace.

Pete allowed her wrist to be held, heavy-lidded eyes looking over Amilia's face as she leaned over. She was a pretty girl, outfitted like any teenage kid who wanted to be a vampire. Lots of accessories to keep her eyes occupied as the witch-girl held Pete's hot hand in hers. When she looked back up, the girl's eyes were red.

Pete sat ass-naked on the floor of the abandoned shop, squinting as she was promised an end to pain. She grinned skeptically as the speech went on and felt the pain still spiking up her limb if she so much as flexed a finger. Vitto's powers had had no trouble with her, but maybe vampires were different? "Hey, don't worry about it. This thing should heal in no time, that shifter super-power or whatever." Truthfully, she didn't mind her hand just being held.

She should get up and get back to her car. Something about this little scene made her happy, though, domestic. "What's your name?"

Whilst Amy could most certainly not heal on a physical level, the woman's mind, at the very least, would now contently ignore the pain till the bone was mended and allow her to power through whatever shenanigans the hyena decided to get herself into. So, in a way, it was not a complete failure. Perhaps a butchered kindness with the means Amy had.

The previous failed suggestion had her rather curious, though; had she not been careful enough with her words for it to fail so miserably?

No matter.

Truthfully, this had to be one of the most bizarre encounters she'd had and, heck, it had been with a giant hyena. Still, in the end, it was a pleasant one and left the vampire feeling.. content? There was something tingling her right behind the ribs, where a living heart might've beat months back prior to her turning and, perhaps, quite foolishly, she wanted to hear it beat again in that moment.

Encounters so rarely went well, let alone encounters with shifters.

The thought of changing up her name crossed her mind, but what good would that do? It'd come up eventually, she was sure, and it'd only manage to sour a decent encounter. "Amélie if your tongue doesn't feel like getting tied into a knot every time you say it, Amy if you want something simpler and decidedly not French." A mirthful huff would escape her, lips quirking up in a faint smile.


It was only fair after all.

"Amelie," she parroted back with a tickled smile, "Fancy vampire. Well, thank you, Amy, for the entertainment tonight." She thrust her weight forward in order to stand, seminude and muscular and drowsy. "The name's Pete. I'll see you around, yeah?"

Colossal, muscular hyena bodyguard.

That was basically her thought process for the first two seconds.

"I'd offer my phone number, but I doubt you can make your cell appear out of thin air." A brief flash of teeth, teasing, clearly. "Pete" was honestly a fitting name—be it her birth name or otherwise—and Amy took a mental note to be on the lookout for this one.

"Should you find yourself back in Avondale or the likes of Magic Hollow, though, I'm pretty sure we'll cross paths again—I like bouncing about." And, frankly, she sincerely hoped they would.

Pete grinned in return, which turned into another yawn stifled with her remaining functional arm. "Yeah, buddy. I'll see you around."

She was going to have to pad off in bare feet, trusting that following in the direction Amy had left would lead her to a door. Veronica was parked a mile or so south of here, but if she needed to it would not be the first night she crawled into some depression in the dirt and slept hard, waiting for daybreak.

In all, a less boring night than she had anticipated.

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