Dog Ear

Backdated a bit to September full moon

For the first time since she could hardly remember, she felt a little like herself again.

Not completely. Not altogether, because for ten years herself had meant Pete the Protector, the hyena parent who drove out to the boonies every month and played, unwisely, with her human boy. With Vitto gone she could not shake the feeling that some part of her personality had been amputated; a wholesome part. But she was never one to waste away, or lose time pining. So.

This new entertainment, a hyena friend to occupy her. In her car, she gunned it recklessly up the swaying foothill roads (to amuse Summer following behind, for the most part), thoughts of her boy crowded out by Becky's hungry yodeling. She would feel so much better after a shift.

They were firmly in the middle of nowhere when she pulled off the road, late-afternoon sun slanting through the prairie behind them, turning it fire-orange. She held her own gaze in the rearview mirror for a moment before kicking open the driver's side door and climbing out to do a little soft-shoe on the gravel shoulder.

There was something about Pete driving a crown victoria that just seemed... really appropriate, somehow.

For her own part, Summer was really wondering what her own purpose was going to be here in Mountainside. She'd come for her new job, sure, but the cackle had been what had really drawn her. Now that wasn't an option. Instead she... well, it was a lot like her old home in some ways. Just being a hyena but living her human life on the side.

Difference really was the presence of Pete. For the first time ever, Summer wasn't actually alone.

So yeah, the drive up was wild, but she blasted some music for her own enjoyment and wasn't afraid to try and match pace with the car she was following. Still, towards the end she ended up stuck behind a slow-moving rig that Pete didn't, and so she pulled up to the place where Pete had stopped a solid thirty seconds later.

Popping the door on her hatchback, having pulled up on the passenger side of Pete's car, she extended her long legs out and exited with a sigh, stretching her arms high overhead in a way that lifted her nondescript t-shirt a bit from her belly. Leaning back on the open doorway of her car, she grinned across vehicles at her pal.

"You're quick," she commented.

Pete kept dancing, looking very much like she was about to bust out with a ha-cha-chaaa! She ended the dance with jazz hands and a wink. "Always been fast. You ready to get shifty?"

Not that she didn't like shooting the shit with Summer, but she was impatient to be something other than human. It was all she could do to not already be kicking off her boots.

"Girl, I'm always ready to get shifty."

There were times and places, but honestly? There were wild moments, especially this close the full moon, that she felt like she had been born on four legs. She was ready to tear up mountainside backcountry and give some prairie dogs a very bad night or something. It wasn't that she didn't feel like a person... she did. Her day job did a hell of a job of making sure it stayed that way, too.

But a few years in, and the full moon was less and less of an inconvenience every month. This particular night... well, with her first hyena, this may as well have been a party.

Right answer. Pete grinned wolfishly, wriggling out of her jacket on the side of the road and doing a different kind of dance as she escaped from her boots. To Peter, of course, it was best to strip like feral women right by the road, then scamper naked into the tall grass to shift. If somebody drove by? Fun! If Summer was embarrassed? Well, then Pete would rest comfortably with the crown of Wildest Hyena on her head.

She did love a striptease, but what she wanted far more at this moment was to simply be wild, a hyena still for the moment in human skin. She continued to dance her way out of her clothes, losing pants and socks in a matter of seconds. Jumping out of her shirt and whipping down her arm, onto the ground.

Admittedly, much as Summer wasn't fussed about a lot of things, she did take a glance to make sure there were no cars immediately coming up the road when Pete started stripping right then and there. She didn't have a ton of experience of doing this with others--she'd run a few times with the wolverines when they'd been kind enough to invite her, but mostly she was a solo flyer. Discreet was easy when you had no one to emulate or impress.

Pete though, man, she just went for it, and Summer wasn't sure if it was for her benefit or Pete's or if this was just how Pete was.

Either way, it was only a moment of hesitation, of human consideration that was quickly burned up when she noticed Pete was halfway done and Summer wasn't keen to be left behind. Shoes off, socks peeled. She leaned on the hood of her car with her butt and yanked her shirt off first. Spurred both by Pete's gung-ho attitude and the fact that they were out in broad view to the road, every stitch was abandoned and she laughed in spite of herself as she swept the whole lot into a pile with her foot then leaned down to gather it up and toss it all on her driver's seat.

Time to abandon humanity.

Because Pete could only be Pete, she had swept herself up in the rush of stripping down from human to animal, and there was no possibility of her doing anything other than leave her clothes strewn out on the gravel. She hopped from one knuckly foot to the other, waiting for Summer to be done.

As soon as the door slammed, Pete let out a long, yodeling yip, high kicking the air and prancing out into the grass. She could feel it starting already, Becky gurgling up and out of her face — she liked to start at the face.

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