Cellular Collision

Cedar Creek 
Sam wasn't exactly someone who had a routine, but he also had certain regular habits that he couldn't break. Sam always had the same breakfast, a fairly routine lunch, worked roughly the same hours, took the same route to and from work, and so on, like many people. The biggest routine he managed involved working out- every day after work he went for an hour long run at a minimum. A dude had to maintain his appearance, right?

He returned home after work, dropped all his work clothes and baggage, and hurriedly changed into his workout clothes. Earbuds in sweats on, he was ready to go. Sam locked his place up after him and headed down, starting with a quick walk before moving into his usual long jog. All seemed like it was going well until a collision with another jogger sent him off to the side, his phone disconnecting and skittering out somewhere nearby. The other jogger kept on going, Sam shouting after him, "Asshole!"

Fuck. Where'd his cell go?

Cedar Creek was full of so many smells that were similar to hers. It must been the place for her kind, or at least close to her kind.

She was eating a pack of French fries she had bought herself from McDonald’s. Scout was so proud of herself that she managed to order them on her own, thanks to the help from Dakila.

Munching away, some jogger ran passed her, almost knocking her precious fries from her hands. A low growl emitted from her throat as she was them continue jogging away, but some shiny on the ground caught her attention.

Greasy fingers reached down and picked up the contraption, upon inspecting it further she figured it was a phone, like Jeremy’s.


She spun around quickly with fries hanging from her mouth. "Aph-hull?" her eyes were widened in confusion.

Sam heard the echo and slowed, turning to look at the woman who'd bumped into him. His expression shifted from frustration to straight confusion, almost repentance, as he eyed the mouth-full of fries and clear innocent expression. He sighed, shaking his head, and turned to try and locate his phone. When he didn't see it on the ground, he looked at the woman again, spotting the device after a moment. "Can I have that back, please?" he asked, approaching her with an open hand.

Scout finished munching on her mouthful of fries, watching the dude who shouted at her walk back over. She blinked at him a couple of times unsure of what he wanted but realized she was still holding onto the phone.

"Oh, yes. Here you go," she outstretched her arm, handing back the phone his way. He didn’t look too happy or friendly, but Scout’s cat decided to investigate him any way. Alert eyes watched carefully, while her nose reached out to get a good sniff.

"Why are you running round?" she asked, looking deeply confused. Was it supposed to be fun? Or was he running away from something?! Scout looked around a bit panicked.

Sam accepted his phone and eyed the woman uncertainly, expression trying to make sense of her. She was...odd. Very odd. He started to plug his earbuds back into the device when she asked him something. "Huh? Oh, uh, I'm trying to stay in shap- did you just sniff me?" he asked, alarmed now. "Ah...anyway, it's...jogging, I'm jogging."



For fun?

"Oh," she scrunched her eyebrows together, "I can’t say I run for fun all that much."

She stuffed a fry in her mouth. Saltiness and greasy goodness. Her cat purred happily.

"Going to McDonald’s is fun though," she smiled, shaking her cardboard thing of fry crumbs. "Do you like McDonald’s?"

Sam glanced around him, feeling like he was about to be punked or something. But he answered, after a moment, "Yes, I like McDonald's...who doesn't?" he shrugged, feeling self-conscious. "And, I mean, I don't really run for fun it's more like...to stay in shape. For actually fun reasons..." He really didn't want to say he stayed in shape for sexy-times, but that was the truth of it all.

She nodded along.

"Wouldn’t running in the mountains be more fun than here on the sidewalk?" The fresh open air, smell of ponderosa pines.

"I know a lot of good trails," she said, jerking her thumb behind her.

Finishing her last fry, she flattened the container and put it in the outside pocket of her bag to throw away later.

"I am sure your canine would like it much better out there too." She knew her cat loved running out there, though preferred way out there far from humans. Cougars were quite elusive.

Sam shrugged, replying, "Yeah, but this is closer to my home. And my...canine-" God, what a weird way to word it. "-is fine, thanks." He eyed her, pausing, only to ask, "So are...all cats like...this chatty?"

Scout blinked a few times in bewilderment. Did he just call her chatty?

Her cheeks flushed pink and she took a few steps away, looking down at the ground. "Chatty? I am not usually this chatty." She shyly slipped her hands into her pockets at an attempt to hide herself. "Everyone I have met so far in Colorado has been very nice, so I guess I am just a little too excited. Sorry."

Another few steps back were taken. This man made her feel self-conscious. Scout was definitely not known to be chatty. Maybe the human world was really getting to her, she thought, breathing a heavy sigh.

He watched her step back and sighed apologetically, holding a hand up, "Sorry, I'm just...not used to talking to people on my jogs. Really, you're okay...You're new here?"

"New? Yes, you could say that." She nodded but her embarrassment had taken over. It was too late. Her cat was pulling at her to flee. And she went willingly. From his point of view, her fleeing the scene would be rather random other than the sense of fear wavering in the air.

Scout continued to back away before turning on her feel and running down the sidewalk, back where she had come from.

People were becoming a hard adjustment. Should she just return to her lifestyle and forget ever coming back on the grid? No more french fries, no more pizza rolls. No more people. Perhaps it was something to consider.

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