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 It had been a long day at work and the sun had already set. Rory had every intention of going straight home to take a shower and pass out but when she drove by a place called Barbarian and realized it was a bar she did a U-turn as soon as she could and parked her car. A drink or two sounded like a better idea. She had never been to this place before but there was a first for everything, right?

  Blue eyes surveyed her surroundings and spotted a free spot at the bar. She moved quickly hoping to claim the spot for her own and with success, she took a seat. Already having a drink in mind she still decided to glance at the menu while the bartender seemed occupied. Tucking her freely fallen hair behind both ears she pulled out her phone, typed out her drink in her notepad app, and flagged the bartender. Her red lips curled into a friendly smile when they approached and she held up her phone for them to read. "Long Island Ice Tea please and thank you."

 Two big glasses of long island ice tea later and she was already feeling a good buzz. Did she make the mistake of drinking swiftly on an empty stomach? She sure did. Rory was already a lightweight seeing as she doesn't drink all that often. She was already halfway through her third glass when she had the idea to check out the second floor. With all her might she tried not to look as if she was slightly under the influence and she would like to think she was successful.

 When she reached the top of the stairs she was amazed by what she saw. Dancing. A number of people were dancing on the dance floor and there was a DJ who was doing what a DJ does best (hopefully?). Though she couldn't hear a single thing she could really feel the vibrations that were being generated from the music. Rory bypassed the dancefloor and found another seat at the bar. Throwing the rest of her drink down her throat she ordered another and sat back to watch people move to whatever the DJ was playing.


This was such a bad idea. Everything about it screamed stupid, dangerous, reckless.

But that was the entire point, wasn't it?

Robbie couldn't bring herself to haunt her hostesses' mansion like some lost soul, like she had at the caravan. She so desperately wanted to live, to feel something more than dreadful uncertainty for the morrow. If this was what it took to feel that, throwing caution to the wind and living tonight like it could be her last, then so be it. It was a price that the punk would gladly pay, if only just once.

Of the many neighborhoods throughout Mountainside that were off-limits, Larkspur seemed like the least dangerous of the lot. Robbie would rather take her chances with coyotes than vampires, all things considered. So long as she kept her head down, figuratively speaking, then everything should be fine.

All she had to do was keep her wits about her should any foul-smelling animals came walking.

Yet, why bother going out if all she planned to do was keep a low profile?

Upon Robbie's arrival to Barbarian, one of the livelier places she had spotted whilst speeding down Larkspur's streets on her bike, she was nearly overwhelmed by it all. The sights, the sounds, the smells—everything was heightened, almost rapturously so. The atmosphere, riotous as it was, also carried notes of euphoria; she was surrounded by reckless joy and merriment, marked only occasionally by more somber emotions. It reminded the punk of that night at Pegasus so long ago, and such bittersweet memories helped suppress the paranoia lurking in the dark corners of her thoughts.

If only the hunger was so easily dismissed.

The beat of countless hearts and a river of blood coursing through the club made Robbie's head swim, but she shook it off as best she could. She had plenty of time to feed, so she could have a little fun before then. Thus, she was quick to ascend the staircase, guided by the music playing upstairs. There, the punk was met with the sight of a dance floor that was bustling with movement.

With the brightest smile she had felt in what seemed like a lifetime, Robbie took to the dance floor, dancing with nary a worry in the world. The empath was surrounded on all sides by what she could only describe as happiness, and she reveled in it.

 You usually don't find deaf people in this kind of place. A place where music plays and people dance. Dancing to the music kind of requires the ability to hear. But that was okay with Rory. She just wanted to see what it was like. Plus having a drink was her main objective. There were so many people around, and they all seemed to be having the time of her life. Rory could feel the beat of the music and the people seemed to be moving along with it...Well most of them at least. She couldn't help but smile at them all.

  Another drink came to her and she did not hesitate to start drinking it. That was when she noticed someone coming up to join the numerous people on the dancefloor. Why did this one person occupy her attention? Well, first it was the pink hair. It was quite the attention grabber. However, there was another reason why her gaze lingered. There was something familiar about her. She could have sworn she'd seen her before. Rory's eyes narrowed as she tried to remember.

  It merely took roughly a minute, give or take, but she ultimately recalled who she was. Her hair color was different when they initially met, but Rory was certain the woman was Robbie. Rory couldn't believe the odds of running into her. She wondered if she would recognize her as well. With a smile, she carefully weaved her way through the dancing crowd with her drink in hand. The alcohol she had already devoured was making the task a bit troubling but she managed. Rory was now close enough to tap Robbie on the shoulder from behind to capture her attention.

Amidst the chaos on the dance floor, Robbie thought of the ocean of all things. The music's rhythmic beat and the pounding of a dozen hearts reminded her of waves crashing on the shore, the sound of it filling her ears. Yet, even as she tried to ride the wave and lose herself in the crowd of dancers, the punk caught traces of something delicious, the likes of which few vampires could resist.

No sooner than she had smelled it, a gentle tap on her shoulder caught Robbie's attention. She turned around, only to be confronted by a vaguely familiar face.

Robbie knew her; she remembered her as one of the psychics she had met while she was still human.

That hadn't been a pleasant day.

"Hey!" Despite those bad memories, the punk gave a smile to go along with her surprised look.

Although, wasn't she mute? Deaf? One of those.

Oh, the scent of a psychic's blood was a difficult thing to miss, even when she was surrounded by the pungent odors of less enticing meals. The hunger coiled inside her like a snake, ready to strike out at the soonest opportunity. Shaking her head, Robbie tried to remember the psychic's name.

"Aurora, right?" Like the Disney princess.

I totally wasn't falling asleep while writing this <_< >_>

 Running into someone she knew was the last thing she expected which was why she seemed a little too excited. She would like to think she was doing a good job holding back but the alcohol was definitely amplifying things, especially her feelings. Rory wondered if Robbie would remember her. She didn't talk much when they were last together only because she was mainly trying to keep up with what they were all talking about. She was good at reading lips but only when it was one on one. Trying to read lips in a group conversation was very difficult to say the least but she managed...somewhat.

 Thankfully it seemed the pink haired woman recognized her as she responded with a smile and she even remembered her name. Rory nodded to confirm with a corresponding smile. "How have you been?" She hoped she spoke loud enough. Since she could feel the music she figured she had to pretty much yell. She took another big swig of her drink leaving roughly one last sip left. "Wanna drink? I'll buy." Aurora totally forgot to wait for Robbie to respond when she spoke again.

Aurora seemed rather excited to see Robbie, which came as a surprise given how poorly the psychic assembly had gone when they met. Regardless, the punk wouldn't fault her for it, smiling at the blonde's bubbly if somewhat intoxicated demeanor. That Robbie could smell the alcohol on Aurora's breath took some getting used to; hopefully it was just her heightened senses and not Aurora having had too much to drink for one night.

Then came the small talk, which Robbie honestly welcomed. "It's been rough lately," she said to the first question, offering a small nod, "But I'm good. You?" There was more to that answer than the psychic had bargained for, so the punk kept it short and sweet.

No sooner than Robbie had a chance to answer, however briefly, Aurora offered to buy her a drink. If only Robbie could still enjoy alcohol, or any other beverage for that matter.

"Sure," Robbie said, smiling despite how disheartened she was by the prospect.

Motioning for Aurora to lead the way off the dance floor, which wasn't exactly the most conducive for having a conversation, the punk worried her lip momentarily as the aroma of psychic blood left her insides gnawing at her backbone.

Maybe she should slow down on the drinks. Rory came here to unwind and relax...Not get completely drunk. She wasn't the type to go out drinking a lot so she forgot how quickly alcohol affected her. Nevertheless, she tried her hardest not to allow it show despite her level of excitement in recognizing a familiar face threatening to expose her.

Squinting at Robbie's face she managed to catch the key words of what she said, enough for her to at least understand. Rough but good...Rory worried about the rough part, but she didn't linger on it for too long. Alternatively, she responded to her question by habitually signing "hanging in there." It only took a couple of seconds to grasp what she had just did and let out a nervous giggle. "Sorry. I mean I'm hanging in there. And sorry, I consumed a few drinks already." There was no point in concealing that now.

" Awesome." Rory then turned and happily headed to the bar assuming Robbie was following. Signalling with a hand, she managed to successfully capture the bartender's attention. "A Long Island and whatever she'll have." She was certain she spoke loud enough, but she was thoroughly prepared to reiterate it through text on her phone if needed.

In response to Robbie's question, Aurora signed something that the punk didn't understand before giggling and correcting herself. By then, it clicked in Robbie's head that Aurora probably had some kind of hearing impairment. Had the blonde explained it to her before, when they met? Robbie couldn't remember, but decided not to push it; they weren't having too much trouble understanding each other.

"It's fine," the punk said in regards to Aurora's intoxication, smiling as they departed from the dance floor.

Upon their arrival to the bar, Aurora ordered herself another drink before offering to buy Robbie whatever she wanted. "Gin tonic, please," Robbie said to the bartender. At least she could appreciate the crisp, botanical aroma of a drink she otherwise couldn't consume.

The punk then returned her attention to the blonde. "So what have you been up to?"

Rory tried to focus and push the haze from the multiple drinks behind her even though the effort was being wasted. The drunker she became the harder it was to read lips successfully. She squinted harder trying to catch every word Robbie was saying. She barely managed to catch the last three words "been up to." She put two and two together and knew what she had said.

"'ve been a bit busy with managing my business. Buuut other than that, nothing much." She let out a light giggle for some unknown reason. Though now that she thought about it...her life has been a bit boring lately. It was probably what drove her to have a few (too many) drinks tonight. The bartender then approached them with their drinks and Aurora took hers with barely a pause before taking a swig.

"How 'bout you? It's been a while since we last met." Rory was quite unaware that Robbie had changed. She was unaware of a lot of things at the moment really.

It didn't take an expert to see that Aurora was feeling the effects of tonight's drinking; while Robbie worried about her to some extent, a small part of the punk was delighted by the prospect of easy prey.

Easy prey.

The thought was as perverse as it was terrifying.

Quick to chase any such whispers from her mind, Robbie tilted her head as she listened to Aurora, even smiling a touch at her giggle. "What kind of business?" Genuinely interested, the punk hoped to learn a bit more about the woman beside her, but the conversation was put on hold upon the bartender's return with their drinks.

Unlike her companion, Robbie simply took her drink with a smile, thrumming her fingers on the chill glass.

How dearly she missed such vices.

Robbie offered a modest shrug when the question was turned back towards her, the punk's gaze straying off. "I had to move, and I've been looking for work." Half-truths and lies were first cousins. "Decided to get out of the house before I went stir crazy."

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