Neep Tide

Lavender Heights Community College 
This week had been rough, and not good. She could feel the moon waning, which of course meant the moon's orbit was shifting to her side of the world, and why did that mean her teeth had to grow sharp, and she had to sniff around like the Beggin' Strips dog? Why did the moon being the opposite make catmen become catmen? What exactly was going on on that rock??

She puffed out a sigh and wondered if Neil Armstrong was a vampire. Then what would happen to a catman living on the moon. Texts for Cris or Savannah some other day, maybe.

Her human boss had chewed her out about fulfilling her duties this morning, and she had had to nod and look sad and pretend that everything was her fault, even though she showed up every night she was scheduled and worked hard the whole time. Other people at the Kwik Trip did bad jobs, and sometimes it splashed back on Marybeth.

Anyway, it made her feel sort of small and awful, and made it easier to see college students as walking cuts of meat. She was on campus very late at night, stressed out after a four-hour shift and hoping for an easy meal. It was hard to blend in so late, but she thought her excuse could be night classes. She stepped quietly onto the campus grounds, wringing a little woven purse between her hands.

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 It was well beyond Noah's bedtime, but sometimes losing sleep was a worthwhile sacrifice - especially when it was for helping someone out.

 Tonight, he was on campus to help a kid he had been a case worker for shortly after he had taken the transfer to Cordova. The boy was no longer a minor - he was eighteen now, on his own, riding through college on scholarships. But his childhood still haunted him, and while Noah was not technically a counselor, he had he skill set to walk a young man through his suffering, to be either an anchor or a buoy, whatever was needed of him.

 Some conversation and advice followed a long time of just listening to the boy, and by the end of it all, Noah felt he had taken some of the suffering from the younger man, but at the cost of carrying it himself. As they parted ways, the man felt like a chunk of lead had been planted in his heart. Some nights, it was hard to wrap his head around these kinds of circumstances, even after years of working this job. Why was the world so cruel to some children?

 He was looking behind him as he made his way back to his car, waving to his young friend one last time - and it nearly caused him to walk right into a petite, older-looking white lady. "Oh! Whoa. Sorry, ma'am," he said quickly, hands going up. He was pretty sure he had stepped on her toe. "You okay?" As he spoke, he was oblivious to the fact that the tips of his fingers were becoming translucent and disappearing from sight.

Marybeth was completely aware of the guy's approach, even sensing as he came closer that as far as humans went he was a tasty treat. She broke her retainer mouthbreathed for a second as he came closer, then kept coming closer, right until he knocked straight into her!

This was kind of upsetting!

She made a yelpy noise, squinching her eyes shut and clutching her purse. It looked very much like she thought she was getting mugged, although she didn't! She was mostly just trying not to bite this person before she could think everything through! She made a second noise, this one worried, and opened one eye to look down at her feet. "Ow."

 She seized up in an expression that was damn near fear, and it hurt him. He couldn't really blame her, he supposed, with all the... everything, really. Everything could be really terrible, sometimes. And "ow" was not exactly a no, but it was farther from a yes. Noah frowned at her, a mostly remorseful expression. "Yeah," he tried tentatively. "Got big feet. Never was very light on them." Maybe humor would help! "I am really sorry. That was totally my bad, not looking where I was going and all."

 Please don't cry, lady. Noah wasn't sure he could take it.

This person was being so nice which was difficult to reconcile with the whole Hunger thing!!! She gawped up at him with wide eyes, again looking quite frightened and again working hard not to Bite. "Uhh, that's okay. I didn't move very quick either." Huff huff huff huff.

"What are you doing here so late?"

Welcome to the Marybeth zone, Noah.

 She forgave his blunder - or at least, she didn't seem too distraught over it. Noah continued to tread carefully though, and gave pause for her question. He could very well ask her the same thing. What were any of these people doing out here this late?

 "Um. Helping a friend," he said, perhaps somewhat vaguely. "What about you?"

Marybeth's body tilted slightly at the waist; it would become apparent that she was leaning off to the side to look around Noah. For the friend.

But there was no one in sight.

Her head then tilted back up to look at him, a little suspiciously, as if he too might secretly be a vampire, here to feed. "Night classes."

Was that enough information?

"About astronomy."

Marybeth was literally never a great liar, but hunger was making her worse.

 An older-looking lady taking night classes for astronomy. He supposed it wasn't terribly far fetched. She most likely had some kind of day job that kept her from being able to go to classes in the morning. Right? "Oh. Cool," he said simply, flashing her a grin. It was never too late to pursue an education, right? "Well. Good luck. Sorry about your foot." Now seemed like a good time to leave. So she could get back to her class or whatever and not have to stand in the shadow of some guy who had smashed her toe.

Uh oh uh oh uh oh she was losing him — time for drastic measures! Before he turned away, she straightened up urgently. "Hey, let me bite you!" UH OH UH OH IT WAS A DUD. She recoiled, aghast. "Forget I said that!"

Double duds!!!

In a panicked blink, the very dumb hungry vampire disappeared completely from sight.

Powerbeth has fallen; two failed suggestions




 Bewildered, Noah turned to give the woman a wide-eyed look of disturbed confusion. She looked panicked, and then she looked... gone.

 Noah staggered backwards a few steps, turning around to make sure she hadn't reappeared behind him or anything. What just happened?

 He didn't care to stick around to find out. Heart beating loudly, he booked it to his car as quickly as possible.

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