It took Sol way too long to finally getting around to texting @Alina Sinclair. She rewrote the text about nine times before she was finally kind of comortable with one.

hi, this is sol fay, i'm friends with katya. she gave me your number. i'm a new were. a jaguar, with asha and abraham. i thought i should reach out to you since i live in cedar creek. i was also wondering if you might have a position availabl at the brewery. i'm a bartender, and i cn send you my resume. but i was thinking, until i've got more control over this were thing, that i could be a busboy(girl?) or something janitorial that would have minimal interaction with customers. if that's alright
Unknown Number

Sol would promptly hide her face underneath her pillow after tossing her phone to the other side of the bed.

Cringiest text message. Ever.