McDonald's and McTelekin-kicking

Night Vision 
Bartending wasn't Tony's first choice of jobs. In fact, before he decided to go to school, he'd worked where he wanted to work- in kitchens. Tony loved cooking. It kept him connected and, honestly, was the only reason he was any good with his telekinesis. But when he decided to go to school full time, he switched from working in places he liked to working in places that paid well and, at the very least, offered a flexible schedule for homework. At least at Night Vision he was close to a decent kitchen and people who didn't seem to totally hate his popping in to watch.

The job itself wasn't so bad. He made decent tips. Sometimes he caught the eye of a cute guy or two. Mostly, Tony worked the crowd, playing up his cute smile and youthful face to round in tips from tipsy girls while avoiding grabby hands from other drunkies. Tonight, Tony had donned a lower cut shirt for tonight as an experiment to see if that'd up his tips or not. Normally he stuck to black-shirts and generic attire.

At last, his break arrived. Tony slipped out, counting his tips quickly before stuffing them in his tip-box. And then he snagged his pack of cigarettes and ducked outside. The cooler night air of fall promised a potentially bitter winter compared to previous ones in Colorado. Tony lit up his cigarette and sank back against the wall of the alley, eyes shutting. He needed food still and, grumbling, he pushed off the wall and began his slow trek towards the nearest fast food place, using his telekinesis to knock a can around while he thought he was alone.

She had been told to steer clear of Cordova, and knew better, but "stay out or hardcore vampires will kick your butt" was unfortunately a lesson Marybeth would only take in from direct experience. Accordingly, she still wandered into the city proper from time to time, riding buses, sniffing around outside of bars. Only feeding if the opportunity really fell into her lap.

She was city-gazing in a trendy late-night hotspot kind of area, minding her own business, when the sound of a trash can tumbling around caught her interest. She looked about, expecting to see a cat shoot out into the night, but instead saw saw some boy out there doin' magic. Whoa!

Well behind him, she had to call out to get his attention. "Whoa!"

Tony froze at the sudden shout of alarm behind him. He turned to see a strange older woman staring after him, obviously amused with what he'd been doing. He'd cut his ability off abruptly when she'd startled him and now he could only hope she figured it was the wind. But rather than try and convince her to...well, honestly, he didn't know, agree it was the wind? Tony determined not to do the aforementioned thing though, instead, shooting her a weird look and turning to continue on his journey. Of course, he didn't know she was a vampire. Or that she might shed some light on the weird bug-bites on his neck.

In Marybeth's limited experience, everybody who knew about magic thought it was super cool, and talking about powers was a failproof way to make friends. So! On this deserted street, she decided it was a good idea to keep shouting at this boy, because probably they were still going to be friends!

Marybeth's confidence was out of control these days!

"Wait! What power was that! I'm not scary!"

Oh god, did she not know that shouting "I'm not scary" is a guaranteed way to scare a young person off? Tony shot her a bewildered look and picked up his pace, walking faster, trying to get her to take the hint. He was so not going to let some crazy rando off him in an alley like an idiot. Tony damn near broke into a run as he neared the mouth of the street when he risked another look over his shoulder at the woman.

Fun fact about Marybeth she has NEVER YET FAILED A ROLL also this is a successful suggestion

>:I Well that didn't work! She watched him speed up with a sense of frustration, huffing to herself but not giving chase. As he turned, she decided to yell something, and in the moment she decided to make an attempt at a suggestion, purely to make the situation go the way she'd thought it would. "Stop being scared of me!" Her arms flapped into the air with exasperation!

She thought they'd made eye contact, and the suggestion felt good, but she figured she'd be able to tell if he broke into a run :(((

Tony really had to start not making eye contact. Of course, in this moment, Tony didn't know he ought to stop making eye contact because the other might be a vampire. No, instead, he was just suddenly laughing at his sense of fear. He turned and headed back towards the woman, apologetic, "I don't know why I was scared of you a moment ago- ah...what's up?"

:D Oh my gosh that worked! He turned right around and came back to her, and that made Marybeth do a very small brief dance in delight.

Then, her sense of decorum returning, she gave him a smile and a little wave. "Hi! I didn't mean to scare you. I just saw you moving the trash can around and I thought it was one of those psychic powers?" Her eyebrows raised speculatively, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Yeah, she knew about that shit.

"Yes! Uh, it is a psychic power- telekinesis," he explained. "Normally people don't watch me so closely so sometimes I just move things for fun, keep the mental work going. I mean, it's taxing, but I'd rather just use it...I wish I could use it at work more, you know?" He grinned. Tony extended a hand, introducing himself, "I'm Tony."

She nodded diligently as she listened, still on an emotional high from both completely fixing his fear and getting exactly the kind of conversation she'd hoped for! "Oh, totally! Do you get tired when you try to move heavy things like if you were using your body?"

Then he introduced himself, because he was a wonderful perfect young man, and Marybeth shook his hand firmly. "It's nice to meet you, Tony. I'm Marybeth!"

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