Another Day

Day after day, robbery after robbery, the work load never seemed to slow down. Don’t get Keegan wrong, he absolutely loved his job, it just made him remember that people could rarely ever be trusted, especially ones that wandered the alleys of Cordova. They were the ones that seemed to cause him trouble the most and they day was no exception. He drove up to the scene, parking his car near he curb before getting out and being greeted by another officer. ”He tried to steal some expensive pieces from the jewelry store but the security system trapped him in. I figured you’d like to interview the witness”. His coworker gestures to the one kid Keegan couldn’t stand, and he knew that. <br><br>
”It’s getting a little old seeing you, Tony. Don’t you have better things to do than cause trouble?”

Tony'd been part of the home-insecurity community since he arrived here shortly before turning 17. He had friends, enemies, and all that lied in-between living on the streets, under the earth, or, for the few that were lucky, in cheap-ass homes like his own place. Getting out of poverty impossibility. Tony would settle for at least knowing his home wouldn't be going anytime soon. So he was going to school, studying, working his ass off, and in general trying to avoid not being on the streets again.

He'd see where that went in a few months when his lease was up and the rent was raised.

Tony's rare day off from both studying and work meant only a handful of things: either he did his laundry, bought groceries, or did something fun. In a sense, he was trying to do something fun by visiting a few old friends from the street, bringing them some quality food he'd made and water-bottles. Nothing much, but a little to help where he could since they helped him when he needed it.

Tony sat with his buddies having a good chat about Mike's likely oncoming death from something untreated- a fun, tragic topic- and Gwen's continued PTSD prevented her from stability. Nothing made a day off better than depressing fucking topics, right? That was interrupted by an armed robbery nearby. Tony and the other bums got out of the thief's way, owing to the whole "not wanting to die" traits they all seemed pretty to carry. Tony caught sight of more than just a few figures running away though- he caught a face and even had a guess of the name if his ties with the homeless community meant anything.

Unfortunately...He also had continued ties with one Officer Kee-Fucking-Gan. Yay. His eyes narrowed into annoyed slits at Keegan's greeting. Of course Officer Fuck-face would assume he was involved with this- all cops were the same, all homeless people were stains on the community and not worth protecting or getting off the streets. Assface.

Tony folded his arms over his chest, scowling, and drawled in reply, "Never too old for trouble, Keegs. But from your attitude, I'm guessing you don't want my insight? Which, frankly, I have better things to do than rat on some other street urchin just tryin' to get by...So..." Tony shrugged and waited for Keegan to either let him go for being uncooperative or snark at him again.

"Keegs. Keegs?" Fucking hell, Keegan hated that nickname. Unfortunately with Tony he couldn't complain about calling him that or demanding he refer to him as "Officer" or even "O'Heaghra" because that would make the name game a million times worse. Prick already seemed to be refusing to help, which shouldn't have surprised him in the slightest. With a sigh he took his arm and led him away from the other officers so they could talk, but only a few feet. "Listen kid, you know how this works. I ask the questions, you answer. If you refuse to answer I'm going to assume that you were working with him and will have to bring you in. 48 hours in a cell or home, you decide". His voice was stern, hoping Tony understood that he meant business. <br><br>
The unfortunate thing about it being Tony that he had to question was that he had been pulling double shifts and hadn't slept in nearly 40 hours. It was starting to get to him, which also meant that he had less of a control his ability. If Keegan wasn't careful, Tony could make him lose a little bit of control and that wouldn't be good at all.

Keegan was right. He'd better accept Keegs or be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Scowling, Tony argued as he was led away by the man, "Could you like...not drag me by the arm, dude?" Upon release, Tony rubbed the arm like it was covered in germs, looking plainly disgusted at the entire interaction already. He didn't stop the eye-roll as Officer Keegan played bad-cop with him, resulting in Tony drawling out, "Obviously I'm going to cooperate, Keegs. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I'd consider the cell an option-" It would have been, after all, not sleeping on the streets. "But I actually got shit to do today and being in jail does kinda dampen those plans."

Nevertheless, Tony, being the spiteful human he could be, waited for Keegs to ask the questions. That was, after all, Keegan's instruction. Tony stood before the man, arms folded over his chest, expression antagonistic and snarky. He wondered how long he could draw this out for...

He was cooperating? Oh thank fucking Christ. Maybe the day was looking up to be a not completely shitty one after all. Not that he’d hold his breath for it or anything. ”Alright Tony,” he began with a sigh, pulling out a pen and notepad. ”Why don’t you tell me what you saw. We’re you here before the alarms went off?” <br><br>
Keegan looked up at the asshole as he waited for him to speak, begging whatever god or higher power that he wouldn’t be a complete and total sass and mess with the investigation.

Poor Keegan.

Poor poor Keegan.

Honestly, Tony knew he should make this short, but that desperate look of pleading in his eyes immediately pulled Tony from sympathetic to troll. "Well, to tell you what I saw, I first have to tell you how I got here, to this moment, that the two of us are sharing," he began, tone dead-serious. Tony continued, "This morning I woke up and realized I hadn't seen Mike or Gwen in awhile- you remember Mike and Gwen- Gwen tried to bite you like 6 years ago and Mike's the guy you arrested not once, not twice, not three times, but five times for...I don't remember, loitering or some shit, nothing serious. Anyway, so we were chatting on that lovely corner over there-"

Tony turned and pointed to the corner where, sure enough, Mike remained. Gwen had beat it awhile ago when she heard sirens. Mike waved. Tony waved back. "-anyway, so we're over there, talking, spending time together, enjoying this lovely fall- well, late summer- day. Did you know we're on the verge of record breaking temperatures? It's really unfortunate, considering I hate the sun, but I know my friends aren't looking forward to the harsh winter." Tony's tone turned sad by the end of his rambling. Looking at Mike, Tony realized Mike didn't have a winter coat or scarf anymore...How'd he get through this winter?

Tony was silent for a long moment, contemplative, before continuing, somehow less committed to this bit, "Anyway, we're talking and enjoying the sun, observing the people on the street. You know, like normal people...we heard a crashing noise and shouting. I saw a few dudes leave, mostly masked, although pretty sure one of 'em is an acquaintance...Feels kinda lousy ratting out someone who is probably stealing to put food on the table though." Tony sighed, looking again towards Mike. Tony left the silence hanging, wanting to force Keegan to at least ask him who it was or say something. Maybe even acknowledge the shitty amount of homelessness in Cordova.

This mother fucking son of a bitch was asking to get slapped, or handcuffed.. whichever came first. Showing his much deep annoyance by dropping his hands, Keegan watched him as he spoke. He looked at mike and Gwen, of course he did. But they didn’t matter right now and Tony fucking knew it. <br><br>
What made it even worse was that the more Tony spoke, the less patience Keegan had left in him. He could feel his jaw tighten and his blood boil, which could only really do one thing... but thankfully he finally got to the fucking point and gave him something that Keegan could actually write down. A few “dudes” left? That was actually pretty helpful...<br><br>
Mother Fucker! Couldn’t he see that he was only trying to do his damn job! For a second, a very split one at that, Keegan lost himself. His flashlight flew out of his belt and soar into the brick building nearby. Quickly he took a couple deep breaths before looking up at Tony and trying one last time. ”How about you tell me those names, or you can kiss those so called plans goodbye”. <br><br>
Shit! Dickwad got to him. Keegan was never going to live this down.

Tony followed the flashlight towards the brick wall where it hit with an audible clanging sound. Smirking with satisfaction, he turned back to Keegan and replied, "You know, officer, that use of force could be considered unnecessary." Tony went and retrieved the thing, offering it back with a delighted expression. Another telekin! How fun!

Tony did, however, finally tell Keegan the names. "Okay so the one dude I know his name is like...John Daugherty, and the others were probably Applejack and Nitpick. I never knew there names so..." He shrugged. "You'd do better interviewing the other bums to get their locations...I mean, again, they're probably just...wanting quick money before winter hits hard, you know?"

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