It was a motherfucking hailstorm

Avondale Woods 
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Outfit, except with socks and shoes.

The door was left ajar and Robbie didn't hesitate in the slightest when it came to disappearing in the safety of the caravan. Unlike the punk, however, Amy was content to remain outside for a while longer and watch the cat turn around on his heel and make for a rather hasty exit.

And along with that hasty exit of his, his memories of tonight would be disposed of in an instant.

"He won't bother us," at least not tonight. "Are you okay?" It was the next thing that popped in Amy's mind and whilst it was a stupid question, the words were out before she could censor them. Regardless, Amy turned around and made to enter the caravan a second later, amber eyes seeking out blue-green ones once she'd shut the door behind them.


Deep breaths, Callaghan.

Not that breathing made the slightest difference, but the familiarity of it helped calm her down while also giving her something to focus on. Her jaw aching, Robbie gently messaged it just behind her right ear, hoping to relieve the pressure there.

Anything to avoid a panicked frenzy.

True to her arrogant ways, Amy took her time watching the beast that was Fray before entering the caravan and closing the door behind her. When she said that he wouldn't bother them, something like a strangled scoff escaped Robbie. Suffice it to say that she wouldn't bet on it.

"Are you okay?"

The punk looked to Amy then with eyes of absinthe fire, visibly stressed to say the least.

"I'm fine." There was a bite to her words. "What the hell was that?"


"I'm fine."

Yeah, no. Robbie most definitely wasn't fine.

"What the hell was that?"

That was a fair question, but right now Amy's goal was to calm the punk the fuck down so she could calm down herself and have that bloody shade of red leave her irises entirely. "Just.. Try to calm down, he's gone." But, of course, Robbie would not be doing any calming down—at least not any magic-induced calming down—and Amy scowled mentally for it.

Releasing a breath, she closed her eyes for a moment and pinched the bridge of her nose whilst leaning against the door. A disaster was averted, but Amy was not quite convinced that what happened here tonight would remain behind them for the rest of eternity. "Things just.. exploded. I should've kept my cool instead of clawing him across the face, but I slipped." She had slipped and whilst she recognized how badly this could've gone down, she'd still enjoy kicking that ugly cat's face.

"He tried to slap me and I- I really couldn't take it." What he'd said hadn't been wrong, but those words were safely pushed to the back of Amy's mind out of pure saltiness alone. Just. Fuck this—as a whole.

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