First Night At the Museum

Cordova Anthropological Museum 
The hallway was silent save for the small echo of a single set of booted heels clicking against the immaculately clean floors. Not wanting to disturb the silence any more then she had to, Kimimila embraced the stillness that was the staff area of the Cordova Anthropological Museum at 2 a.m. She was excited to start her job here. After years of study, she was finally here, doing her own research and helping to manage some of the exhibits at night. Being more comfortable during the late hours this was perfect for her.

As she slowly made her way forward she studied the art hung on the walls and took note of the small slivers of light leaking out from behind the closed doors of her new associates busy with their own work. She was ready for this, to be one of them, truly. Not just some intern or research assistant. Kimimila gripped her bag in contained excitement as she rounded the next corner.

There it was. Her name emblazoned in on a small gold plaque on the door to her new office. <b>"Dr. K. Harris. Cultural Anthropology"</b> She read aloud as she slowly reached up to touch the letters in an almost reverent fashion. She just stood there in momentary awe. Emotion threatened to overtake her as she stood motionless trying to take it all in when she noticed a shape in the corner of her eye. Cursing herself for her inattentiveness, even here it is dangerous to let your guard down, she quickly turned to face it.

<b>"Fucking Christ!"</b> She exclaimed when confronted with nothing more then her own reflection in a mirror she had failed to notice and broke out into a small embarrassed giggle. What a picture she made standing there in a relaxed defensive position in her best suit. Black straight line slacks and jacket, purple silk blouse with a plunging neckline brought in at the waist with a decorative black leather waist cincher, and her pendant nestled just above her cleavage. Her hair, as she habitually kept it, was long and straight creating a cascade over her shoulder where it came to rest after her sudden turn.

Shaking her head in amusement she turned and opened the door. Not as excited by the room itself as she was about seeing her name, she hung her bag on a hook by the door. Figuring she'd have time to explore and decorate later she immediately backed out and headed back out into the hallway. Closing the door behind her she took a deep breath. It was off the exhibits for her to find who she could find and see what she could see.

Booted footsteps came down the hall, echoing in the stillness.

A sharp eyebrow lifted slightly.

"Everything okay, ma'am?"

The security guard relaxed the crossing of her arms over her chest, but didn't quite her arms at her side yet. She thought she'd heard some shouting come from the offices, but a woman — no offense — alone at this hour of the morning was not the sort of threat she worried about.

Honestly, it wasn't even burglars she was worried about. Jennifer assumed the most likely problem she'd have to deal with while she was employed here was ass hole kids, with no respect for culture or history.

Didn't mean she got off without being investigated.

Nearly lost to her own musings, Kimimila nearly missed the sound of another set of footsteps joining her own. What was with her today? She never allowed herself to be this distracted. Such was the level of her <i>'first night on the job'</i> jitters.

<b>"Pardon? Oh, yes I'm fine."</b> She replied as she came to a halt in front of the security guard. She stood there awkwardly for a moment before the manners her Aunt drilled into her came into play. <b>"I'm so sorry, I'm Dr. Harris. It's my first day here, well I guess <i>night</i> is more appropriate, and I was just heading to familiarize myself with a few of the exhibits."</b> As she introduced herself she smiled and reached out her hand to shake the guards.

The raised eyebrow twitched. That tongue like a fine of somebody who wasn't sure if they were fine, to her, but Jennifer already knew she wasn't a people person. In many ways.

"Are you going to be working nights regularly?" She asked of the new doctor. Sure, some of them did work late, but not typically the sleep. Besides, why else would you want to see the exhibits at night unless you're going to have to be used to them being shrouded in half dark.

She almost informed this Dr. Harris that the museum was open during the day as well for employees, but decided to wait and hear what she had to say.

Taking her hand back, Kimimila's eyes narrowed. <i>"Ah. So that's how it's going to be."</i> She thought to herself. Straightening the lapel of her jacket and the I.D that hung there, she took a moment to consider the other woman before replying. Apparently she still needed to prove herself in some ways.

<b>"Yes I'm aware. I prefer working at night and everything that entails. If you'll excuse me, I really would like to familiarize myself with a few of the exhibits. I appreciate your concern."</b> Kimimila really did appreciate any concern and so her smile was genuine, she also understood that the nature of the woman's job required her to be suspicious, but the woman could have shaken her hand or at least acknowledge it. <b>"If you don't need anything else, I hope you have a good night."</b>

Aware? Jennifer furrowed her brow a little. Aware of what? Oh, that she had been hired for a night shift, the security guard supposed, unsure what else to conclude from that statement. Nevertheless, she had the correct identification and she had no other reason to hold her back from going about her job.

"Of course," she replied, stepping aside in the hallway to indicate she was welcome to pass. If there's any trouble, I'll be around. Please do let security know if you need anything.

When the guard finally stepped aside to let Kimi pass and go about her business she nodded. "Count on it and thank you again," Kimi squinted quickly at the other woman's name tag for a name, "Guard Li." Kimi hoped that was the correct way to address her and tried not to dwell on how hopelessly awkward she could sometimes be. Deciding to just go with it she smiled through her social anxiety, squared her shoulders and started confidently down the hall.

She made it to the end of the hall. Looking left and then to the right she suddenly realized that she had no idea which way would bring her to her destination. There was, unfortunately, no sign that said 'Viking Expansion Exhibit' with a handy arrow pointing her way. This was her first time in these back halls and though she had found her office just fine... "Fuck it," she decided, it's better that at least one person knows how much of a mess she could sometimes be. With a deep sigh Kimi looked over her shoulder to see if Li was still in the hall behind her.

"Actually," Kimi called out as she turned, her tone a bit abashed, "as embarrassing as this is... I realize I don't actually know my way from here. I could wander aimlessly until I found the Viking Expansion area but that probably isn't the wisest choice. If it wasn't out of your way, as I don't want to impose, could I ask for your assistance?" Taking a deep breath she had turned fully to face the way she had come. She wasn't entirely sure if the guard who had refused a handshake would help her out but it was worth a try. Her hand reached up and fiddled with her pendant in an unconscious nervous gesture.

A brief flash of amusement worked on her lips. Oh, how formal and polite. Which admittedly, she appreciated, no stupid nicknames, no damn Jenny. Watching the professor start on her way, she waited a couple seconds before starting off in the opposite direction along her patrol, quite ready to go about not having to deal with people…

The panda grunted, and she paused and turned back as well. This time, the smug amusement lingered on her face, staying in an ever so slight smile.

"Wisest choices? I thought you preferred everything working at night entails," she didn't resist returning to work. Nevertheless. "I am relatively new, but I believe the Viking expansion is this way," she offered gesturing with her hand spread out flat towards the south stairwell. "Escorting other employees is no imposition."

Kimimila blinked in uncertainty at the other woman's initial response and expression but she quickly smiled in relief when Li agreed. Tension, she hadn't been aware of, slowly released from her shoulders. She pushed a few stray hairs away from her face and straightened her jacket as she began to follow down the hall.

"I really appreciate it. Wandering about lost, when I don't have too, isn't on my priority list of things to experience on my first night here. I was never brought back here during the interview process. Soo, yeah." Kimi shrugged as she finished. She was just being practical is all. Besides, who actually enjoyed being lost? "Feel free to tell me to shush it if you'd rather walk in silence, but, you said you were also sorta new. How long have you worked here?"

Small talk was better then empty stillness. Again, she was just being practical but also legitimately curious. Kimimila was intrigued by the other woman. She couldn't be all haughty bearing and smug smiles.

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