A tower for a princess

Cherry Hill 
During the Sep. 1 cheeguar BBQ!

@Charlie Major @Sol Fay

As people slowly started to mingle, Asha set her sights on Giant Jenga, because every princess needed a tower, or some archaic nonsense like that. She was just giddy, feeding off the good vibes she felt for the most part.

She squeezed Sol's arm gently, with a smile, letting their cats snuggle. "Hey! Let's set up Jenga and see if we can trap a Cheetah," she invited, and honestly if Asha's inviting you to something she's also kind of holding onto you while she's taking you there, sorry Sol.

In particular she eyed Charlie — waiting for any passing eye contact from him, she'd motion him over. "Hi! Wanna do this Jenga thing with us?"

This was all pretty nice, actually! He missed having big group meetups. New people were fun and interesting and knowing that everyone here harbored a secret animal made the solidarity pretty immediate. Isolde had been super wary, and admittedly he couldn't blame her. A couple of these jaguars had turned up on tv down the road from where he lived and had worked for a long time and stuff... so yeah, close to home.

But actually seeing them, and knowing full well that he'd had his own weird moments in time where things had not exactly gone according to secret plan, Charlie had a hard time judging. Look at them, they were just people, having a nice time and playing games together and eating way too much food. A proper labor day picnic.

So after he'd stolen a couple of handfuls of chips and sated some of that perpetual cry for sustenance, he'd caught the eye of one of the lady cats. Uhm, Asha, he was pretty sure. He had pretty good name game. The other one started with an S, but it was one of those he hadn't quite managed to visualize the spelling of, so it hadn't stuck.

"Oh hey, uhh, sure!" was offered and an immediate approach course factored in. He glanced back to see where Isolde had gone, but ultimately wasn't scared to strike out on his own or anything. "Fair warning that I'm completely great at this."

Well, the small version, anyway. But same basic premise, right?

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