With diligence, it seemed that starting over was beginning to pay off. Strolling down the street with a brand new soccer ball passing from hand to hand, Abel considered his progress in this, the first place he'd lived that wasn't the town where he'd been born.

He had cold-called auto shops and found a job in one that treated him decently.

He had found several friends, who were jaguars no less, that he felt comfortable reaching out to for support.

He could see the mountains from his window, and nobody here called him a fuck-up, or a waste of space.

A small list - two or three months of progress. Compared to everything he had had at 25, it was nothing, but if he looked at it that way there would be no point in trying, anyway; Abel always tried. And in this case, trying looked like setting grief aside in order to kick a ball in an empty park, thick legs hopping in an effort to be nimble. He directed the ball into a signpost and grinned as it bounced unpredictably back.

Ravenswood was a nice area for a home in his honest opinion. It was quiet, he'd only run into one other vamp and they'd seemed decent. Unaware of any of the drama that had taken place a couple nights ago in the area, the vampire was hanging out in a local park. There were a lot of trees and after nearing a particular one, the want to see how far he could get had him grabbing for the first branch. Within a few moments he was a few branches up before it was too precarious to try higher.

Leaning forward with an arm snuggly wrapping around the bark, Tikanni looked at the view that could be managed with the few breaks in foliage. This was calming. Wind hit the leaves all around, causing a cacophony of sound as they ran into each other, branches quaked, and the local wildlife occasionally buzzed.

A pang of force hitting metal had Tikanni pausing in looking further out into the forested green. His gaze changed to take in the floor below, noticing movement a few lengths away. It seemed they had a ball. Another wind gust brought the smell of something weird, but not entirely alien at this point thanks to the fox friend made a few weeks ago prior. That was enough to have him clambering down until he could safely jump down. The ground met him with a thump as he threw a hand up in greeting. "What's kickin'?" Maybe, this shifter would be friendly too and they could have some fun.

Scout had little time for games growing up. It was a serious lifestyle, everything you did was to ensure survival for the family. This never bothered her though, it was something she just simply accepted.

So when she saw a man walking down the street with a ball in his hands, she was ready to ignore him. She had better things to do, right?

But his quick hands passing the ball back and forth, back and forth, triggered her cat's curiosity. Ears alert, tail flickering.

Scout crossed the street quickly though still a distance away, keeping her eyes on the ball, but she paused. Eyes wide and nostrils flared, she caught the scent of him. Hesitation stopped in her tracks, but her curiosity was pressing her forward.

She observed closely as the man kicked the ball, her head jerking quickly to follow him. Oh god, control the urge to chase. Control it.

Scout watched as the ball bounced back, her neck pulling her head back. Her cat was crouched, ready to pounce but Scout held the reigns tight but then she sensed another scent. She was still several feet away, ready to shout at the man with the ball, but something dead filled her nose.

"Hey, what are you doi-" Her eyes narrowed, seeing another figure jumping down from a tree. Was it him that smelled like death? She held her breath.

Abel stopped himself in the motion of going for the ball, pulling back to smile quizzically at the young man who had just dropped abruptly from a nearby tree. You didn't see that every day...but also, looking at the guy, his cat sent him images of dead things. Rotted carcasses, stale caves. That was...odd. Still, he smiled and waved, walking to the errant ball and nudging it to nestle under one of his feet like a round, spotted egg. "Soccer ball," he answered dumbly, possibly making a joke? "What's hangin?"

Then a female voice called out assertively and he turned to face it, smiling sheepishly at the very serious-looking woman in the street. He gestured demonstratively and kindly to the ball at his feet in answer. "Hello!"

The answer was easy enough because he'd seen that. It'd been more of a greeting, but... and then the greeting back was very pun oriented and it drew a smile on his own face. A sudden assault of that pungent stink that wasn't the dude in front of him alerted Tikanni of another shifter right before she called out. Nothing threatening from either of him with his approach, but he'd take this carefully just in case. One shifter, fine, he liked them. Two, could easily turn bad and so he offered a wave to her in greeting as the guy next to him said hello.

"Do you play any," he asked, turning his attention back to the owner of the soccer ball. Perhaps all three of them could play if the other walked over to join.

Death waved to her.

Scout glanced around a bit confused, but eventually rose her hand up and waved back.

Waving felt weird.

She scoffed and looked away shyly. "H-hello."

She wanted to flee, but her feet dragged her closer as her cat wanted to see this ball up close. Pat at it, chase it, bunny-kick it. Her cat was ready to go go go. Chase mode was eager to be activated.

A finger outstretched to point at the soccer ball except any words refused to come out of her mouth, so she just stood like a weirdo pointing at the ball. Goddamn. No one people thought she was stupid. Cave man, hermit. She was too shy to get any words out, having a new being standing a few feet from her.


So, this was odd, but he was willing to try to make it work. After a glance to the stink guy that said something like idk what her deal is, he kicked the ball gently toward her, smiling hopefully. "You wanna kick it around with us?"

The shy hello didn't go unnoticed and as he watched the girl make her way over, it seemed all verbal communication was gone. In its place was just pointing at the ball, causing him to look at her questioningly while the other guy offered her the opportunity to play with them. Fine by him! The more the merrier.

Ball going her way now, Tikanni smiled hopefully. "It'll be the bee's knees. We got enough room out here to have a good time."

They offered her to play with them.

Her eyes lit up and a slow growing smile formed on her lips.

"Yes!" she shouted, nodding her head quickly. A million yes's. Finally a word came out. Her cat was desperate to play and chase. And so was she.

Scout looked down at the ball that was kicked her way excitedly.

Her cat sent her images of prey, but Scout laughed, knowing she was completely wrong. Scout used the tip of her boot to kick the ball back towards the two men.

Stink guy made Abel smile; any time a random person was nice it made him glad to be part of the world. Also, bee's knees was a ridiculous thing to say and he liked it. The woman, who was definitely a little odd, sent the ball back to him with a laugh, and he swept it off with him as he trotted further into the park, looping around a tree and punting it quickly over to the man. "Heads up!"

The shifter lady decided she definitely wanted to play and that made him smile broadly, especially as she started running after the ball. And then the guy smiled at him, and everyone was smiling and this was great. Honestly, this was shaping up to be a much better night than sitting in a tree by himself.

Ball coming back their way, the guy snatched it up before heading out a bit for better distance. At the chime it was his turn, he anxiously waited the ball. As it rolled up to him, Tikanni successfully got up to it, but had to stop it before being able to redirect it correctly towards the girl. "Here ya go!" With the shout, he kicked the ball in her direction with a bit of unintentional spin to it.

Scout watched them, standing still, while her eyes went back and forth between the two.



She finally gave him and ran after the two, laughing and smiling as she caught up to them.

The human world was much more fun and laid back. Being happy seemed to be one of the main goals and she wanted to learn more.

"Heads up!"

Scout stopped and watched the other shifter kick the ball over towards the death man, her eyes wide in excitement.


Eating pizza rolls with Dakila was fun, eating peanut butter cups from the machine was fun, and so was this.

The death boy kicked the ball back her way, giving the ball a spin. Her eyes widened and she ducked as the ball zoomed over her head. She paused watching but, but started back up again to chase it down. Quickly, she got behind the ball and kicked it back towards the two, to no one in particular. The ball arched up high, climbing to it's highest peak and then came flying back down.

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