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Hi @"Charlie Major"
Daniel Major

Perfect. Nice, cool, greeting. That's how you say hello to a song you abandon and looked up the personal details of on the internet and bought a phone just to text. 'Hi Charlie'. Don't break emotionally and dump on him. You got this, Daniel.

Texts after dark were weird.

This one felt like... weird even if it had been daylight. Just really... you know my name but who are you? Exactly?

There was some thought at ignoring it and seeing if there was more to it than that... But nah. Like, what was the worst that could happen? Just don't click any weird links and maybe block the number in the end.

hi, who's this?





It's dad
Daniel Major

He paused before shooting off another.

How are you
Daniel Major

There we go. A caring dad worried about his son's well-being, not a show's up out of the blue and doesn't even ask if you're alright dad.

Well, if that wasn't a little jolting.

Not that he believed it right away, of course. Anyone could say that. And he hadn't heard from dad since... well, at least fifteen years, right? More than that, if you count anything other than gifts and short notes that offered no real reason for why he wasn't there in your life.

So forgive him for the delay while he stares skeptically at this. It wasn't completely implausible, he supposed. Just... not what he'd have expected. So he was torn between this being a really freaking weird reunion he'd never anticipated and just assuming it was a prank. But the latter served no purpose and he just...

fine... how are you?

See where this went before he really decided to sink his teeth into taking it seriously.

Daniel barked out of laugh before even thought about it. The immense relief… Charlie was doing fine! He rushed to write back, constantly smashing his fingers in the wrong place and having to tediously backspace one letter at a time to fix them as he spotted them.

Good! I'm glad to heat it :) I'm in town if yuo want to visit
Daniel Major

What the heck is an ending punctuation mark. We leave our sentences dangling like men.

This felt...

Charlie wasn't sure. Real. It didn't feel like a trick, but at the same time it also didn't feel real. So how something could feel both true and deeply untrue, he didn't know.

So continue to play this casual with you alleged father who you haven't heard from in like... well, over a decade, straight up. Hadn't seen in longer than that.

where you staying at/


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