Eventide District Clutch (Vampires)


Get starry-eyed at Eventide District Clutch!

Looking for undead ideas? Dive into these exciting dead people characters! They've been created with the idea of eventually joining Eventide District Clutch, but once they're adopted, it's totally up to you how their story unfolds (even if it doesn't ever lead to the clutch). All details below are flexible and can be treated as a starting off point! If you're interested in any of these characters, hit up Drew on Discord.

Clutch Adoptables

Karen Evans
Suggested FC: Angel Coulby
• Common vampire (turned around a year ago at age 37-42)
• A professor on "sabbatical" after being turned. Clever, hardworking, warm, does a very good job of appearing put together... except for the not so infrequent occasions she goes too long without hunting.
• Powers might include dream walking or summoning. Likely to work toward medic.

James Best
Suggested FC: Kevin McKidd
• Common to intermediate vampire (turned around 10-30 years ago at age 45-50)
• Crossfit and yoga instructor with careful measure of his own strength. Jovial, feisty, reliable, secret romantic. Sometimes struggles to determine which situations shouldn't be joked about.
• Powers might include teleportation or alteration. Likely to work toward soldier.

Bryant Johnson
Suggested FC: Jesse Williams
• Common to intermediate vampire (turned at age 35-40, how long ago totally up to you!)
• Works as a mail sorter and frequently opens letters to read them. Private, an adept listener. Always eager to learn about others... maybe a little too eager. Not above stalking someone who interests him.
• Powers might include invisibility or veritokinesis.

Pete Sohn (adopted by Hal)
Suggested FC: Ki Hong Lee
• Common vampire (turned fewer than 10 years ago at age 26-32)
• Repo agent and loves the thrill of it, less happy about the moral implications of the job. (Has very similar feelings about hunting!) Laid back, but often inspired to cockiness. Enjoys being underestimated.
• Powers might include illusion or tychokinesis.


-takes Pete-

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