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Frank had been attacked.

Frank had been attacked by someone who knew about silver.

Frank had been attacked by someone who knew about silver in Belle Vista.

That last bit stuck with him the most. When he'd fought with a vampire, it had been in Belle Vista. Some very irrational part of his brain wondered if it was the same one, but smarter now, which made absolutely no sense, but irrational thoughts by their very nature weren't into making sense. Though Abraham couldn't remember the details of his own tangle with the undead, the jaguar provided enough of a push to get him out here doing...

Something. Well, maybe nothing. Just walking around areas of Belle Vista just as the sun set as if the vampire from his many nightmares would explode out of a tree for some new confrontation. There was also, of course, a considerable reality that whoever had fought with Frank wasn't a vamp. And... also... a chance that they weren't alive anymore at all. He couldn't imagine a human with some silver necklace lasting very long against a scorched jaguar.

So in the end, he knew this pacing among the darkening trails to be pretty useless. But his cat wanted something, some kind of action, and this was the closest Abraham could offer him. Knowing better than to wear headphones while walking around after dark, he was playing music fairly quietly from his phone, both because it wasn't rude, and because it was currently playing "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift.

Enticed by a jaguar-y brain and peppy pop, he glanced at a thick branch hanging over the pathway just low enough that he could reach it with a little hop. So he did, grasping the rough bark with both hands and then... doing a pull-up. One single pull-up.

But he did it, and he did it with relative ease, and for a few seconds he felt like a complete and total god.

"Did you lose your balls up in that tree or something?" Mameha approached that man doing a pull up in the tree. Her voice was thick with sarcasm. Seeing a man doing a pull-up in a tree reminded her of men who drove huge trucks with huge lifts to make up for their tiny penis. Just a simple show off.

Her ears honed in. Was he listening to... Taylor Swift? A look of confusion washed over her face as she stepped closer, planning on to simply walk past the man but her curiosity rose. And then the scent hit her. He was like her, well kind of like her.

Not to brag, but Abraham was the strongest man ever to do anything in the world. He managed not just one, but two pull-ups, and if he weren't afraid of being overheard he would have done some kind of dramatic grunt of victory.

He didn't even need the gym. Er, The Gym. He just needed this tree, apparently, to get totally ripped.

And then came a sound so surprising that his grip slipped, his chin scraping the bark hard enough as returned to the ground that he super casually scraped the skin open a little. The scruff would hide the immediate injury, though his nose was sensitive enough to pick up even a little bit of red.

But, hey, this wasn't about Abraham's chin.

This was about Abraham's balls, which apparently had just been stepped on in addition to being thrown into a tree. Turning, he rubbed one hand at his chin and looked beyond bewildered, his eyebrows threatening to tangle up on his face.

"I... don't even know an appropriate response for that," he said, entirely confused instead of sassy. Honestly, talking to any chick about the state of his balls felt pretty goddamn weird.

Mameha cringed as she startled him, causing him to slip and scrape his face. Oops. Sorry not sorry. Guess you’re not as strong as you thought you were. She flipped some silver hair off her shoulder.

But she sighed. He bore a look of complete shock. She felt a twinge of guilt.

"I don’t think there is an appropriate response," she shrugged. By getting a better look of the man, he definitely wasn’t the type to be showing off for the sake of it. Maybe he had a bout of confidence and was feeling good about himself? Way to be a bitch, Mameha.

"I’m sorry. That was very out of character for me," No, it wasn’t. But he didn’t need to know that. Mameha was always quick to judge.

"You’re like me, huh?" she commented, jerking her chin in his direction. She meant, they were both Weres, hidden beasts, whatever the fuck you wanted to call it.

There was a sigh and was she sighing at him?! He was just here, hanging out on a tree! The least obtrusive possible-

That was about when he noticed music still playing on his phone, and he reached a clumsy hand down to silence it as she continued. The skin of his whiskered chin itched with quick healing of the scrape there, and he returned his hand from his pocket to the skin to wipe off some small droplet of blood that would linger after the wound closed.

Well. At least she was apologizing. Abraham thought briefly of ways to cut her some slack and decided maybe she was just fairly new to all this? The jaguar snuffled at her, but the distance didn't allow the clearest picture of her beast. She was definitely something familiar. Not... feline. Not a wolf. But something he knew.

"Yeah," he said, casting a quick glance around to be sure they weren't surrounded by a bunch of nocturnal human picnickers. "You been in the club long?"

The club? That was dumb, Abraham. But anyway, he had a sense that her answer would be "no" given the... general not super impressive presence of her blurry beast.

Mameha watched him reach into his pocket to turn off his god awful music, but then she felt like a freak and decided to glance around casually. Look anywhere but at him.

You been in the club long? Mameha snorted. Club? She shook her head in disbelief and anger. Was that what Weres were calling it? A club? It was suggested to her to join a “cackle”. Apparently it was her best interest. She had been meeting this person or that person. It was exhausting and felt more like a job than her own interest.

But she nodded lazily at the man. "Two months or so? You?"

Her hyena didn’t have an opinion about the man or his beast just yet, but give it a few seconds and something would definitely come up. She was too busy being hungry to worry about another’s beast.

She looked all over and Abraham wondered if he should have been more wary? But he sensed all of jack shit out here, minus a pair of joggers in the distance. Way too far to hear any of this.

"Little over a year," he said. The jaguar grunted, wanting some kind of physical contact to get a better look, but he kept the beast back for now. Abraham wasn't super eager to shake the hand of someone who had greeted him with an attack on his balls. (Thankfully not literally.)

"Jaguar's mine. Uh, what's yours? Can't quite pick it out, but it seems familiar."

Mameha peeked at him from the corner of her eye.

Jaguar. Her brow arched in curiosity. Maybe that would explain why he was so attached to a tree? Cats, jaguars climbed trees right? She was just trying to put some logic to his interesting climbing behavior, but maybe she was thinking too far into it.

Uh, what's yours? Can't quite pick it out, but it seems familiar. Mameha laughed softly. It had taken her a while to figure it out herself as well. And then Asha was the one who broke the news to her. "A hyena, which aren't dogs. Which is news to me." Seriously, maybe she needed to take her ass down to the library and do some research on herself, her beast.

"Do you know many other Weres?"

That was news to Abraham also! The laugh helped to loosen him up a bit, and he offered a chuckle of his own.

"Met a whole bunch of 'em, only close with a few. I know one other hyena, over in Crestview. Dunno if you've met her, Avery."

He was only just beginning to grasp a world where you bumped into members of your own species without turning them yourself. Frank and Abel were both still miracles to him.

His return laugh took her a bit off guard, but she settled down when she realized it was a genuine chuckle. Mameha smiled in return.

He then asked her if she had met Avery. She was slowly making her rounds around the hyena table, but hadn't had the chance to meet her yet. She shook her head, "No, I haven't met her yet. I've met just a handful. "

Mameha shifted her weight while she thought back to who she met and figured she would ask him if she knew her. "Do you know Asha?" That gal was a gem and genuinely nice. She managed Mameha's freak out with ease, walking her off the ledge. And she was the first one who Mameha told her story to, her changing story and it turned out, theirs were both really similar. She needed to check in with her again...

No Avery yet.

But guess what: they did have a mutual acquaintance! Because! Somehow Asha knew literally everyone in the history of time.

The surprise was clear on his face, and one hand traveled to run through his hair.

"Yeah, she's- uh. My girlfriend. We live together."

There was a little sheepishness in his face and voice.

"How do you guys know each other?"

She rose her eyebrows at his expression to her question. Oh, so it did look like he knew Asha.

Oh, so it looked like he really knew Asha.

Mameha smiled and laughed at his reaction. "Oh wow, what a small world."

"I met her at McDonald's. I kinda freaked out on her, but she walked me off the ledge and got me under control," she shrugged with a chuckle. "She's a doll. You'll have to tell her I say hi." Asha was so calm and collected when she met her, but cheery and bubbly. It was refreshing to finally have someone understand.

This was actually starting to go pretty okay. She really was likeable enough after the whole... verbally stomping on his balls as a greeting. He'd have to tell Asha about that later.

With the McDonald's detail, he realized he'd heard this story in part from Asha, but she didn't have to know he'd forgotten it briefly.

He grinned, cheeks squished toward his eyes in a way that left him looking more youthful.

"I will," he said. "She's, uh. Something special. Makes lots of friends while I climb trees, I guess."

A glance up to the branch he'd busted his chin on. Dumb Abraham.

"So are you feeling a little better about were stuff now? Dunno if she gave you much in the way of advice."

She's, uh. Something special Mameha smiled. He was so awkward, but nice, and she was so outgoing. Opposites really do attract.

He asked if she was feeling better about all the were stuff and Mameha pursed her lips together. Hell no. But she wouldn't tell him that. She wouldn't tell him that she was practically starving herself because she hated her new meat-eating life, that she stubborn and continued ignoring her meat cracings and still eating vegetarian. Only rare cases did she force herself to eat meat. Her hyena was always hangry, ready to snap at any moment, ready to do her in. Nope. Mameha smiled and shook her head politely.

"Yes, it's getting much easier now, " she said fakely. Shaking her head, she changed the subject, "Well, I, um, better get going. It was nice talking to you..." Mameha realized she hadn't gotten his name.

This thing happened to Abraham, sometimes.

A conversation seemed like it was going okay, not even near its natural end, and someone would peace the heck out. That felt like it was happening here, and he was always too busy wondering what dumb thing he'd said hat he was too dumb to realize was dumb.

"Oh, uh. Yeah. Same here. Good luck with... all the stuff. Glad it's going better."

Oblivious to the fact that she was low-key asking for his name, he ran a nervous hand through his hair and... like. Kind of stepped away like he was going to leave. Right? This was the thing to do?

Ugh, Abraham.

He didn’t give her his name. And he didn’t ask for hers.


How was he going to let Asha know that he ran into her without knowing her name? Oh well?

Mameha rose an eyebrow, waiting for him to ask but when he didn’t and carries on with a farewell, she laughed a bit on the inside. Was this dude really her knight in shining armor?

She hid a smile and gave a slight wave. "You too. See you around maybe." Mameha watched him take an awkward step away, queuing her to turn around and take her leave.

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