The Cage. Siobhan had been curious about the place upon first hearing about it, but it had been several weeks now, and she was only just now getting around to actually visiting. So far, she loved it. She wasn't familiar with most of the people there, but then, she hadn't been in Cordova very long either. Aside from a few superficial friends (drinking buddies, rather) made at the local bars, it wasn't exactly like she was overcome by familiar faces every time she left her sister's house.

It was her first day off of work since moving and starting at the police station, and she'd been house hunting. Although she didn't need anything quite as large as her siblings, Shiv was determined to find the perfect place, and that meant being fairly picky. After a day of annoyances and disappointments, she needed to let off steam... Besides, she figured her older brother might be there. The brother she had thought was dead, that she now refused to approach first because frankly, she figured she was allowed to be childish about it and make him talk to her first.

Taking a seat at the bar, Shiv ordered her drink, turning to watch what she could see of the ongoing fight. It probably wouldn't be best to spend too much time there, being a police officer... But then, she didn't care too much. She doubted anybody there was exactly eager to go running into the police station to claim that she was involved in unsavory things. As always, she would continue to do precisely whatever the hell she wanted.