Once You Pop, the Fun Don't Stop


 As intimately aware as she was about every set of eyes that gawked and stared in there general direction, secure behind the cover of sunglasses she kept pushing forward and didn't entertain a single one. She knew how it looked - but he was the one in a million cat that seemed to be enjoying himself enough to occasionally pull ahead enough to tug on the slack of the relatively short leash she allowed him. Just a woman and her house cat, now two blocks from home and enjoying another summer day.

 It was of course a hot afternoon, but it wasn't one of the unbearable one's, so she'd pulled the harness from it's hook beside the door and had been greeted with a one-man orchestra of mews and purrs. So yes, she saw them hesitating and considering the sight - but she also saw the tabby in question serpentine in-between and against planters set out to line cafe's and making stink faces as he stopped to sniff pots of pansies or abandoned wax paper burger wrappers.

 And along with fire and how to (mostly) control it, the past few months or so had taught her the precise and nonnegotiable value of not letting just anyone sway you when you set your mind to something. So if Pringle wanted to traipse through the town, live beyond a bay window and a potted catnip plant - well, they had one more block before she'd turn back and head for the apartment all over again.

 Glancing ahead a bit she caught sight of a cattle dog a few businesses down, watched as he tensed and his ears perked. "Nope nope nope, ..." Muttered to herself as she wrapped her hand around the leash a couple more times and reached down, scooped Pringle up and tucked him under her arm for safe keeping until they were past the dog. Cringing and flinching as the cat yowled and flailed a bit, not wanting to hurt him but also not wanting trouble. "It's great that you're independent but -" Grumbled as she tried to sooth him, stopped and leaned her hip against the wrought iron half fence that separate the outside dining of some restaurant from the rest of the sidewalk.

"Pringle, please -"




 Minerva had officially made hunting dog parks in Mountainside A Thing. There were admittedly a lot more than she had ever anticipated - truth be told, she had never really thought about taking Dude to a dog park. They lived on such a large chunk of property that he had plenty of space to run and play, and he was well-socialized, but suddenly it seemed like a good thing to do.

 There were two in Larkspur - at least, two that google had been kind enough to share with her. They were close enough together that once they were done scoping out the first one, she figured they could just take a nice little walk to the second one. Dude's energy knew no bounds, anyway, so he would still have plenty of juice for playing once they got there.

 A palpable change came over the mutt in the middle of their walk - his dutiful, focused pace slowed as something ahead caught his eye. Minerva glanced at him with a soft "what is it, buddy?" as his tail began a slow wag. He picked up his pace, marginally, remaining obediently close enough that the leash wouldn't grow taut. After a few more moments, Minnie would catch sight of the girl with her cat on a leash, scooping it up off the ground. Ah. She chuckled a little as realization struck her.

 "Hey! Does your kitty do well on that leash?" she called out jovially as they grew nearer, a peppy grin on her face. Dude, for all his happy curiosity, made no move to jump on the stranger, but did watch the cat with a gentle curiosity.

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