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 His Domina is dead and no one had to inform him. Archer could feel the change, and it sent his mood spiraling. The clutch was gone, and he no longer had to be loyal to anyone. He was on his own, a familiar feeling he merely didn't expect to feel so soon. Nevertheless, he should have foreseen it. She did like to get herself into trouble quite often. The timing of her demise was quite unfortunate as well. He had barely moved everything to Cordova and once again there was nothing to hold him. Time to look about for another place to live. The clutch was the sole reason he chose Cordova as his next place to live.

  Regardless, Archer had to figure out what he wanted to do next. Would he continue staying on his own or should he consider another group? At this point in time, he couldn't decide. The only thing he knew for certain was that he was ravenous. So instead of hunting for his meal, he decided to try out Vein Drain. He had consistently avoided this place only because he enjoyed the thrill of a hunt but he figured he'd give it a try. He had to admit how impressed he was when he first walked in. He didn't expect to see how active it was. Times have undoubtedly changed. In his brutal past, he had never seen so many people volunteer their blood so willingly. He didn't even know where to start. What he wanted. He wasn't so certain he even cared at this point.

Outfit, sans sunglasses.

By virtue of downtown Cordova lying at the heart of Mountainside, it wasn't necessarily uncommon for Jaxon to cut through its outermost streets when moving from one place to another. Given the risks of taking shortcuts through hostile territory, he seldom ever left his car, idling in one place only as long as an unfavorable traffic light required him to. Lately, however, Jaxon had noticed a change in the wind, as it were. No longer did trespassing carry that same metaphysical threat, the menacing energy of territory that was claimed and maintained.

Something had changed.

Jaxon, being Jaxon, loathed not knowing the details, but one thing was clear after a few scouting runs.

Bone Hollow had ceased to exist.

The absence of a clutch's presence could have meant any number of things in Jaxon's experience. Perhaps Margaux had driven off so many of her own that she no longer had the numbers to enforce her claim over the area. Maybe she had taken flight from Mountainside entirely, leaving her clutch to crumble without its Domina or a suitable replacement.

Perhaps and maybe weren't Jaxon's favorite words. Uncertainty was a symptom of ignorance, and ignorance could be lethal.

Sometimes, the best way to learn something was to knock on the front door.

Although Jaxon was technically no longer trespassing, what with Cordova in its unclaimed state and all, he acknowledged the all too present danger of what he was doing tonight. Should he come across a rogue as powerful as Margaux, perhaps even the former Domina herself, then he would be in for a bad night to say the least. Still, Jaxon simply couldn't help himself.

So, there he was, stepping foot into the infamous vampire-friendly bar. The place both intrigued and vexed him all at once; such an establishment railed against the apparently forgotten notion of secrecy that Jaxon's kind once upheld with ruthless efficiency. Yet, if any undead remained in Cordova, he would surely find them here.

With a crooked smile, Jaxon made his way to the bar, blue eyes sifting through the crowd gathered tonight.

Thank you for joining me <3

 With Bone Hollow no longer active, Cordova was currently open for anyone and anything. His mind had already accepted this. Therefore, it would come to no surprise if he were to encounter a vampire outside the clutch he formerly belonged to. They could naturally come without the feeling of threat lingering over them. However, Archer's mind was elsewhere. He was starved and wanted to satisfy the thirst as soon as possible. He just didn't know where to start. A part of him was completely ready to just walk out and do it the old fashion way; that was typically how he preferred it anyway.

  Alternately, he turned and headed to the bar, and that was when he caught wind of another vampire dressed prominently in black. He regarded him briefly with a pondering mind as he secured a space to his left. "Good evening. Have you been here before?" There was absolutely no reason why he chose this stranger to strike up a conversation. It was just a random selection that happened to be where he was. And maybe, just maybe, this person could steer him in the promising direction.

My pleasure!

Not long after Jaxon had taken a seat at the bar, another vampire emerged from the crowd and sat down to his left. "Evening," he said in kind, offering a short nod, "And I can't say I have."

There was a first time for everything, as they say.

Turning in his seat to face the crowd, his back to the bar, Jaxon took it in and tried to appreciate what all lay before him. He wondered if this establishment had been Bone Hollow's primary source of blood. It would have made sense, and he could imagine one like Margaux prowling around with relative ease. Vein Drain, as far as its mortal patrons were concerned, seemed to attract a more deviant audience.

"Is this your first time as well?" Jaxon spared a glance toward the less powerful vampire to his left, brow raised. The man lacked the metaphysical mark of a clutch member; could he be a rogue like Jaxon, unaligned and a free agent, or a remnant of Cordova's fallen clutch?

"It is. I had been hesitant in coming here, but I figured I should try it out now." With all things considered. Food would not come as easy as it had been though it wasn't anything new to him. He had been on his own long before he voluntarily joined the clutch.

Anyways, it was unfortunate that it was the stranger's first time as well. Oh well, he would just have to figure this out on his own but he didn't mind a little bit of small talk. What could it hurt? Maybe he could get some information about other clutches. He was sure there were more out there. However, he couldn't tell if this gentleman was part of a clutch or not but he could definitely feel they would win in a fight. A feeling he didn't care for. Archer always hated feeling weak, especially if the stronger person was younger than him.

"So you're from out of town, I can assume?" It was a question that would hopefully lead up to a question he really wanted to know the answer to. The man had turned to put his back towards the bar now but Archer remained facing the other direction for now. He only angled himself slightly towards the man so that he could see him a little better.

"Fair," Jaxon mused in kind, his nod assenting.

How fortuitous.

The silence between them was easily lost in the ambience of the establishment, the two of them immersed in their own thoughts. Jaxon, as curious as he was, remained mum for the time being, interested to see what this man might offer on his own accord. Tempting as it might have been to patronize him with small talk, the desire to gather information and possibly make a few connections trumped all else.

Once the man to Jaxon's left shared his assumptions, a ghost of a smile danced in his eyes. "That I am," he answered, sparing him a glance, "Still familiarizing myself with the area."

It wasn't entirely false.

"And yourself?"

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