Never One Thing


New Vampire→ Common Vampire

Three months ain't shit — (1/3)
  1. Nov 7 — ✓
  2. Dec 7
  3. Jan 5

You ain't shit — (0/1)

Makin' friends ain't shit — (4/5)
  1. Special Snowflake — Safiya meets Lazarus while experiencing her first snow as a vampire. (Completed!)
  2. Monster Mash — Spooky party time. Safiya meets e v e r y o n e.(In Progress...)
  3. Mr. President — Safiya tries her best to befriend Lazarus. (Completed!)
  4. Glitter Coat— Safiya is a team player in cleaning up to win the favor of Beauregard. (In Progress...)

Joining cults ain't shit — (1/1)
  1. Cosmogony — Vampire Mom, Raziyya, takes Safiya to meet Vampire President, Beauregard, for the "first time" to speak about joining Eventide District Clutch. There's less blood sacrifices than expected. (Completed!)



Transitioning→ New Vampire

Join as/have a thread where you are transitioning — (1/1)
  1. Upside Down — Safi is dumb, and gets killed for it. Razi is merciful.

Consume human blood — (1/1)
  1. Anahita — SCHLORP

Survive a New Moon (Oct 8) — (1/1)
  1. Oct 8th— CHECK

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