Save It, Get Gone, Shut Up

Restaurant Row 
Getting off work at the crack of dawn sucked.

Not because she minded the night shift, it made so many things easier, but nothing was fucking open at this hour.

Jennifer prowled restlessly down restaurant row, looking for – well, it didn't matter what she wanted, she'd take what was open. Which was shitty breakfast diners mostly, and a few overpriced cafés. Settling for the first option, because neither caffeine nor dry pastries appealed to her, she entered the Egg Shack nodded wordlessly at the equally bemused employees milling around.

"Water," she declared as she sat at the empty diner bar, taking the laminated menu that was handed to her and scanning it for something not so much appealing as edible.

When the waitress checked on her, she decided. "Meat lovers omelette."

Nothing was fucking open, but at least the places that were open were empty and she didn't have to worry about dealing with people more than absolutely necessary to function in society.

Belle Vista was uncomfortably close to North Glenn. It brought back memories of the night they’d left as Cliff drove through the tidy streets that were nearly abandoned in the early hours. Would Yana know he was here? Would she tell Levka? Would he come here to... dunno, try and start something? Entirely improbable, but it did put him a little on edge. But Belle Vista had clients with money.

So he’d dropped off a grand dining set at the ass crack of dawn per some stuffy Strawberry Court resident’s request. The check was what made it worth it. Still, he was still bleary and absolutely fucking starving. So hungry that the bear suggested that he hop out and have at a roadkill victim that he passed along the way. Not entirely interested in scraping up some poor indiscernible creature, Cliff figured it would be best to find the closest diner that was actually open at this time.

Egg Shack.

It’d have to do. Cliff parked his truck rather half hazardly before hopping out and heading into the tiny restaurant. He was greeted with the smell of cooking food and coffee and bear and- And bear. Cliff stopped short at the front desk, his brow furrowing some as he looked into the small sea of tables. There was an elederly couple hunched over bowls of oatmeal and fruit, and some somewhat shady looking guy in the corner with a newspaper. Then the source; a young asian girl at a table alone. The Kodiak jerked to attention at the sign of another ursine presence, but Cliff was forced to steel himself against it as the hostess came to show him to a seat.

Conveniently, she placed him at a table adjacent to the woman’s. Cliff tried for a laid back sort of “didn’t even notice” approach as he settled in and pulled the menu near him, but he couldn’t speak for the Kodiak as it stood in the metaphysical space between him and the woman nearby and all but wailed for attention. He glanced up once to the girl, offered some stupid weak smile and a nod, and turned back to his menue. Was she one of Levka’s? It would make sense, considering the proximity. But wouldn’t he sense it? At least smell something familiar?

She didn't look up right away, busy being frozen in place while the panda stood at attention. There was someone here.

Jennifer turned just slight enough to catch the awkward acknowledgment he gave her. He should shave his beard. Not that it was any of her business, but she had opinions on people who didn't groom to her standards. Especially people who were going to sit there and reek of animal and act bashful about it.

The panda couldn't be bothered to be quite so worked up about it, other than a mulling sense of displeasure that she was no longer alone.

"Did you have to come here," she hissed under her breath at the man, as if he had known and made this uncomfortable for them both on purpose. What was she supposed to do instead, not acknowledge the - pardon the expression abuse - bears in the room? Ask him loudly how the moon had been treating him? Jennifer both couldn't let it go and couldn't make a public display about it, thus leaving her with unnecessarily cranky whispering.

Out of all of the response the woman could have had to his proximity, this wasn’t exactly what he’d been expecting. Cliff regarded her with a quizzical quirk of his brow. He allowed himself to look at her fully, the Kodiak really able now to inspect the other bear. Weird. Was it... a panda? But a vanilla one. Similar to Esperanza and her white black bear.

“I woulda eaten my truck’s upholstery otherwise.” He said after a pregnant pause. The waitress came then, and he paused to order a coffee, before turning his attention back on the girl. “Are you one of Levka’s?” Right to the chase, so there wouldn’t be misunderstandings.

So eat the upholstery, Jennifer thought, unbothered by him making the sacrifice for her own personal comfort.

She was intrigued by his question, however, although she waited to answer until after a hot plate had been set down in front of her and she had taken a huge bite of fresh food. Fresh, hot, overly greasy and delicious for it food.

"Who is Levka?" Obviously a bear but what made him think she... belonged to him? More importantly, was it good or bad to be associated with him? Useful? ... Or was that a her? It sounded masculine, but Jennifer didn't know much about Scan...Nordic? Names of that origin. Definitely not Anglo or Cantonese.

As soon as she had asked, another forkful of omelette was shoved in her mouth, with as much delicacy as one can ravenously shove something.

His coffee was delivered about the same time her food was, and he made his order as she dug in. His stomach rumbled, and the Kodiak suggested they get closer to make friends with the girlbear and ask for food. No, asshole. "So thats a no." He mumbled. "He's the King of a Sleuth up in North Glenn." Cliff followed up. "You new around here?"

Her brow knit together at the mentions of someone called the king of the sleuth. She didn't fully know what it meant, but it felt right, like she had no reason to question him on it. Maybe a bit fanciful, but wasn't her whole life situation a bit fanciful. Unfortunately. At least she knew North Glenn was definitely a real place.

"Somewhat," she conceded. Even if you are both bears, you're still also a tall white man she'd never met before. Limited trust, you understand. "Do you… Belong to him?" She frowned not sure how else to word that in the moment.

Somewhat. That could mean a few weeks, like six months, or a year. So, okay. As far as her question, that was a super shitty way of describing it, and it made him glad to say, "No, I don't."{/b] The waitress brought his food then, and he thanked he quietly. His hands found the utensils to dig in as he spoke.

[b]"Left it a few months back. Differing opinions on how things should function. You ever been in a group?"

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