Something Wicked this Wave Comes

Shit! Fuck! The rains were persistent as all hell and the next thing keegan knew- flood! He was actually at home in his apartment when he got the call to suit up, rushing outside to meet with the rest of the squad. He was told to watch over the homeless population, to find them a place to stay but to also help out wherever he saw fit.

Keegan found a church that was high enough on a hill that the flood most likely wouldn’t reach, leaving any homeless person he could bring with him in the safe hands of pastor.. whatever the name was. He wasn’t focused on names at the moment, he was focused on making sure people were safe.

Okay. What the ACTUAL FUCK. Marlow was just minding her own business, or at least trying to, when all the sudden a torrential down pour swept through. She had been making her way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, on her way homebound when a literal, yes literal, wave came down the street, washing away anything in sight.

Car alarms were going off, garbage and trees were being carried down the street. It was a shit show.

Marlow yelped and immediately ran the other direction. And the next thing she knew she was soaking wet.

An electricity wielding girl soaking wet was a recipe for disaster.

She was shivering by the time she found refuge at the church. Police were waving her this way and that as she barked at them not to touch her. It was for their own safety, but also why the need to get all touchy?

"Touch me again and I will fukken bite yer hand clean off," her South African accent was extra thicc when she was angry.

Everything was chaos. The people were freaking out, the paramedics who had arrived were freaking out, and a lot more police officers than Keegan was comfortable with were freaking out. He busy just trying to get the people and the church organized- 10 years on the force for the win- when he heard a girl yell about not being touched.

Keegan took off his jacket and after taking off the radio he walked over to the woman. ”Officer Wu, why don’t you go check on everyone upstairs, make sure they have something to dry off with”. He turned to the woman and handed his jacket out to her with a sweet and kind smile. ”Here, it’ll keep you warm”. He didn’t try to touch her in any way, not when she didn’t want to be. ”What’s your name?”

Marlow was still on the fence about police. Especially when one refused to help her during the pride fest. She was hella salty about that. So when yet another police officer approached her, all she could do was glare.

He suggested the other officer to leave, to go check on whatever, and gave her a smile.

Marlow didn't return one and kept her eyes narrowed in suspicion, moving between him and the coat he was handing to her. She was freezing, so the idea of a coat was appealing, but seriously? She sighed and snatched the coat from him, careful not to brush her hand against his.

”What’s your name?”

She wanted to roll her eyes at the dude, at him trying to be nice to her but she stopped herself. Which for her, was pretty impressive that she was having some control over her filter. "Marlow," she mumbled, pulling the oversized coat on.
Ugh, she should've used a fake name. She cursed under her breath.

"So, Officer," she started, "How long do you suppose we'll be stuck here for?"

Keegan had no clue about anything happening at a pride fest, he had actually been out of town that day and had nothing to do with whatever experience Marlow went through, let alone that she had been through one. He could sense that she was on edge but honestly couldn’t blame her. He looked outside at the monsoon coming down outside after hearing her question.

”Honestly Marlow, I don’t think anyone can know until morning. We'll have to access the damage, make sure it’s safe and all that. And please, call me Keegan.”

He looked back at her, wondering if he was helping at all. Bed. She would need a place to sleep. ”Come on, I’ll show you where you can stay for the night”. He began to walk through the crowd, up some stairs, and to the church balcony that had very few people already nestled there. ”It’s a lot less crowded here.“

He was quick to repeat her name to which she shifted uncomfortably. Definitely should've used a fake name.

She was barely listening to him but then he mentioned something horrific.

Won't know until morning?! Marlow's eyes widened in bewilderment. She was expecting like an hour or two, but now she would have to stay in this stuffy church for the night? Um, what!

She shook her head.

No, no, no, no, no. He had to be wrong.

"Stay for the night?!" she gasped, noticing he was walking off already. She ran to keep up with him, "Y-you're kidding, right? I can't stay here!"

Marlow looked at the homeless and stranded, setting up home for the night. No way, José. The area he showed her to was definitely not crowded, but still. "Can't I just dry off and then leave?"

Give someone your coat and try to keep them safe and what do they do? Complain. Keegan held back an eye roll and a less than pleasant expression and instead kept the smile, though it turned out more concerned than anything. ”Listen, I can’t tell you what to do. If you want to run off and be caught in a flood go for it. I’ll still be around to save you... hopefully.” He said it so thoughtfully that one might not realize that he was calling her stupid if she did just that, but he wasn’t wrong.


Oh. Okay.

Marlow glared at him, but eventually her face softened up.

He said she could go on right head and go home. Thank god.

She turned to look out one of the windows to prove to him that she could easily make it home. Ha, that’ll show him. But upon peering down, her smirk quickly went away. Oh god. It was still just as bad as before.

Marlow turned around hesitantly and gave a nervous laugh, "I guess staying here won’t be so bad."

She gulped and looked up at him. "If all these people are gonna be here for the night, you police better pass out some condoms. Don’t need any more disasters around," she said, unable to hold her tongue to her sassy comments.

Keegan crosses his arms and stood there watching her, waiting to see if she would try to brave the storm; partially because she was wearing his jacket and those were a bitch to replace, but mostly because he wanted to see if she would. Her face did not disappoint. ”No, I suppose not” he said amused.

Looking around to see what others were doing, he saw a smile pile of blankets in a corner. He quickly grabbed them and handed one to her before giving them to a large family. ”You know, that’s actually a part of our emergency funding” he began, joking. ”Food, water, blankets, and condoms”.

Marlow slipped off the coat in exchange for the blanket he offered. As soon as she was bundled up, she handed him back his coat.

"Oh my god, no fucking way. Are they really?" Her eyes widened in disbelief. "Nah, you Americans don't care that much," she laughed, but it was cut short by a strong gust of wind, shaking the building itself.

While everyone quieted down, a large bout of thunder and lightning ripped through the sky, sending the church into darkness.

Gasps and screams echoed throughout and Marlow tried to stay calm herself. Great. Just fucking great.

Eventually her eyes adjusted to the darkness, now able to make out figures and eventually faces. "Well, now what, Officer Keegan?"

This girl was actually quite funny- cute and funny. Keegan was about to pull out some of his moves when thunder boomed overhead and the electricity went out. In the distance a voice was calling out for everybody to stay calm, with a bunch of officers going around and checking on everyone as best they could.

”Control, we’ve lost power at the church. We’ve got roughly sixty civilians camping out here” he said on the radio, being told to standby for further orders. With a sigh he looked at Marlow and unconsciously touched her hand in an effort to be supportive, feeling a shock that felt a bit like a really strong static one, so he thought nothing of it, deciding instead to ignore it. ”Now, I need to go and see if there’s any way to get electricity in this place.”

The officer spoke into his radio, giving updates to whoever. Marlow was looking around as the other officer's made their rounds in checking on everyone when she felt him grab her hand. It was long enough for him to receive some static. She pulled her hand away quickly and hid it underneath the blanket.

"Um, I can take a look at the breaker box if you want," she said shyly, running her her finger tips over the hand he had touched. "I might be able to help." Marlow avoided his eye contact as she spoke. Did she want to help? Not really, but she was capable of getting the place back up and running.

Besides, did she really want to sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers? Eh. It was debatable.

Looking at Marlow with a look of slight surprise and slight relief. "Are you an electrician or something?" he asked, pulling on his jacket after she handed it back. He took out his flashlights and handed her the smaller one. "The box should be in the basement, I saw the stairs over there". He led the way down from the balcony and to the stairs, flashing the light down the steps and looking around. He found the box and brought her to it. "I'll hold the light while you look"

Looking at Marlow with a look of slight surprise and slight relief. "Are you an electrician or something?" he asked, pulling on his jacket after she handed it back. He took out his flashlights and handed her the smaller one. "The box should be in the basement, I saw the stairs over there". He led the way down from the balcony and to the stairs, flashing the light down the steps and looking around. He found the box and brought her to it. "I'll hold the light while you look"

Marlow took a deep breath and took hold of the flash light he handed her, careful not to drop it.

"Are you an electrician or something?"

"I mean, kind of," she shrugged her shoulders. She definitely had some experience with electricity. Heh.

She pulled the blanket up over her head like a hood and followed him quietly to the breaker.

Marlow leaned in to get a good look at the all the switches. None of them were flipped, making her sigh in frustration. She scooted closer to the breaker to hide what she had in mind. Bringing a finger up to the box, she focused a small current through her finger and placed it on the box in hopes it would jump start it back up.

The lights flickered a bit before shutting back off, sending them back into darkness. Marlow cursed loudly before sending another current, this time a bit more vamped up. The lights flashed on and she could hear the hum of the electricity turning back.

"Aha! Take that, fuckers!" she shouted loudly in success.

Keegan attempted to watch her as best as he could but he was also curious about the area, if water had gotten in. As she worked, he took his smaller flashlight from her and looked around at the place. No water, thankfully.. but the place was a bit terrifying in the dark.

Next thing he knew, the lights were on and he looked at Marlow with a look of gratitude. ”Very nice!” he laughed, grinning at her excitement. ”Now, we should probably find a generator. We’d be good if it goes out again.” he handed back the flashlight he had given her earlier, giving her one of his charismatic smiles that usually made women swoon.

Find a generator.

Apparently her work wasn't done. Uh, why did she volunteer herself for this again?

Marlow took the flashlight hesitantly. Couldn't she just stay down here and hide instead? She huffed a sign, but cut it short, catching a glimpse of his charismatic smile.

"Those smiles don't work on me," she countered, "I know the motives behind them all too well." Marlow's eyes narrowed. No way it would work on her, especially coming from a cop.

A cute cop, but hell no. No way. Nuh-uh. Fuck the police. Fuck the cute police. (Um.)

Marlow marched passed him to lead the way out, grumbling and avoiding eye contact.

"Come on, let's go," she hollered at him.

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