Anahita [nsfw]

Iron's Craft Brewing Co. 
She watched with an intense sense of fulfillment, watching Safiya just go for it. And continue to go for it. She felt a giddy spike of delight, enjoying the sight of the girl drinking for as long as she could.

The bite wounds would of course continue to seal even as the girl drank — impossible not to, considering there had been contact with her saliva whether she willed it or not. But until then, she dabbed away at the corner of her mouth, yearning for a bit of the psychic's own blood now, hungrier for watching her take so readily to her first true taste of blood.

Eventually, they had to have closed. "If you like, I can have her give some more?" Raziyya offered, her tone as proud as a parent could be.

She would drink for as long as she could, but at some point, the blood stopped flowing. Safi pulled away with the tiniest hint of disappointment in the form of a hardly visible line between her brows. She used the back of he own hand to wipe away the blood from her lips, and looked up at Nasreen at her suggestion. She felt... sated. Between the food she'd eaten, the booze, and the blood. "No, it's okay." She said with a sure nod. "I'm okay for now." There was still the promise of seeing a "drunk vampire" that peaked her interest more than sucking on some girl's blood.

So composed. She liked it greatly.

"Thank you," she said in parting to the waitress, bidding her farewell. There was a chance she might tell of her contribution to the eternal life of a new vampire, but there was decidedly little concern now. She'd tell her story with fondness.

Instead, as the waitress left, she turned her attention to Safiya, dueling gently with the protectiveness one felt over an eternal being they'd made versus an incredible desire to feed at her neck.

"Tell me how you feel," she decided, not wanting to rush or frighten the girl at all.

Nasreen dismissed the girl, and Safi saw her off with a little smile. When the attention was drawn back to her and how she felt, her brows raised some. "I feel...good? Full. Food, booze, blood. Definitely good, and warm." She was maybe rambling but guess who was still riding on that two drink buzz. This lightweight right here. B)

Raziyya giggled some to the answer, the smile the girl sported. Yes, this would work fine. She seemed utterly happy in this moment, unfettered by humanly prejudice or anxiety. Raziyya leaned against the door of the car, close but not intoxicatingly so. Just enough to yearn with greater hunger for her blood.

Warm, she called herself.

"Wonderful," she murmured through a smile of her own. "I think you will, one day, become a very successful and powerful vampire."

She believed it of course, because she would be her teacher.

Raziyya reached for Safiya's very warm hand, gently. "I did tell you before that a vampire could get drunk. I thought I might show you how... if giving a last feeding is something you are open to."

It felt like a breach of trust to suggest for this, so she did not. But she hoped Safiya would grant her access to her neck.

All of this was genuinely helped by how nurturing Nasreen had been. She hadn't failed to comfort Safi and was always sure to give her the encouragement she probably needed. Safi was left feeling something of fondness over it. There was maybe some help from the suggestion to embrace this all, but Safi could see herself pretty fond of Nasreen. Trusting, for sure. So when the woman breached the topic of getting drunk, and proposed the idea of feeding off of Safiya... she didn't need as much time to consider it as she might have even earlier in the night.

"Is that how its done? You can get drunk off blood?" She asked, but not in a defensive way. In fact, she moved to press her back against the car door and shuffle a bit closer to Nasreen. Now that she knew it wouldn't hurt, and trusted the woman wouldn't just outright kill her, there was a lot less fear involved.

The willing receptiveness of the girl stirred her fondness for her further. It was a shame she couldn't simply keep Safiya this way, she thought, even if she was happy to bring her along into eternity. It was likely hunger was influencing that idea.

"Yes," she smiled, reaching with her other hand to brush twice through Safiya's beautiful hair affectionately, the third time guiding it back from her neck. "If the person's blood contains alcohol or some drug or another, you'll get some of the buzz for a little bit. But, even better is the blood of someone with abilities, the magic gives us a very incredible high."

She felt, with some certainty, that Safiya would not need to be plied with a promise of pleasure. Instead, she would move to start with a soft kiss at the side of her neck. A prelude, in case the girl had another question before she pierced the skin.

Already, her fangs were extending behind her lips.

So, drunk people or... psychics. There was something somewhat flattering in knowing that she was literally intoxicating to vampires. To Nasreen, who was stroking her hair and pulling her closer. Safi took in a shuttering breath, and tilted her head some to allow for the kiss. She trusted her. She knew she wouldn't take too much. And honestly? There was some twisted pleasure in it. The cold lips on her neck, the knowledge that one drink from her and Nasreen would be something akin to drunk. Safi found her hands moving at their own volition. One found it's way to the small of Nasreen's back, pulling her a bit closer, whilst the other pressed tentatively against the back of the woman's neck. A silent agreement. She braced for the pain she knew now wouldn't be more than a pinch.

No words followed, and the warmth of Safiya's skin was borderline erotic. All of this was some marvelous tease, a pet on the path to being a fledgling and, given enough time, an equal. Raziyya would have to savor being the one in power for as long as she could.

But Safiya was far from an unwilling participant, and she very much enjoyed the unprompted wandering of her warm hands and the shuddering of her sighs. Her arms encircled the girl's waist and held her close, delighting in the feeling of their bodies pressed together, in the heat she could feel through her dearly doomed psychic's clothing.

She kissed again, trailing her lips delicately to the perfect spot to pierce, and sunk her teeth in with a small, wanting hum.

And... as it happened, she was hard pressed to separate intimacy from feeding, especially when Safiya had pulled to her so willingly. Her intoxicating blood was suckled slowly, mindful enough not to come anywhere close to draining her, but her hands wandered, seeking. One hand trailed along the girl's back and down to the side of her hip, teasing at slipping beneath the hem of her cute shirt-dress.

The heat of her skin and the slow incoming high of her blood made Raziyya feel like she was floating.

It would be difficult to make someone float with her power. She might lose control of herself.

It was... more intimate than she imagined. Pressed against Nasreen like this, her hands wandering, her teeth sinking into her skin. Safi let out a soft, leveled sigh as she pressed against the woman. She felt the hands slide along her back and hips, and Safiya found herself pulling her lip between her teeth. It was maybe over the line and borderline fucked up to be so into it, but she could easily blame it on the intoxication and the overall warm feelings that this night had granted her. For now, she let herself not care, and instead move her fingers at the back of Nasreen's neck upward and into the nape of her hair. The hand on her back slid downward. Her finger tips trailed across her hip, and wandered somewhere beneath the hem of her shirt.

Enough, now, she told herself, and while it would have been smart to apply this to both drinking and... the rest, it was only the former she managed to pull herself from. High on the doubled buzz of alcoholic psychic blood, Raziyya felt every touch of warm fingers along her cold skin and, with receded fangs, kissed fervently again at her neck.

For all she disdained fucking in the dirt like animals would, like shifters would, she was not above a little play in the parking lot. Unchecked, she guided her hand beneath the dress after all, toying cold fingers over the waistband of Safiya's underwear before sliding over her ass to give a soft squeeze.

"You are so beautiful, habibti," she murmured with lips brushing at the girl's skin, eyes heavy with a mess of arousal and intoxication as she uttered her typical term of endearment.

Her other hand kept her close as she pondered locking lips with her, and all manner of groping. Distantly a warning whispered in her ear, that the new moon was close and that she was running a risk here.

Intoxication waved that thought aside. Just a little more fun would be enough, surely.

This had taken a fucking turn. Not that she was complaining. What a fucking night, though. Started with awkwardly asking questions like a five year old, to drinking a girl's blood, to... this. It was a lot, but she drink in like the blood she'd had. A soft hum came from her lips as the bite settled into rough kisses, and her thumb found the waistband of Nasreen's pants as a hand grazed her ass. The woman's words were still cold on her neck but she smiled for them anyway. "You're so hot." Safi breathed, because it was true. Especially now, with Nasreen taking control from her and getting high off her blood and just?? What was happening?? Safi pressed her back into the car, willing to let Nasreen do whatever she saw fit.

Just a little more fun was too much, it seemed.

Safiya gave her free reign, and reciprocated just as much. Raziyya smiled to the very contemporary sort of sexual compliment, amused to hear it from a girl when it usually came from boys her age. No less arousing, it inspired the vampire to bring her other hand forward, seeking to grasp at the girl's breast and squeeze.

She leaned in to kiss her, the high rendering her rather sweetly passionate. Her other hand sought between Safiya's thighs, to slip a finger past the edge of her underwear and rub teasingly against her heat, moaning softly into the kiss for enjoyment the feeling against her cold skin.

All intoxicating, all so very, very achingly arousing, but eventually not even she could control the threat of bloodlust completely, and the drumming of the girl's heart was a call for a different kind of arousal to surge.

She felt it in her back, a rising coil of a deeper, more dangerous kind of hunger. Raziyya's high faltered, but selfishly at first, she wanted to persist. To fuck this girl into pleasure right in this parking lot, and then let her jaw unhinge and her fangs lengthen, let herself slash away into her gut with dagger-like claws and plunge face first into innards and soak herself in this lovely psychic's blood.

The imagery was terrifying, arousing, intoxicating. The latter two at first, and then abruptly, the former one. A sigh from Safiya would be enough of a call to have her pulling away suddenly, both hands of sharpening fingers clenched tightly into fists.

"Sorry — just a moment," she asked in a low, shuddering tone, her eyes a rare sort of hazel, as she sidestepped to stare at her own reflection in the car window.

Do not.

She'd always thought those erotic stories about fucking vampires were stupid. Who would want cold hands all up in their business? Safi did have to admit that it was different, but only that. Different. Still amazing, still arousing. Almost more, in a weird sense of liking the stark contrast of their bodies. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this was dangerous. Getting all hot and heavy with someone that admitted to getting high off your blood. It was like making out with a donut. Good enough, but really you just wanted to eat the whole thing.

So even though the hummed in approval at the fingers and their touch, the squeezing of her breast, the heaviness of the kiss... she didn't push for more when Nasreen pulled away. Instead, she watched her with half lidded eyes and a lip between her teeth, her chest rising and falling as she tensed for whatever was next. "We can stop. Or, maybe just like, go back to my place." Whatever she wanted.

She was so trusting. The words were a sweetness of their own, the promise of likely another feeding, perhaps more of this... but the timing was dangerous, so the surging crash of bloodlust reminded her, her own inner demon warring with better sense.

Unleashing anything here could attract the curs she'd been warned of.

She gave a small huff, her nails threatening to pierce her skin, but she was fighting it. Or at least stalling it.

"Best if we take you home," Raziyya exhaled steadily, voice level with reasoning to herself more than to Safiya and she'd reach for the door, a bit still dizzied.

She could make a lesson of this, she reminded herself, and also, mercifully, would remember to unlock the passenger's side door so Safiya could get in.

She herself settled in the seat, leaning her head back, feeling the bloodlust still lurking. So long as nothing startled her, she hoped to have it worked down sooner than later.

Back home then. That was fine. Safi took a moment to adjust her dress and rub lightly at the tender spot on her neck as Nasreen circled around to get into the car. When the door clunked unlocked, she clambered in and buckled her seatbelt. Her cheeks were flushed and her head still spacey, but she looked to Nasreen with a slightly creased brow. “Are you okay to drive?” She asked, used to asking and being asked that question.

"Not particularly," she chuckled despite herself, eyes still closed. It was weird state, to feel the fading edges of the high intermingled with the fading threat of bloodlust. "If you don't mind us sitting here a moment."

She thought of the things that could have happened had she had greater control, and that it wasn't so different to Irene.

"I have a question for you, actually," she hummed. "Why do you truncate your name?"

That what she'd thought. "That's fine." Safi agreed, and let her head fall back into the headrest of her seat. It rolled still toward Nasreen, who filled the silence with a question. Something her older family members had bugged her about, too. "Most people fuck it up and call me "Sophia." So I just tell them to say Safi. People still say "Sophie" though, so." A shrug. People never tried to pronounce foreign sounding names right. She'd tried for a long time to redirect people, but. Alas.

"Mm," she hummed, in understanding but not in approval. "I would keep correcting them the same way they would likely correct us on their names. And Safi is a man's name, I'm sure you know."

Perhaps she did or did not.

She reached a hand toward one of Safiya's, opening her palm beckoningly instead of just grabbing at it.

"You will also find it worth your while to not give your true name to those outside the clutch. You know the mind magic we are capable of; you also know that it is not always successful. To introduce yourself as a different person entirely is beneficial from the start."

A shrug. She knew it was a man’s name usually, but using traditionally male names for girls was getting popular. Parker, Ryan, Drew. Maybe not in her culture but, you know.

It would be difficult to change the pattern, but she guessed she could at least have the “Clutch” call her Safiya. She liked it, it was just easier with a nick name. As for introducing herself as someone else to everyone she met...

“I’m a pretty good liar.” She said as she allowed her hand to be taken. A pause in which she gently squeezed Nasreen’s. “...Wait, did you give me a fake name?” It was mostly curiousity, but she was distantly unsettled by the idea being lied to so easily. For good measure, she cast her eyes down to hopefully shield the fact they had shifted into a milky white.

Another chuckle. "Yes, I've gone through many names throughout my time. It becomes a bit fun for me, aside from simply being good sense."

A tilt of her head towards the window, cracking her neck.

"I think I can start up now," Raziyya sighed, reaching over with her left hand to start the car. It was an awkward angle, and initially she almost turned the key the wrong way before she frowned and turned it correctly.

"Still a bit graceless. You may have to reach over and help me steer," she said with some cheer, jokingly.


“Oh, so. Nasreen is what you go by to everyone now? It was a little confusing, but she guessed after a thousand years one name could get boring.

At the joke, Safi chuckled a little and squeezed the hand in her grasp. “You can use both hands.” She hummed.

"No, no," she would correct. "Nasreen is the name I gave you. I give nearly everyone I meet a different name, depending on my mood, the location." A slight sigh. "Different clutches, too, have known me by different names throughout time. When I leave, or when it falls, I shed the identity and start anew elsewhere."

She glanced to Safiya, seeking her eyes.

"Raziyya is what I go by, now, among my peers. But don't share it with anyone you don't know to be part of the clutch." It was the second sentence laced with magic, and once again, it failed.

How disappointing, this magic.

Third failure :'D


Okay, so just Nasreen to her. If she were a bit drunker she might have felt special for it, but there was a seed of disappointment that she'd been lied to. Still, what she was saying now was the complete truth, and that's all she could really ask for. Her eyes blinked back to brown and she looked up to Nasreen as she spoke. There was another name now, Raziyya. Safi smirked at it. It was cute, but it would be hard to break the association. "Okay," She agreed. "You'll have to help me think of some good fake names to use." Hmmm. Googling was in the near future. Till then, she really felt like she needed to sleep for eighty years.

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