Olivia had spent the day in Cordova, flitting from various meeting to meeting. Business people for tips on opening her own business, her bank for financing for said business, looking at locations - although she wasn't sure she wanted a business in Cordova. In fact, she wasn't even sure she wanted to be there at all; she knew the city was largely vampire territory and had planned on at least getting out before Sundown. However, that didn't seem to be a possibility, given that her meetings had run longer than she expected.

She didn't like city parking, so she avoided it whenever she could. That, unfortunately, meant that now that the sun had gone down, she was walking through the city alone, and it was several blocks to her car. She was hungry and considering stopping for a bite to eat, but was more strongly considering making an incredibly irresponsible decision; it had been a long time since she'd explored Cordova and had never done so at night. She had pepper spray on her, as well as a small knife tucked away in her purse, but was it really worth the potential run-in with enemies?

Well... The potential was there anyway, Ollie supposed. The sun was still up, but it was just beginning to dip below the skyline. A glance at her phone told her that it was too late to expect to make it to her car before it got dark. Hopefully, things would stay nice and quiet. It wasn't as if anybody really knew who she was, she hadn't been there long enough for any potential enemies of her family or pack to recognize her on sight. It would be fine.


She was still on the search for a secondary job. She had spent all day filling out applications, answering Wanted Ads and interviewing on the spot. In fact, she was dead tired. It hadn’t even crossed her mind that she shouldn’t be out before the sun went down, because she hadn’t needed to worry about it until a few months ago.

Vampires. Right.

She reached over to finger the silver-plated bracelets on her right wrist, the motion comforting thought she knew it wouldn’t do anything to protect her. In fact, she had nothing to protect her. Her Jeep was still being worked on so she was taking public transit and the walk to the bus right bus stop was still a few blocks away. Great, she said, suddenly feeling a sliver of fear skate through her.

Maybe she should just call Estella just in case? This way if someone grabbed her, her sister would know about it. God, she was paranoid. She signed and dug in her messenger bag and pulled out her ancient flip phone. Flipping it open, small heels clicking on the concrete as she continued walking, she dialed her sister’s number. She hadn’t noticed the other woman walking toward her on her own phone, and a side step to avoid miss-placed trash had her veering right into the other woman. That was, unless he jumped out of the way at the last second.

"I-I’m so sorry! I was looking at my phone. I know I shouldn’t do that with my poor balance and everything but.... Sorry!" Yep. She was a freak. She clamped her mouth shut, her cheeks turning pink from embarrassment.

Olivia wasn’t usually so easily caught unaware in situations like this; sure, she had a habit of walking around with her head in the clouds, but she was still a fairly level-headed woman. When walking in a dangerous city, she usually kept herself fairly grounded… However, this other woman had seemed to come out of nowhere. One second, Ollie was taking a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure that nobody was following her, and the next she was bouncing backward with a surprised yelp, ready to either fight or flee.

Luckily, it didn’t seem that the bump had been an attack. The look of shock the other woman wore echoed Ollie’s own surprise, and Ollie couldn’t help but chuckle a little once the surprise had worn off. ”Hey, relax, it’s okay,” she said, laughing lightly. ”Startled the shit out of me, but really, it’s fine.”

She was close to waving it all off and stepping aside to continue her path, but something caught her eye, and Ollie stopped again, raising an eyebrow. ”I-… Is that a flip phone?” she asked. She knew she was being more personal than most strangers liked, with the laughing and teasing, but she couldn’t quite help it in this situation. Something about the woman was oddly approachable, even to Ollie, who was rather on edge in “enemy territory.”

She blinked at the other woman. Her eyes wide from being startled. At least she didn’t fall on face. She was completely clumsy. She tried to force a smile to her face, but it came out crooked and goofy looking. But the woman’s reaction was priceless. She really didn’t care. Riley blinked at her again, straightening herself out and fixing the small knot on her shirt. "Um... okay. Sorry again." She really apologized too much.

She made to move away, shaking her head in her disbelief that she actually ran into someone. The woman’s question has her pausing and turning around, her pale cheeks heating until they were bright pink. " Y-yes. I know, it’s old, but it still works and I don’t see the point in getting a new one of this one isn’t broken...." she said quietly, fingering the small diamond bedazzled jewel on it. And I can’t afford something better, she thought as she shut the phone, forgetting that she was going to call her sister.

"I’m just trying to get back home before the vampireas start to come out. I don’t think I want to meet one face-to-face. So I’m heading to the bus stop. Please don’t tell me you’re taking a night stroll.". Maybe she liked vampires. Riley didn’t want to find out. But she didn’t want to stay on the sidewalk and chat about how cheap she was. Normally she didn’t cut to the chase. But right now with each passing minute, she could feel the fear seep in. God, she was such a mess.

Olivia smiled, shaking her head. "It's nice, I actually kinda miss the little flip phones. Or really, any phone with buttons. I abhor those damn touch screens, half the time mine turns on in my pocket and well, let's just say it's led to some embarrassment." She laughed lightly, patting her pocket. She did have the luxury of owning a newer phone, but it wasn't always a benefit. Technology just seemed to advance so darn quickly. Then again, she knew better than to be ungrateful for what she had. It was something she had worked to spend her own money on, rather than accepting money from her parents, and she was fiercely proud of every little thing she'd gotten on her own.

Head tilted, Olivia glanced around and then back at the woman. "Why don't you let me walk you to the bus stop?" She requested. "Safety in numbers, and all that. I have pepper spray with me, they're definitely not immune to burning eyes." She didn't think they would actually be attacked, but it was a valid worry, and one that she shared.

"I'm Ollie, by the way. Olivia Rothschild, I live over in Cedar Creek. I was here for some meetings and stuff, I'm trying to figure out how to open my own restaurant without it failing in the first year and leaving me so far in debt that I have to ask for help from my family. What's your name?"

The faintest of smiles was given as Riley put her phone back in her pocket. No way was this girl a vampire considering how the sun was still, just barely, shining. "My sister has one. I think it might have too much going on. I guess I just don’t need all of that... right now. Or ever." All she needed was to text and make calls. She didn’t need email, she had a laptop for that. And she didn’t have social media. She offered a one shoulder shrug.

She hadn’t expected the other woman to offer to walk with her. "Um sure, but if you walk me to the bus you won’t have anyone to walk you to where ever you’re going..." she said. Of course, she was concerned for the other woman’s safety. Her sister would have said something along the lines of “I don’t need an escort,” but Riley was sweet to Estella’s sour. Her heels clicked on the concrete as she shuffled, becoming more nervous with each passing second.

She turned back the way she was originally heading and started to walk as Olivia spoke. Ollie. Funny how they both had gender neutral name. Her mouth opened in aw as she looked over at the woman. It was unusual to run into people that had an interest in opening their own restaurant. "Oh?" She said as she walked. "I’m Riley, but you can call me Ri. That’s really interesting... the restaurant. What kind of food would you serve?" For all Riley knew, she wanted to open up a McDonald’s franchise. "I was actually in town looking for a second job."

"Oh, don't worry about me, I'll be fine," Olivia shrugged, smiling. "I've got my pepper spray and a taser. And you might not expect it, but I'm pretty scrappy." She grinned, shrugging, and gestured for Riley to lead the way. "I'd like to serve a variety, but the specialty will pretty much just be comfort food. Macaroni and cheese, chicken, stuffing, turkey. Home cooked meals," she explained. I don't really want to have a high end restaurant or anything like that, there are enough of those. I just want someplace comfy, where people can sit for awhile and have dinner and talk."

She had a lot of little pipe dreams when it came to her little restaurant, and she knew that not all of them were reasonable, but she also knew that there were some things she wouldn't compromise on. She wanted a homey place, and there were a few decor specifics in mind that she wouldn't budge on, but she was excited to see what challenges she'd face in getting all of that.

So, a second job? What kind of stuff are you looking for?" She asked curiously.

Riley looked over to Ollie. How could she be scrappy? She was about the same size as her and Riley couldn’t do anything physical. Heck, she could barely put her underwear on without loosing her balance. But she supposed pepper spray might work on them. She never encountered one to try it out.

Her mouth was already watering at the sound of food. She had been shot ton cash these past couple of days and had been scrapping the penny-jar to get break and some meat. Her sister though.. if she cared to share that stripper money they would be living comfortably. Instead it was Riley who had to make up the difference. And lets face it, she couldn’t. "That sounds really good. I think it would be really popular. Especially in the city," she offered, reaching up to tuck a stray strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"You should definitely go for it." She was always the supportive one. Always the one that tried to remain positive even though her own life was falling apart. She took a moment to gather her thoughts before she replied. What did she want. She didn’t care. "I’m actually not sure. At this moment I just need the money so anything would be great. I already work full time at Claws and Effect, the little pet shelter in Ravenswood. Have you heard of anyone that’s currently hiring?" So far, everything had been a bust.

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