Follow Your Inner Queen, Or Don't

outfit A short distance from Paradise Creamery

Marlow had scooped herself a cup of chocolate ice-cream from the shop and found herself a bench to sit. She scooped the dessert into her mouth with one of the tiny testing spoons, because, well, tiny spoons were fucking awesome and made it the experience much more enjoyable.

She deserved the icecream for sure. It had been a busy ass week and she fucking deserved it. But apparently the world though otherwise as the tiny spoon slipped from her fingers and fell to the ground.

"Fukken hell, man," she cursed, reaching of the edge of the bench to reach for her spoon, but upon inspection, she decided to ditch it. Dirt and icecream didn't really go together very well. Marlow sighed and leaned back up and proceeded to lick the ice-cream out of the cup.


One less step in getting ice-cream in your mouth. Marlow was a true innovator really.

Yeah, so? No Cackle, apparently.

She hadn't been here since her first disastrous visit, odd-eyed Echo trying to sucker her into some dark alley, talking about her kid like he was gum on a shoe. What she wouldn't give to see him now, with her leash and muzzle off. Crestview without the territory aura was bland in comparison, and she strolled through it with the sense of boredom and distaste that now tended to follow her everywhere. Was it really too much to ask to find someone entertaining?

She glanced to the left, and was treated to the sight of a young lady eating ice cream out of a cup like a dog. "Gonna freeze your nose off," she observed confidently as she approached, not thinking about it much.

Marlow wiped the corners of her mouth, removing the chocolate residue and wiped her fingers on her pants. It was almost done. She had done quite some damage to the ice-cream and only a few licks were left at the bottom of the cup. She frowned and tipped the cup back, hoping it was just slide down and into her mouth, but someone talking to her caught her attention and the ice-cream fell onto her top lip.

"Agh! Fuk," she hissed, quickly rushing to wipe the ice-cream from her face.

"Gonna freeze your nose off,"

Marlow looked towards the woman and shot her some glaring darts with a chocolate mustache. "Oi, don't fukken scare me like that."

Peters giggled immediately, even though the girl didn't seem to find it funny. She probably wouldn't appreciate knowing she had a little Gomez Addams 'stache right now while trying to put Pete in her place. She pointed at the cup. "Izzat any good?"

"Ya, is good." Why would she be eating it if it weren't any good?

She shrugged her shoulders and wiped her mouth off on her hand before she jerked her thumb over in the direction of the icecream shop.

"I work over at that ice-cream place. You wanna scoop?" She crunched the cup up in her hand and unraveled her legs to get up off the bench.

She shrugged back, slouching comfortably. "Mostly I just came by to shit-talk people minding their own business. Free entertainment." She grinned impishly. "If I got into the store I might ask to try all the flavors."

"Oi, that's my favorite hobby," she laughed, patting the bench next to her. "Pop a squat and let's talk some shit." Whoever this chick was, Marlow had a feeling they would get along well enough.

She set her empty and crushed ice-cream up on the ground next to her feet. Honestly, she would probably forget that it was there and accidentally litter.

Marlow could easily relate in wanting to try every single flavor. In fact, she has. Just not in one sitting. A few flavors a day. If she could, she would easily devour the whole store. But not really. A girl can dream, can't she?

Well this had gone well! Peter smiled rather serenely, tucking a stray wisp of hair behind one ear. "Well, for starters, you still got a li'l Hitler mustache from yer ice cream." Not that she did, but that wasn't the point. She plopped onto the bench gracelessly but with a certain sense of pride.

A little what.

Her hand shot up and immediately felt for the ice-cream that supported her disguise.

"You fukker," she narrowed her eyes before bellowing out in laughter. No Marlow Hitler today. The only war she wanted to wage was to have free access to dessert.

She extended out a hand, a slightly sticky hand. "I'm Marlow."

Pete responded with a self-satisfied smile, lounging comfortably and reaching out to pump the sticky hand for all it was worth. "Norma Jean. You don't know anything funner 'n ice cream round here, do ya? I've got a day to burn."

Did this chick think Marlow was boring or something? Oh no way, José. That wasn't gonna fly.

"Fuck, we can go get shit faced at a club or something if that's more your speed," she shrugged casually. She even had some weed on her person if she was also into that. Marlow wasn't gonna sit there and be seen as BORING. Fuck that noise.

The cat-that-ate-the-canary smile was still ongoing, accentuated now with a little heh heh of mischievous approval at the idea. "That's a hell of a way to live your Thursday." She shimmied slightly from her seat on the bench, considering. "Yeah, let's do shots and cause some trouble." Said with a bright and thoughtful smile, as if she'd just decided on an impromptu trip to the lake. "You got somewhere in mind?"

She blew a loud puff of air out through her lips, but damn this bitch seemed like she knew what fun was.

"Fuck, I dunno this area very well, " she said, looking around the buildings to see what was nearby. "We can be trashy and just get some shooters from the liquor store and display some public intoxication," Marlow wiggled her eyebrows. There was probably a park nearby right? They could find a bench or something there and point out the weirdos.

It almost brought a tear to your eye, to see the future of America like this — ready to get drunk in a park with strangers, ready to dip on an ice cream job to spend an afternoon being garbage. She remembered being so young and wild.

After a moment thinking about it, she pulled herself lazily back up to her feet, a long arm streaking out to chuck Marlow on the shoulder. "All right, mein Fuhrer, let's go make some noise!" And without bothering to wait and see what reaction this might evoke, the hyena was off, hopping eagerly down the street in search of trouble.

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