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@"Ellie Blackwater"

It was some ten minutes or so past midnight.

Ellie, would you be available some time this week? The Dominus and I would like to meet with you for an opportunity to help solve a problem.


Ellie was looking around for a potential meal, and had her eyes on someone. She checked her phone quickly when it buzzed, but it didn't take her long to realise this was more important.

Yes I m fre after work most day


Oh dear. She reminded herself that the girl hadn't known how to read only months ago, and would task herself with correcting her gently.

"Yes, I am free after work most days." Is that what you meant?

Clearly, but it was important for a lady to learn to spell in communications.

Fricking screen..

Yes my scren soetimes dosnt type well sorr


We will have to get you a new phone, then.
What time do you finish work?


Maybe. Although Ellie did like her phone as it was.

2 am


Wonderful. Do you work every night?


I get struday of


Very well! Next Saturday then.


Ellie did wonder what required her time and knowledge so much that the Dominus and a powerful vampire such as Raziyya actually wanted with her, so much so to wait until she had a day off. Perhaps it was some psychic related thing. Or.. perhaps it was something worse..

She wanted to ask what it was directly, but she felt Raziyya would tell her off for that. So, how about this then..

Do I ned to prepre in anyway ?


No, love. Simply bring yourself and your knowledge with you. You'll get to see a fun show of older vampires going at each other in a friendly spar.

Unless Beauregard decided to get... improper. She chuckled to herself.

Whoa. She was actually going to witness a spar between two very powerful vampires. That honestly sounded very fascinating. She'd be able to learn a lot of new fighting techniques too, primarily focused around utilising the newfound speed and strength to her advantage.

Still.. she wondered why she needed to be there, and what knowledge they needed from her. Her mind did go to psychic abilities but.. surely they'd had those for a long time and already gained control of them.

Ah well.

Tht souns very intrestnig !Thank you for the oprtunety


No 'e' in opportunity, love. You might find it useful to turn on your autocorrect until we get you a new phone. I can help you find it if you need.



I thought u were all ways meant t press the x. Thank u raziyya


That was moderately better. "You " would have to replace "u," but Ellie had an eternity to learn... or however long texting lasted.

You are very welcome.


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