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Organizing things for a somewhat large group of people entirely sucked but hey, here she was doing it anyway because Savvy was amazingly stubborn like that. Ellie was in on it of course, they like. Lived together. But she added her in anyway for the purpose of looking 100% friendly and not organizing stuff off scene. So.

@Ellie Blackwater @Aiden Rummage @Lazarus Clay @Amelie Maus @Dax Attwood have been added to a group chat
Hey everyone! You may/may not know me but this is Savannah from the Clutch (duh).
I was talking to Beau and he offered up the Planetarium to us for a group get together. Specifically the 'younger' clutch members, so basically like. I'm asking if you'd guys be down to do something as a vamp group more fun/age appropriate then a stuffy meeting thing.
I didn't wanna organize something without getting people's opinions/preferences on activities. We can do like, anything from a vampbar to a dance floor to a roller rink even.
Hit me up with ideas/days you're free if you'd be down!

Now just to wait to see if everyone were sticks in the mud and never responded. :'D

Twilight movie marathon


Savvy said 'hey' to everyone.

Ellie looked up from her phone and over to Savvy sitting next to her.

"Hello Savvy."

Dax, one Ellie hadn't met yet, wanted to watch Twilight.

I didn t like twiliht it was bring what abowt marbes

Everyone liked marbles.

What the fuck was this? Some kind of vampire sunday school?



Lazarus stared at the influx of messages with a multitude of feelings. He had initially been pretty eager to be a part of a clutch for the very sake of... being around other vampires. But he balked at the idea of this great big social get-together for... youngsters? He would not respond immediately - instead, he would weigh the pros and cons as he waited for further responses.

Amelie was sitting on a bench when her phone suddenly began to vibrate a storm in her pocket. She recognised some of the numbers from Beauregard's group chat to summon everyone for the meeting. One she knew belonged to Ellie.

Fine with anything

The tone was intended to sound dull.

"Ellie," Savannah pffted at her dolt of a friend, looking down at her phone as messages started to roll in. Dax said Twilight movie marathon, which was actually fucking hilarious and she'd love to do that but then other people (Ellie and Aiden) were poops.

No body really liked marbles Ellie.

Movie marathon sounds good tbh, maybe just not Twilight. We can do a whole theater room, and Aiden there'll be free 'food' so at least humor us by sitting in the back being salty
If you guys give me movie suggestions I can get a few so everyone will have something they like

She nudged Ellie lightly off to the side, mumbling "If you're gonna text pixar at least pick a cool one like the Incredibles or something."

Dax punched the other numbers into her contacts as their respective messages.

Interview With A Vampire


Aiden was likely to regret this. But he didn't want to have Leah nagging him about making friends any more than he wanted to tolerate a bunch of girls for a few hours.

we can use the dome autotorium. project the movies 360 degrees.

The thought of Brad Pit's face projected 360 degrees around him was a scarier thought than a room full of vampires using humans as snacks.

i'll only go if its just shitty vampire films

He was a sucker for irony.

Nobody for marbles. If only Robbie were here, she was the marble champion. Or.. maybe it was best she wasn't..

Also how did Savvy know she was going to text Pixar? She paused to look over at her friend, her thumbs stopping before hitting the screen at all. A few more texts came through, but she didn't look at them.

She felt.. like she shouldn't. For some reason. It didn't make sense, this was a group.


Amelie stared at the screen as messages rolled through. No suggestions came to mind because she could care less. Maybe she could practice pretending to nap.

Alright, this was rolling pretty good aside from Laz not answering and Amelie going quiet. But, the girl had said she was down at least. Dax kept the movie theme going, and Mister Sulklord finally agreed to it. Even the projector thing was awesome.

She looked to Ellie with a faintly worried look - she'd gone silent. Reason? Proooobably didn't know vampire movies.

"I'll help you look cool, kay," she told the girl with a grin, elbowing her side affectionately as she texted.

Shitty vampire films with blood snacks it is in the big projector room!
Ellie and I will make a list, of movies to bring, we can pick through them there.
Friday at midnight work for you all?


I guess


Ellie was still just zoning out, the phone had already closed itself.. but she did snap out of it when Savvy jabbed her side. She blinked a few times and looked over. She'd help her look cool?

..She smiled. "You always do."

She'd gently put her phone next to her though, and stand up. "Just gonna take a bath," she'd say, her smile not faltering.

Ellie needed to go to her thinking place. At the bottom of some water.

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