Union Square 

So the bad lady was dead, and the clutch that stopped Ellie and a lot of both vampires and shifters from going into Cordova was no more. Which meant she could have a peek, right?

She knew that there might be other vampires lingering around from the old clutch, but that didn't bother her. Union Square was kind of close enough to Lavender Heights, and besides, she was confident in her abilities. She'd even decided to upgrade from marbles to tiny deodorant cans; AXE Bullets. A pack of six. Why?

Marbles didn't spark when you exploded them.

In nicer news, she was now able to sit back on her favourite fountain in peace. The one she'd always hang around when she was homeless. Now as she peeked over into the water, she saw someone different. Make-up, tidy hair, clean clothes. Friends, hobbies, duties.

A life.

Or, ironically, not one.

And so, she'd settle back into a time-wasting comfort. Quietly counting all of the coins she could see that people had thrown in that day to make 'wishes'.

Outfit = jeans + boots + this with sleeves ripped off

It was unlikely that Pete had had any news of the upset in Cordova (she really should get back in touch with Asha, but things in her head were strange). Her presence here was only explicable by a newfound sense of agency, now she was finally fully healed, and by a sharp-edged foolhardiness that came for the most part out of losing the person that made her life make sense.

So — why not Cordova? Why not finally peer into the city that was so dangerous to her kind.

And because she was always right, what did she find? Not a killer but a friend, Little drunkybat Ellie, looking very put together by a running fountain. She grinned and changed her path to meet her, curious to see if the kid remembered.

Mm, hmm, mmm.. $12.45 in total today. Ellie wondered if the total always got this high at night time. She wouldn't know since as a human she'd never stay up this late, mainly because the shelter had a curfew.

Anyway, with that done, she'd get to looking around the square, wondering if she should get some juice from somewhere again. That was when her eyes, and more importantly nose, caught a lady walking towards her. It was a dog-kind of smell, and weirdly, one that was so unique to Ellie that she kind of recognised it.

She'd squint at the lady's face, thinking that she recognised the person specifically. Either way, she'd turn to face the lady, her knees pointing her way, scarred hands settled on them. Her head would tilt a little too. "I recognise you. I can't remember who you are though, sorry."

And even though there was a feeling of generous-nature around the bells ringing in her head, Ellie would still take precautions. Calculating everything, where she could go, what she could use as a weapon. She lost a lot of her memories, and if this person rang a bell amongst them, then there was a chance she was one of the bad people who held her hostage.

But still.. they weren't supernatural.

Pete gave a lopsided smile as she was recognized, approaching to stand casually in front of the girl. "Hey, little miss! That don't surprise me. You were pretty loopy when we met."

She coyly offered out a hand, dipping one boot back onto its toe at the same time, turning it into a pose. "Nice to meet you again, Ellie. Call me Tonya."

The lady said she was loopy when they met.. That.. was psychic blood then. Ellie always forgot a lot of what she did whenever she drank psychic blood, but whenever she'd get home to Savvy, she'd always talk her through what she was like on it. Loopy was definitely the right word to use.

Either way, Ellie would reach out and accept the lady's hand, looking at her as she re-introduced herself aaaas..

"Oh!" Ellie would perk up, coming out of her wary state. "I remember you now Tonya! You.. um.. walked me home right?"

Pete gave another smile and shook her hand languidly, then pivoted around to sit next to Ellie at the fountain. "Sure did. How you been, Ellie?"

Ellie was sweet and adorable and a nice break from the world in general. Pete was more than happy to chill with that a while.

Ah, it was that Tonya! That was good, Ellie never got to thank her properly for that. Still, it seemed they were going to have a little chat from it, so that'd be nice.

The little girl nodded back, shuffling a little as Tonya sat next to her. "Good! You?" she'd ask back already. Ellie was never very talkative. Plus, she didn't think she should be talking about Clutch things with Tonya.

As nice as she was.

She grinned at the answer, slouching over her knees. "Oh, you know. Little-a good, little-a bad. Trying to keep myself busy, you know what I mean?"

That was a real question, her head swiveling to peer at Ellie sideways. What was in that cute little vampire brain, huh?

Ohh, Tonya wasn't exactly doing good or bad. But from Ellie's perspective, she was still doing good in some parts! That's what she needed to focus on.

As for keeping herself busy.. "You mean like a job or a hobby?" she'd say, her head tilting. She had both. Being a cleaner, and collecting marbles.

Did she mention she had a big jar for them now yet?

She squinted and curled up her lip as she considered, an animal expression on a human's face. "Yeah, I mean, I dunno what else keeps people busy. Either you're doin' it for money or you're doin' it to take up time."

Slouching obscenely for a while, she pondered her life. Eventually she straightened up, looking back to Ellie. "My trouble is everything I can think to do sounds boring."

Well Ellie had a job, and she had a hobby, and other than that she just tended to learn things in her spare time, because she enjoyed gaining knowledge. Tonya's problem was that she thought everything was boring.. which Ellie didn't get. She didn't find anything boring really.

"Maybe.. you can just think." Bear with her here. "Sometimes I like to do nothing, and just imagine stuff. Make up a fun game in your head, or think that you're someone else, maybe one of these heroes that goes on a quest."

She'd tilt her head, brown hair bobbing a little. "If you imagine stuff that isn't boring, then you won't be bored." Simple, right?

If Pete ever had to spend any amount of time sitting still and thinking, she would absolutely go completely insane. But it wasn't bad advice, for regular people. It also made her smile and feel something maternal for Ellie - not for the first time - because Vitto had wasted tons of time imagining monsters and the stories around them. It was a baby habit, to Pete, but she loved it. "That's not a bad idea, kid. What kind of stories you been imagining lately?" She tapped her forehead. "I might need some help starting out and all."

Tonya was up for it, and wanted to know what Ellie had been thinking about. She smiled back, before going into one of thought. What had she been thinking about..

"Well.. sometimes I like to imagine I'm a knight." She'd look up at Tonya with a pretty determined gaze. "I know it's usually a guy who's the knight, and he has to save the princess, but I could be a knight too. I don't know who I'd save though. Maybe Savvy, since she's my sister. But then I'd want her with me, hmm.." More pensive thought as she brought a hand to her mouth.

She caught herself though, rolling back through what she just said. She'd glance back up to Tonya to realise she was an adult, and some advice reared back in her head.

"Sorry, I guess I'm being a bit childish.."

Pete immediately loved this, all the more because Ellie was self-conscious about being a girl-knight. Pete herself had grown up surrounded by boys and had always been the knight, the robber, the the monster — anything but the princess. Princess was for the weakest kid. She ignored Ellie's flash of self-consciousness, digging into the story. "Two knights are better than one, because then you have each other's backs. Are you fighting dragons, or evil kings or what?"

Ellie probably hadn't seen Game of Thrones. She would try to keep this PG.

Ellie was still a little worried she was being way too childish and Tonya would just tell her to shush and grow up. But, the lady was actually okay with it, and even asked questions. Which was all a real perk-up for Ellie.

She'd bring her hand up to her mouth to think, letting the rugged scarred fingertips run across her lips.

"Bad guys.. dragons.. Well sometimes there are good dragons too." She'd look up to Tonya, "Wouldn't it be cool to ride one? Like in uhh.. How To Train Your Dragon?" She liked those films a lot.

This fucking kid was adorable. Pete grinned, trailing her hand around in the water. "I never seen it, but riding a dragon would be pretty wild. Actually I'd want to be the dragon," she corrected, getting very real: "how cool would it be to crawl into this town and just start breathing fire on everything? Eating people like gummy bears and shit."

She waggled her eyebrows at Ellie. "You could fight me."

She could have spent all night out here with this dingus, honestly, but she had come down to Cordova to look for more dangerous things. Shaking off her hand, she grunted and clawed her way back up to a standing position. "Well, pretty girl, I gotta run." She smiled wolfishly, wiping her hands on her pants. "We'll trade stories next time I find you."

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