Was being in Cordova at night a good idea? No, no, it really wasn't. Siobhan didn't particularly care earlier that evening, when she felt the need to go out somewhere for a drink and had decided that the places closer to home were getting boring. Frankly, she was pretty sure that her insistence on going to Cordova was her subconscious need to look for a fight.

A police officer and a were, there were some groups of people in which Siobhan was incredibly disliked. She'd arrested too many, broken up drug sales, typical cop things, and unfortunately there were more than a few groups who knew her name. The group who came upon her in the alley as she was stepping out for a cigarette, for instance, definitely knew her name when they saw her, glanced to each other, and lunged forward to grab her.

"Y'know, this really isn't the best idea for ya," Shiv warned them, voice calm even as they held her back against the brick wall of the building behind her. It was a chance. She was giving them a chance to walk away... And naturally, they didn't take it. A fist hit her face, and just like that, a fight broke out. She kicked the one closest to her, ripping her arm away from another.