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Hi, its Cris. Katya's friend. Wondering if you'd be willing to use your healing powers on someone who needs it.

And then she'd send a link to a news story featuring the fucked up attack at the theme park.

she has a power too so you don't have to worry about keeping shit a secret
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Given the subject at hand... and the person who sent it, Astrid let it sit a little while after having read it. Not incredibly long, but...

It was a lot. This ask. A cop completely messed up by things that Astrid preferred not to think about if she could help it. A request to use her powers in no small capacity. From a girl who... really hadn't been all that kind to her.

But there was that small, irritatingly niggling feeling in the back of her mind. Astrid wanted to prove herself to Cris in an annoying way. She'd been essentially accused of being useless, and she knew she wasn't. So while it was in no way her obligation, she didn't want to give the other girl more ammunition.

What was the harm in trying?

(She could actually think of a number of things, but she was ignoring them for the time being.)

that whole thing is messed :( you sure I can help?

She wanted to ask what nonsense power this cop had, but felt like now wasn't the time.

The reply would be instant.

no but not because of you
her power is to block other people's powers and she hasn't really figured out how to turn it off
so we'll have to figure that out but its worth it
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That was... surprising? Astrid's brows rose to a marked degree and she considered the implications of this.

It sounded like... a challenge. And maybe, for once, she was actually feeling like that was a motivational thing. Maybe it was, again, just because this was Cris. Who she would now... commit to putting into her contacts as 'Cris' because she supposed they were talking in spite of past interaction.

i've never heard of that before omg
i can try i guess

There was still hesitation to do this at all, but she still hadn't forgotten Cris' disdain and that sticking thought had to mean something.

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