Crimson nails

Stardust Salon And Spa 

The benefits of undead energy was you didn't have to worry about the so called 'shopping till you drop' syndrome. Holly had gotten Robbie nicely set up with a few outfits, gotten herself a few extras, and she hadn't even broken a metaphorical sweat.

The blonde was now parking in the local Stardust Salon and Spa lot, which was nicely empty given the hour. Apparently not too many vampires were taking advantage of their late opening hours. Holly's opinion? Good. She liked the idea of having the place to themselves.

"What are you going for? Mani-pedi, or hair, or both?" Holly could honestly use a bit of everything, if only because she was mildly spoiled and hadn't painted her toes in a month.

At least they were gorgeous toes, if she did say so herself. None of those disgusting small pinkies.

She'd take care to lock up the doors, given the stack of fancy clothing line bags piled in the backseat. Holly waited for Robbie to join her, then they would head towards the entrance together. "Despite appearance, this is my first time here. I hope the reviews were accurate." It seemed, from the outside, a decent establishment. The name was honestly magical too, and she gave them props for the cute signage outside the doors.


To on one's surprise, Robbie felt so underdressed in Holly's company, looking every bit as grungy as one might expect of a punk who was living out of a duffel bag. Not that Holly was dressed like a Disney princess, but she wore the cutest jacket and skirt that Robbie was certain she couldn't pull off nearly as well. Throughout their shopping venture, she also couldn't help but wonder how much older she seemed, whereas the more powerful vampire in her company looked like she was barely out of her teens.

Immortality was strange.

Upon their arrival to the spa in question, Robbie was both relieved and slightly unnerved by the vacant parking lot. Fortunately, Holly posed a decent distraction in the form of a question. "I do my own hair," she answered, somewhat shyly, "Though having the pink touched up shouldn't hurt."

Exiting the vehicle alongside Holly, Robbie joined the blonde at her side as they approached the entrance together; it felt strange being in the company of someone who mirrored her height so exactly. "Same. The only spa I've been to was a hot springs in North Glenn." She immediately regretted saying anything.

Memories. Damn 'em.

The blonde quirked an eyebrow at Robbie, smiling in surprise. "Ohh really? You did it so nicely, I would have thought for sure it was professional." If she was willing to ruin her own hair color, she would have offered the girl to do hers in something wild and vibrant. As it was..

Blondes had more fun, didn't you know?

She pushed the spa doors open, met with some sort of lavender aroma that was quite soothing if not a bit intense. "Were you a stylist, before all this?" A vague gesture between themselves - no need to go announcing their supernatural presence even if the spa was supposedly welcoming. There were lists of available treatments posted on the wall near the main counter, and she bee-lined for it, humming.

It was only then she realized she had gone and worn nylons when she was set on a pedicure. Bad foresight on her part. Holly tsked low in her throat, a hand reaching out to steady herself on Robbie's shoulder. "Mani-pedi, hair touch ups it is then?" she chirped, completely unbothered by the fact she was wriggling out of her nylons in the lobby.

Wasn't like she didn't have a skirt on, and it wasn't like there was anyone around to watch her wobble.

Returning Holly's smile in kind, Robbie nodded and gave a soft hum. "Thanks."

Robbie made a face at the scent of lavender that rushed to greet them once they entered the lobby; such an already potent aroma took a second to get used to when her sense of smell was as acute as it was. Fortunately, Holly was kind enough to pose a distraction in the form of a question. "I was," Robbie answered with a gentle nod, "I worked in a salon while I was going to college." Working as a hair stylist had taught her a skill set that Robbie would always carry with her.

The two of them quickly moved to read the lists of services and treatments on display behind the counter. Although Robbie had only planned on doing something simple with having her hair color touched up, one particular service caught her eye. "They have aromatherapy massages," she said excitedly before feeling a hand on her shoulder.

Looking over to Holly, she was surprised to see her... undressing.

Robbie made it a point not to make a big deal about it.

"Do you think massages are a good idea?" That they were essentially reanimated corpses would be a rather difficult to conceal with someone's hands all over them. Still, the treatment sounded so tempting.

It only took her a moment to squirm out of her nylons. Robbie was already asking about aromatherapy massages by then, something Holly wasn't yet privy too. Some newfangled business, probably, the blonde humming "Lemme see.." as she quickly folded up the black fabric and slipped her boots on, barefoot.

Holly blinked at the fine print under the aromatherapy option, head tilting with interest. A massage, with oils that were specifically designed to relax the client. She could see why Robbie would be interested, definitely, and pursed her lips. "I reckon the only issue would be it might smell a bit too potent to us to be relaxing, exactly." Again - the workers were probably used to dealing with less than humans clients. If they weren't, a quick suggestion would fix the issue.

Her arms crossed, head tilting. "I'll happily oblige, if you'd like?" This was very much Robbie's treat. She'd nod to the counter, where a girl had finally come out from the back and was waiting expectantly for them to pick their poison. "Go with what you feel you need, I'll follow along."

Holly scrutinized the fine print given and made a valid point; the thought of being choked by too many cloying aromas didn't sound all that relaxing. Still, the thought of a massage was so tempting, even though Robbie hadn't the slightest idea whether massages did anything for vampires. The thought of paying any price for what amounted to a placebo effect didn't sit well with her.

Nevertheless, Holly offered nothing but encouragement, for which the punk was thankful.

Her attention turned to the girl who emerged from the back, and Robbie nodded, stepping forward as she weighed her options. After a moment or two of contemplation, she requested the hair touch ups as previously discussed along with the aromatherapy massage, clearly out of her element as far as salon etiquette was concerned.

Robbie assumed salon etiquette was a thing.

"I guess I'll get my hair done first?" She looked to Holly, not so sure about being whisked away to some massage room and separated from her companion right then and there.

Robbie stepped forward, asking after the hair touch ups she'd spoken of before, along with the massage. Holly wasn't so keen on the last bit, thinking perhaps she'd get out of it by lounging in the sauna, but ultimately she just wanted the younger girl to be happy. The recent fight with Amy must have been hard on her, and she knew the girl was keeping to herself more.

It'd be good to get her out, clear her head from her.. Girlfriend, or whatever the two were.

"Mhmm, I'll do the same. Nails after too." Holly stepped forward and put her own requests in - a trim and style, nothing fancy. The girl told them it'd be only a few minutes, so she wandered over to a fish tank in one corner that held some very colorful tropical specimens.

She watched them a moment, before speaking up softly. "I'm sorry, about the other night. I hope you know we aren't mad at you, or Amy. Though she does need to work on her relationship skills, I think." They were both just very lost girls, in the end, but they had an infinite amount of time to learn how to better themselves.

So they would get their hair done together.

This almost felt normal, except in all the ways it didn't, namely concerning their undead state of being.

Robbie offered a soft hum when the girl behind the counter told them that it wouldn't be long, following Holly over to the fish tank on display. Within it was a colorful school of fish, their tropical palettes coinciding well with the rest of the salon's decor. She would have been content with simply watching them in silence, but Holly's voice brought the punk's attention to her.

More apologies, words of comfort.

"Sorry if I made a mess in your house." Earthquakes had a habit of knocking things off shelves.

And Robbie would much rather talk about that than Amy or her relationship skills.

In all honesty, it hadn't been so bad. A vase broken, but it had been an ugly vase from an ugly Moscow official. Holly was more grateful than annoyed. "Our powers sometimes get the best of us, I understand," she replied, gently, knowing it had been.. More than that.

She wanted to push, really. Attempt to fix whatever had happened. But it took two to talk, and she could tell Robbie.. Wasn't in such a mood.

Her arms crossed, and Holly nodded to the fish tank. "I always thought about getting pets. Never got around to it. Too much travelling, too much work. Too much worry about kittens knocking curtains off the rails and murdering us all."

She joked, of course, a flash of white teeth in a grin.

"Fish might be nice. Tropical ones, like the ocean. Have you ever been?"

Nodding along to Holly's understanding words, Robbie couldn't help but wonder what her powers were.

Then the blonde went on to a less problematic subject, explaining how she had always wanted pets, but never had any because of work or whatever else dissuaded her from the idea. At the mention of kittens knocking over curtains, Robbie smiled a bit, though hers wasn't quite so brilliant as Holly's grin.

"I've never really had animals," she confessed, "Plants are more my thing."

And not simply because of her powers.

Upon being asked whether she had been in to the ocean, Robbie nodded. "Grew up in California. It isn't really tropical, but the beaches are pretty."

Plants were actually Holly's 'thing', too, the girl brightening up at Robbie's reply. "I adore flowers. Have you gone round the back to see the garden I made? It's such a silly hobby for us, given we don't see them in their full daytime glory, but to hell if I don't enjoy making things pretty anyway." Honestly, she felt like she could ramble on happily about the topic - she never had an issue talking when she knew a good bit about the subject. But given this was Robbie's moment, she reigned herself in and smiled.

"I've never been that far west in North America. I've seen the ocean from a few places, though. The tropical ones are lovely, but honestly, I prefer the waters further north. More crisp, less people."

The girl had yet to come back, so it gave her a moment to indulge her little apprentice on one of the more fun things about being a vampire. "You know, we're basically mermaids." Holly knew of that recent craze. And yes, she had one of the tails for the pool out back. "We don't have to come up for air - technically, we could spend an infinity at the bottom of the ocean, if we could get blood down there. Or perhaps just arise from the depths at night to prey on desperate sailors." Her finger trailed along the glass of the fishtank, watching one trail after it as if to bite.

Holly brightened at the mention of plants, and Robbie beamed a little in kind.

"I haven't," she admitted to Holly's first question, shaking her head. "Have you tried growing moonflowers or other night-blooming flowers? I can help." Of the many things Robbie missed about her home, it had to be her fields and gardens. As hesitant as she was to explore much of Holly and Regina's home, the promise of a garden that was well tended to captivated the punk.

Then the topic jumped back to California and the ocean, Robbie listening all the while to Holly's words.

Less people sounded attractive.

Robbie tilted her head when Holly claimed that they were essentially mermaids, explaining that they could spend an infinite amount of time underwater by virtue of not needing to breathe. An existence spent at the bottom of the ocean sounded cold and lonely to Robbie, a place without light or life as they knew it.

"Everyone's gone to Rapture," she mused aloud, doubtful that Holly was familiar with BioShock.

She agreed wholeheartedly to Robbie helping her with the garden, knowing it might perhaps get the girl out of her shell more. Besides, it could help with controlling and even perfecting whatever powers had caused the ground to shake the other night. Something earth related, no doubt.

But, in the current moment, motherly mentoring feeling aside - Holly was honestly confused as to what Robbie meant by rapture.

Everyone went??

She.. Hadn't. That she was aware of. The blonde's face dropped quite a bit, blue eyes wide. "R.. Rapture..? The second coming of Christ?"

Wasn't that the meaning? God, she needed Regina right now.

Holly's reaction was something so unexpected that Robbie was taken completely off-guard by it; the panicked distress she felt from her companion also failed to help matters any.

"Oh! No, no, not that at all," Robbie was all too quick to say, shaking her head, "It's a reference to a... video game. It's about an underwater city called Rapture, not the other thing." The other thing being Judgement Day, some biblical apocalypse that probably wouldn't bode well the undead and the damned.

That Holly had jumped to the other thing was... rather telling.

Either she was more devout than just about any Christian Robbie had ever met, or she was much older than she let on—possibly even both.

Still, Robbie wore an apologetic look for startling her so.

"Sorry..." The punk sort of trailed off, unsure of what else to say about it.

Robbie was quick to jump at the opportunity to calm her down, and Holly was all to quick to breathe a useless sigh of relief. Just a video game reference, something she didn't need to know about necessarily. Crisis of feeling old averted, outside of the fact she should know a tad bit more about the er.. What'd they call it. Gamer society or something.

"Ohh no. Don't be sorry I was just terribly confused." A soft laugh, a hand waving her off. "I fret sometimes my age betrays me when I'm out of the loop on more 'modern' affairs. Which, apparently I am, as I haven't even attempted to touch a video game."

It had been hard enough to work her Iphone when she first got it.

Holly looked at Robbie with a small smile, gentle to get across what she wanted to say next. "I hope you know I'm not someone to fear, or tiptoe around. I don't think you ever fully confirmed you wish to be apart of the clutch.. But if you do, I promise I won't ever lash out unfairly, just because I am more experienced than you."

It seemed the right thing to say, given how.. Sensitive the girl seemed.

Holly discussing the fretful worry of her age betraying her betrayed the vampire's age in itself.

Just how ancient she really was, Robbie could only imagine.

"You do a good job," she offered, trying to compliment Holly without calling out her presumed age.

Then the conversation took yet another turn towards a subject that Robbie found less than comfortable, but she remained silent as the older, more powerful vampire broached their upcoming clutch. Although the word meant nothing but trouble in the punk's experience, she knew when to keep her mouth shut. She had yet to meet a clutch that hadn't tried to work her over in some way or another.

Of course, there was always the promise that this time would be different.

Holly was certainly more polite and persuasive than most older vampires Robbie had met.

After a tangible pause, the punk nodded. "I do. Wherever Amy goes, I go."

She wasn't oblivious to the short pause - though she wasn't about to rush Robbie's decision if she needed time. Holly wasn't pushy, or desperate, or one to force another under her will. It would be better if the girl came to her willingly, and honestly.. She hoped she might. It would be nice getting to know her, a much less abrasive soul than Amy was.

Don't get her wrong, she cared for the other blonde as well but.. It was definitely a little hard to have a conversation that didn't end with her wanting to shake some sense into her thick skull. Smart, sharp.. And a bit bullheaded. Not quite in the best ways either.

But she had a draw to her, and Robbie was obviously attached. "We'd be happy to have you. You're a sweet girl, I can see you going far if you gain confidence. Perhaps a mentoring role might suit you, some day." There was enough compassion there for the role, she just needed to be a tad more assertive when faced with confrontation.

A soft smile danced across Robbie's lips when Holly spoke such kind words, at least until she got to the bit about confidence. Her smile wavered, but the punk nodded all the same, knowing it to be true. Confidence was in short supply these nights, even though Robbie was trying to work on that. As for the mention of mentoring, however, she tilted her head with a look of confusion.

"Mentoring?" Robbie didn't like the sound of that and shook her head, despite not knowing the role meant.

Hopefully clarification would be given on her behalf.

Ahh, she forgot how young Robbie was to this life. Perhaps Amy hadn't explained the roles to her. A soft smile, a shake of her head - this wasn't a scary thing. "Isn't a bad role, you know. That's all it is. Vampires," she explained softly, her voice soft enough for a human to have to strain to hear, even if in close proximity, "in a group, can take on different responsibilities that further help their own control."

She pointed between them both. "Mentoring, is exactly the sort of thing I'm doing with you right now. Explaining our way of life to the less experienced. Giving them advice, helping them when they're in trouble. A teacher, in a more modern view."

Holly reached out, and just very gently put her hand on Robbie's shoulder. "I can see you have the sort of heart that could look after others - that's why I mentioned it. I doubt you'd like to a Soldier or Medic."

For all her reluctance and skepticism, Robbie listened intently to her companion as she explained the role of mentor as well as what roles were in general. It made sense that a clutch would delegate its responsibilities to those capable of handling them. "Oh, okay," she said, matching Holly's hushed tone.

That Holly thought Robbie could be capable of teaching new vampires how to live with themselves was oddly heartwarming, and the punk took it as a compliment. She could be a teacher; she apparently had the heart for it.

Robbie nodded, taking confidence in the potential Holly saw in her.

"I'd be happy to help," she said, but her modesty proved to much to keep hidden. "I'm still learning, though. Some days are harder than others."

Hell, it had taken her much longer to get where she was than it had taken Amy, who took to being a vampire like a fish to water.

Of course, Robbie was still very knew to this life. Holly nodded in understanding, one finger slowly trailing along the glass of the fishtank to attempt to catch the interest of one of its occupants. "I understand, completely. Not all of us take to it so easy."

She knew the girl was probably thinking of Amy, who oozed self confidence in what she did. Still - it didn't mean the blonde was perfect in any right. Far from it. "We all cope in different ways. Some of us strive to fit in, others buck back." Holly looked heaven-ward, briefly, snorting. "Regina, she took well enough. Aside from the few mishaps all fledglings have. I.. Took decidedly longer to calm down."

Perhaps it was just the natural response of someone who had no warning of vampirism before becoming one. 

The spa workers were milling around now, one girl waiting expectantly for them near one of the doorways. "Anyway, let's go relax shall we? There's no rush to be perfect," Holly smiled at Robbie, thinking perhaps, she managed to open the girl up just a bit.

A start, to what might be a close friendship.

So understanding and sympathetic to Robbie's troubles.

The punk wanted to be suspicious, to take such kindness from a vampire with a grain of salt, but Holly seemed nothing if not genuine, trustworthy even. She spoke as if from experience, which she likely was, going so far as to mention how her partner Regina had taken seamlessly to being a vampire, whereas Holly herself did not. That alone imprinted a certain... kinship upon Robbie, feeling as though she and the older vampire in her company were more alike than she thought.

Of course, it could have simply been her naivety speaking for herself, but she decided to go out on a limb and trust her. "I.... understand," she said, unsure of how to best express herself. "I know what that's like."

Acceptance was a rare and precious thing.

Nonetheless, the spa staff soon garnered their attention, and Robbie returned Holly's smile with a nod.

"Yeah." And, on that note, the two of them embarked on an evening of much-need relaxation, that much closer and more trusting of each other than they were previously, At least, as much was true for Robbie.

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