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Hi Levka. My name is Wren. I got your phone number from Lee. He said you ran the sleuth in North Glenn? Would you be willing to meet with me?
Unknown Number

Wren nibbled on the inside of her cheek while she typed out the message. Was it too forward? Too vague? Too assuming? She sighed and closed her eyes, pressing send. Er wait, nope that wasn't the send button. Wren backspaced the random letters she typed and actually pressed the send button, eyes open.

@"Levka Orlovsky"

This was unexpected.

He knew there had been a rogue around recently, but the fact that she was name dropping Lee and he'd heard about Beata but not this... Wren... was interesting. Not that Levka had a lot of room to talk, often pointing people into the direction of those who could help rather than just doing the legwork himself. Still, a little more heads up from Lee would have been nice...

Still, he took a minute or two to add the number into his contacts under 'Wren' and debated what was worth saying...

Then decided this was better off kept simple. He wasn't up for anything particular elaborate via text today.



Wren clutched her phone tightly awaiting the nerve-wracking reply from the head honcho bear.

At last it rang. She looked down at the screen and...


Yes? Yes? That was it? She huffed and unlocked her phone to type out a reply.

Okay. Where and when would you like to meet? I am pretty open this week.


This was going well by his estimation. He considered his options, knew the lodge would be more private but felt like it might be a bit much of a drive and he wasn't keen on having to talk to her prematurely if she got lost trying to find her way, and so... They could risk the diner, and he would make it sufficiently private for their pending discussion.

Boss perks.

bigbear diner tomorow you pick time


He was proving himself to be a man of few words more and more.

But no worry, or at least only a smidge of worry.

Is 7pm okay with you?

She really had no idea what a good time would be for the leader of bears.


Basically dinner time. It was potentially perfect. Hopefully she had the sense to come hungry.

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