Never One Thing


Common Vampire→ Intermediate Vampire

That'll be six months of crushin' it (New Moons) — (3/3)
  1. Feb 7th — ✓
  2. March 7th —✓
  3. April 7th —✓

Makin' friends in low places (Vamp Threads) — (4/4)
  1. Rainbow Kitten Surprise — Safiya enlists Tikanni for help in making a dress, and makes plans to hang out more.(Completed!)
  2. Fat Lip — After some convincing on her part, Safiya, Raziyya and Lazarus meet up in a park for some kung fu fighting. Aka Raziyya beating the shit out of two nerds. (Completed!)
  3. Sacred Healer — After a spar gone bloody, Raziyya takes Safiya to get patched up by Marybeth (Completed!)
  4. Burning Rubber— Safiya kicks ass in a go kart race against other clutch members. (In Progress...)

Don't mind the smell (Were Threads) — (3/3)
  1. I'm Gonna Pinterest The Shit Out Of This — Safiya runs into Frank. Everyone feel bad for Frank. (Completed!)
  2. Stone Cold Classic — Safiya sets a trap for a meal, but catches a wolf named Katya instead. (Completed!)
  3. Foodie — After ingesting some human food, Safiya is approached by Sokol and taken on an explosive walk. (In Progress...)

Get lit (Psychic Threads) — (1/3)
  1. Heck — Safiya steps in when she sees that Rika is panicking at a club.(In Progess...)

Brunch & Linner (Feeding Threads) — (2/3)
  1. Chin Up, Sugar Pop — Safiya hires Amberlie for a private dance at a seedy strip club. (Completed!)
  2. Complicated — Safiya demonstrates a hunt for Asha. (Completed!)
  3. — (Violent here)

Get your shit together (Almost Bloodlust) — (1/1)
  1. you're the sequel that sucks— A bloodlusting Lazarus almost sends Safiya over the edge herself. (Completed!)

d e d i c a t e d — (3/3)
  1. Feb 7th — ✓
  2. March 7th —✓
  3. April 7th —✓


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New Vampire→ Common Vampire

Three months ain't shit — (3/3)
  1. Nov 7th — ✓
  2. Dec 7th — ✓
  3. Jan 7th — ✓

You ain't shit — (1/1)
  1. Sharqi — Safiya loses her shit when it proves to be a struggle to feed from Cassie. Things don't end well for the psychic. (Completed!)

Makin' friends ain't shit — (5/5)
  1. Special Snowflake — Safiya meets Lazarus while experiencing her first snow as a vampire. (Completed!)
  2. Monster Mash — Spooky party time. Safiya meets e v e r y o n e.(Completed!)
  3. Mr. President — Safiya tries her best to befriend Lazarus. (Completed!)
  4. Glitter Coat— Safiya is a team player in cleaning up to win the favor of Beauregard. (Completed!)
  5. Howdy Neighbor — Safiya gets to know new neighbor, Sayed.(Completed!)

Joining cults ain't shit — (1/1)
  1. Cosmogony — Vampire Mom, Raziyya, takes Safiya to meet Vampire President, Beauregard, for the "first time" to speak about joining Eventide District Clutch. There's less blood sacrifices than expected. (Completed!)


[Image: Retro-Mushroom-1UP-3-icon.png]

Transitioning→ New Vampire

Join as/have a thread where you are transitioning — (1/1)
  1. Upside Down — Safi is dumb, and gets killed for it. Razi is merciful.

Consume human blood — (1/1)
  1. Anahita — SCHLORP

Survive a New Moon (Oct 8) — (1/1)
  1. Oct 8th— CHECK


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