Outfit, plus leather jacket.

Her intention hadn't been to stop here; she'd meant to drive through the city in favor of changing her usual route and head to Avondale. Perhaps find a drunk there and numb the mental pain she felt with what little buzz alcohol-tainted blood could offer her. But, instead, she.. found herself drawn here. Amy could no longer sense any trace of the reign Bone Hollow held over the city; it felt vacant.


It was a bizarre sensation, or rather, lack of thereof, but the vampire wasn't quite convinced somehow. Had Bone Hollow disbanded? Where had Margaux gone off to? There was a temptation to give the woman a call, see if her feathers could be ruffled enough to give Amy a sign that she was still prowling about, but thought was quickly shot down, though; phoning former dominas didn't really.. It sounded pointless and probably was, too.

It'd be some fifteen minutes of driving about the city in circles before she finally decided to pull over and park her car in favor of taking a stroll down the street, sparing the storefronts to her right a leisurely glance. For all she cared to admit, they provided a decent distraction from her own head, the curiosity she felt for this place as a whole weirdly soothing.

There was always the possibility of trouble, however, but she was willing to take the risk.

Amy sincerely doubted things could get more fucked than they already were.

@"Rabbit Nickels" @"Kilo Jaxon"



Rabbit stuffed her hands into her coat pockets as she stepped off the bus and started into her pace down the sidewalk. The crisp air felt nice against her noticeably warm temperature as of late. Even wearing her coat was pushing it a little. She was borderline uncomfortable, but for now she ignored it.

Cordova was one of the few places left on her list to visit. The loneliness of the mountains didn't seem to appeal to her tonight so that's what brought her here. With the intention of staying away from dark alleys and strangers. She had barely gotten over her last encounter with whatever. All she knew was that the bruises on her neck were still there, reminding her of that night, giving her clues that she was unable to solve.

But instead of moping around and feeling sorry for herself, she decided to take a stroll and see where the best place to drown in some liquor, or even some dessert. Mm, dessert sounded so fucking good. Rabbit needed a self care today. Liquor and dessert. She slowed down her walking and came to a full stop, stepping off to the side to search on her phone where she might find her precious treats.


That's what the majority of the stores had put on display and, truthfully, the blonde had found at least two she liked for herself and another three she believed Robbie would like. As it was now, though, she didn't have any intention or the cash needed to make such purchases, so she continued onward up until the familiar scent of psychic blood assailed her senses.

Tearing her gaze away from one last outfit she was inspecting, she sought out the source of such a sweet smell only to be met by a surprisingly familiar face.

"Rabbit!" She chirped, raising her voice a bit so the woman would be able to hear her. "How you holding up? It's been a while." A faint smile would tug the corners of her lips upwards, feigned or not, as she sought to close the gap some between herself and the witch at a relaxed pace.


Her head jerked up from her phone and her eyes scanned around, looking where the voice had come from. But. She saw no one she recognized. Uh.

Was she hearing things?

Her eyes locked onto a blonde girl heading her way. The girl was confidently walking up to her.

"How you holding up? It's been a while." Rabbit took a few steps back. She didn't know this girl. Unless, she had forgotten her face?

"Are you... talking to me?" She pointed one of her fingers at herself. The girl certainly knew her name but... her face wasn't ringing any bells.

Okay, so. Two things: one, Rabbit took a cautious step back and two, that sentence was rather alarming.

Slowing down before skidding to a complete halt, the blonde tilted her head to the side.

"I am," she said. "Don't you remember our meeting a while back..?"

Amy was 90% sure she didn't; someone must've tampered with Rabbit's memories.

Wearing a concerned look on her face, she'd stay put and wait for a response.

"Don't you remember our meeting a while back..?"

Rabbit gave the woman a perplexed look. They've met before?

"I-I'm sorry. It doesn't sound familiar..." she said nervously. Who was this chick? Was she just playing some games with her? She shoved her hands into her pockets. Maybe this chick was a past client and she just didn't remember her face. Still, the woman clearly knew her and Rabbit was drawing a blank. "Where do you know me from?" She felt bad asking such a question, but a strange feeling in her gut told her to inquire further instead of just dropping it. Her fingers searched for the small pocket knife residing in her coat pocket. She had been even more on guard lately ever since she woke up in that alley way by herself.


It didn't sound familiar.

That was quite alarming in and of itself.

"We met abooout... two months ago, I think? You were out camping one night and we stumbled across one another whilst I was hiking. I joined you for a bit by the fire, you gave me your name. I gave you mine—Amélie. Ring any bells?" It wouldn't, but the blonde would play along and wear a concerned, if not confused look on her face as she sought out those forest green eyes.

"I'm trying to help here," a failed suggestion. "What is the last thing you remember? I'm sure we can figure it out if you let me." The last bit, whilst laced with magic, would not stick and she'd sigh mentally for it. The hand which had snuck in the psychic's coat was not something Amy had missed, but she chose to play dumb for now and focus on the conversation.

What was Rabbit possibly gonna do?

Shoot her in such a public place?

There was something genuinely thrilling about treading in the devil's playground.

That Cordova no longer belonged to the devil in question was a technicality, one that Jaxon's smugness allowed him to overlook. As unfortunate as it was that Holly had no desire to claim the throne that was formally Margaux's domain, he could at the very least appreciate Cordova for the no man's land it had become in its newfound vacancy. He could take a walk, find a bite, and cause as much mischief as he liked—whatever he pleased.

Better still, so few ever suspected the German shepherd with the wagging tail and lopsided smile.

Method acting was one of Jaxon's favorite pastimes.

However, when the scent of a nearby psychic had reached his nose, he paused for a moment, the canine's act slipping momentarily. A touch peckish, Jaxon fancied a meal and took off down the sidewalk. Farther down the block and around the corner, the scent led him to a scene not far from a nearby bus stop—a psychic and a vampire.


Jaxon meandered down the street, curious and wary in equal measure. Playing the part, he idly nosed around an overturned trashcan, rooting through the garbage with his interest focused solely on the two women. While he couldn't see the psychic's face with her back to him, her scent alone was familiar enough, as was her voice. Jaxon also recognized the Gothic-dressed vampire in the corner of his eye; it was perhaps the only reason he didn't intervene outright.

"If what you say is true, then why don't I remember?" Rabbit continued to shake her head. This woman was wrong, she had to be. Or was there something missing from her memories?

Her fingers in her pocket released the pocket knife and snaked up to the back of her head. "What is the last thing you remember?"

"The last thing I remember?" her voice strayed off as she began to retrace her steps. "I-I hit my head a few days ago and woke up in an alleyway." Her voice was a mere whisper as she came to a truthful conclusion as to what happen. But what that all? Something else had to have happened right? Rabbit wasn't that clumsy.

"Is that why I don't remember you?" She looked at the woman and made eye contact, Rabbit's face a deer in head lights and her lips pursed together.


She wanted to sigh, but held off for now.

Rabbit had hit her head a few days prior only to wake up in an alleyway; truthfully, it sounded like a terribly vampiric thing to do to Amy, something which Rabbit would've picked up on since she appeared so terribly knowledgeable on them just a few months ago.

Perhaps someone had stripped her of that knowledge which would also explain the fact that Rabbit couldn't remember their encounter.

Perhaps it'd been a double suggestion.

"It is a possibility," she said, frowning thoughtfully. "I'm gonna try everything within my power to help you, but in order for that to work, I'm gonna need you to trust me fully without question. Understood?" Of course it was understood; she felt it take the moment the words left her lips. "Now," a faint head tilt, "where was that alley you woke up in?" Certainly, it would at least help Amy understand where this mess had taken place and link any potential associates.

Perhaps it had been an alleyway here in greater Cordova.

There was another lingering nearby; she could sense their presence, taste the putrid scent of death and decay in the air and that alone was enough to have her gaze falling on... a black dog. A German shepherd whose scent was oddly familiar. Her gaze would briefly break away from Rabbit in favor of focusing on their curious fury pal for a moment.

A brow arched, amber eyes watching curiously.

"Where's your owner, boy?"

Words echoing much like they would if they were directed towards a normal animal, she'd flicker her gaze on Rabbit briefly before refocusing on the shepherd and extending a hand out slowly, an invitation for him to come closer and sniff much like most dogs did.

Suggestion italicized for clarity!

It didn't take much eavesdropping to understand that something was amiss.

Amy allegedly knew his Rabbit, which was a little curious. That Rabbit hadn't the faintest recollection of the blonde, however, was much more concerning. The more she spoke, the more it sounded like the psychic had finally pushed her luck too far. Waking up in an alleyway with no memory as to how she got there reeked of foul play the likes of which Jaxon was all too familiar with.

Growing bored with fetid garbage he was rooting through, Jaxon quickly raised his head upon noticing the amber gaze cast in his direction. It seemed as though Amy was more aware of her surroundings than Jaxon's latest discussion with Holly gave the girl credit for.

Mistakes were cruel but effective teachers.

When the blonde decided to play along, Jaxon was positively delighted by it. With a soft bark, he ambled towards the two women, his demeanor relaxed and his ears at ease. The shepherd was quick to sniff the hand that was offered to him, even licking the fingertips as a more domestic animal might.

Then he turned his attention to Rabbit, whining for attention in a fashion that wasn't entirely disingenuous.

Rabbit felt a wave of ease and trust wash over her. "I mean I should probably just go get my head checked out by a doctor, but if you think you can help then okay. "

She ran her fingers through her hair on the back of her head to feel over her now scabbed cut. "I was in Lavender Heights..." her voice trailed off as the woman started talking to, she turned around, a dog? This night was getting stranger and stranger.

Black dogs were seen as a bad omen in many cultures, much like a black cat, but Rabbit wasn't bothered by superstitions. She watched closely as the dog bounded over, a small smile twitching in the corners of her mouth. The canine went up to Amy and licked at her offered hand before turning its attention towards herself. A needy whine made it clear it wanted her attention next. Rabbit's smile grew and she bent down a little and outstretched a hand calmly.

While she waited for the dog to accept her touch, she looked back up to Amélie, "Can I show you something?" Her free hand yanked on the neck of her sweater and revealed a galaxy of bruises on her neck. "I think someone might have.. attacked me." Rabbit gulped, and awaited her reaction anxiously.

Jaxon made for a charming dog.

Amusement danced in those amber eyes, but it would not last long; the mention of Lavender Heights was enough to sour the blonde's mood and whilst playing along and being licked by an undead dog was fun, it was not enough to keep her from frowning.

The shepherd turned to face Rabbit then, begging for attention like the majority of domestic animals, which was something he would receive after Rabbit revealed some concerning marks on her neck. Truthfully, it looked like someone had tried to strangle her and Amy couldn't help but wonder if it was one of Beau's lot who'd gotten intercepted by Beau or if Beauregard had grown frustrated with her psychic.

Frustration boiled, but she kept her cool about her well enough.

"What were you doing before everything went black? A day before the incident or two." Surely they couldn't have just erased everything, could they? It would've left so many holes in need of patching up.

Out of suggestions and well aware of it, she sincerely hoped Jaxon would stick around.

Jaxon did in fact make for a charming dog.

Content with standing in their midst and eavesdropping freely upon their conversation, he gave a dog's smile when Rabbit offered a hand of her own, allowing the shepherd to sniff and lick as he had done before. For all this acting, however, Jaxon didn't miss the crucial detail of Rabbit's assault taking place in Lavender Heights, all but confirming his suspicions that her forgetfulness was the work of the undead.

Whoever had done this to his psychic did a botched job at it, leaving Rabbit with such glaring gaps in her memory when evidence of an attack was as clear as the marks on her neck.

Sitting beside Rabbit like a dutiful, well-trained companion, Jaxon glanced towards Amy with a thoughtfulness in his gaze that few animals possessed.

She seemed equally convinced that this was no simple case of the girl falling on her head in an alley.

In hopes of offering Rabbit some comfort, the shepherd rubbed his head against the side of her leg, every bit like a dog in need of a scratch behind the ears.

Rabbit pondered over the woman's question while she let the dog lick her hand. His presence was oddly comforting as she brushed over the idea of an emotional support animal.

"I wanted to get out of the house. I had been stuck inside for a few days because I had developed a new power," she said, unsure as to why she trusted the girl with that information so easily...

She felt the dog lean up against her making her look down with a soft smile. Her hands reached out and scratched the dog behind his ears gently, "You're a good pup, hm?"

Clearing her throat, she turned her attention back to the blonde, "I remember some events, but when I think back to certain days, it seems I can't really recall much."

Truly, if Amy were still human, she wouldn't have suspected the dog to be of the undead variety.

Such a convincing act.

Amber eyes watched Rabbit closely as she spoke about having developed a new power, which was fascinating in its own right. Briefly, the blonde was reminded of what Robbie had said to her about the newest of her two abilities and the vampire couldn't help but wonder if psychics could surpass vampires in the powers they possessed.

Could they have more than two?

"And what might that new power be?" Truthfully, it was a peculiar question to ask on its own, so after sparing a subtle glance to her surroundings and listening to any heartbeats other than the one in front of her only to find none, she moved to take one of Rabbit's hands in her own. Crimson bled in her irises as she forced her hand to phase through the woman's in a quick motion before pulling back fully.

To a stranger in the distance, it'd merely look like a handshake, but for those next to her, the reality of what this was was pretty clear.

"We're not all that different."

A new power.

That was interesting.

When Rabbit spared Jaxon a smile, scratching his ears and offering kind praise, the shepherd's tail immediately began to wag. The attention was sweet, but more importantly, it kept the psychic calm and willing to talk. The more she did, the more it sounded to him that a vampire had in fact meddled with her recollection, which settled like a stone in his gut.

Was Jaxon guilty of the same? Of course, but Rabbit was his to correct as he saw fit.

Amy continued to ask questions, probing about the psychic's new power. Then the blonde took it upon herself to demonstrate their shared power, Jaxon watching keenly as one hand passed effortlessly through the other. It was always a treat to encounter those with similar abilities, assuming no one lost their heads.

The doggo seemed happy and content, which made Rabbit happy and content. Its wagging tail made her smile calmly.

Before Rabbit could answer the woman’s question, she took her hand and demonstrated an all too familiar power, phasing her hand through her own. Her eyes grew wide, the whites of her eyes clearly visible all the way around.

She jerked her hand back, "Y-you’re a witch too?" she gasped.And with the same power as well. Rabbit rubbed her fingers over her hand where the girl had phased. No one had ever phased through her before, so the familiar power suddenly gave an unfamiliar sensation.

She looked down at the dog and back up to the girl as if she expected the canine to be just as shocked as she had.

Rabbit’s shocked expression transformed into something a little more excited. Another witch with a shared power. Her surprised eyes didn’t change but her lips turned up into an eager smile.

"You're not alone, Rabbit."

Although not a direct answer by any means, it wasn't a lie.

A faint smile graced Amy's lips, reassuring before her head tilted to the side.

"What's the newest ability you've developed?" She asked, tone lower than usual, but loud enough for Rabbit and the dog at their feet to hear. If it was something showy—or something fire-related—Amy sincerely hoped the woman would have the sense to not demonstrate it publicly.

Her reaction was precious. When Rabbit looked down towards him, the shepherd simply tilted his head.

That Rabbit considered herself a witch was amusing; it was always curious to hear what titles psychics claimed for themselves in an effort to make sense of their abilities. Her smile, bright as it was, showed promise, and Jaxon soon returned his gaze to Amy. He might have commended the blonde for her persuasiveness if doing so didn't blow his cover.

Twice over, Amy inquired as to Rabbit's newest ability. With his attention divided between them, Jaxon anticipated the answer, wondering what tricks his Rabbit had developed.

She was adamant about knowing her knew power. Rabbit was hesitant to tell her but that wave of trust returned, soothing those nerves.

Should she demonstrated or simply explain? She nibbled on her lip as she slipped her hands into her coat pocket.

"It definitely took me by surprise, but I feel... powerful," she firstly explained.

"I can control fire." Her eyes lit up confidently. The power that surged through her when she used her power was exillerating.

Phasing was a piece of cake compared to fire, by a long shot. And this new second ability was much more.. physical and demanded more focus and an even temper. Something she could admit she struggled with as she recalled back to Zachary and his ice-cream shop. And Rabbit’s increased confidence and cockiness, unbeknownst to her, was what gave her the bruises and injuries in the first place.

"I can show you if you’d like," she suggested.

She could control fire.

Oh, how convenient that was, and terrifying.

"It's too public of a place for a demonstration," she said, politely declining what could potentially end up murdering both herself and Jaxon. New powers tended to act out and the last thing Amy wanted was to be turned into dust blown away by the fucking wind.

"Perhaps we can go somewhere more private; I have a friend who shares that kind of power—I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to teach you in the slightest." A faint, reassuring smile, amber eyes holding green ones before Amy's gaze dropped towards the shepherd. The blonde would drop to her knees and ruffle the fur which sat rather neatly against the canine's cheeks. "We'll have to go boy, I'm sorry." Apologetic in tone, pretty much pouting, she shot the shepherd a knowing look, her eyes hopefully enough to share the basis of what was going on in her head.

She'd ran out of suggestions, but Jaxon hadn't; if anything, Rabbit would make for lovely dinner whilst the blonde tried to figure out what it was the psychic had done to require her memory to be wiped. Of course, that would require for their furry friend to follow—or perhaps run away so he could assume a more human form again.

"Would you mind paying a friend a visit?"

Of course she wouldn't, but Amy thought to ask anyway as she stood up slowly.

The shepherd all but smiled when Rabbit admitted to feeling empowered by her newly developed ability, a curious shine in his blue eyes while his tongue rolled out of his mouth.

She could control fire.

Jaxon immediately closed his jaws, but otherwise managed to retain his poise, his grand act.

The ability to control and create fire was a useful if exceedingly dangerous one, especially among the likes of the undead. It seemed so destructive for one as demure as the woman he had gotten to know to some extent, but he realized that personality held little sway over what powers one may discover should fate and fortune favor them. As for Rabbit's offer to demonstrate for them, Amy was right to politely decline.

Then the blonde mentioned a friend of hers who shared Rabbit's power, leaving Jaxon to wonder for a moment if she knew another pyromaniac in the making. Only when Amy leveled her gaze on his did he realize that the girl might have embellished the truth.

Kneeling to his height, Amy looked and sounded every bit like a child when she bid him farewell, but the look in her eyes was enough. With a sniff and a dog kiss to her cheek, the shepherd stood and rubbed against Rabbit's legs in an almost catlike fashion. Goodbyes were simple business for dogs, and he would soon take off down the street before disappearing around a corner.

Out of sight of the two women, Jaxon searched for a quiet alleyway where the man could take shape away from prying eyes.

"Have I met this friend before?" It could be possible her memory had forgotten more than just Amélie thought Rabbit was unsure she even wanted to meet another stranger at the moment, but she would comply with the woman's wishes.

She was a bit disappointed that she had to say goodbye to the dog as she woman said her goodbyes and the canine rubbed up against her as a parting gift. Rabbit reached out her hand one last time to get a final pet in, but the dog slipped away much too quickly.

A sigh escaped her as she thought over the idea of someone teaching her how to use her powers. She was a bit too stubborn to accept it. Her first power, she had to teach herself and managed just fine with it. Surely she could do the same with this new one?

It was a reasonable question.

"I doubt it, although I'm sure he'll recall you if you've met before." She said, tone warm in an attempt to offer comfort. Amber eyes watched as the black shepherd departed, leaving her line of sight a moment later as he pivoted to the safety of an alley.

Attention returning on her the woman, Amy pulled out her phone.

"I'm gonna text him real quick to spare us from knocking the door when the house is vacant; he's usually out and about at this hour," she explained and waited a moment for some kind of response before getting down to typing a text to a very charming canine.

I hope you can beat me to your house, military man. And now that said house is mentioned, an address would be handy

Hitting send, she'd wait for his response, a small frown darkening her face which was mostly for show as she teetered on the spot.

A hound one moment and a man the next, Jaxon shrugged in his coat as he emerged from a vacant alley some distance away, his phone soon vibrating with a message. All too casually, he withdrew the device and smirked at the message displayed on its screen.

-insert address here-
I recommend the scenic route.

Sparing a glance at his surroundings, he figured that he must have been a few blocks away from where his car was parked them there, the race home would well and truly begin.

As he pocketed his phone, however, something of a scowl grossed Jaxon's face as he contemplated whatever fate must have befallen his psychic. Whatever losses she had sustained to her memory seemed substantial, and he could only hope that she might recognize him, assuming she went along with Amy's plan at all.

Nonetheless, the tall, darkly dressed man began walking back to his car, quiet and brisk as he went.

Rabbit felt bad intruding on this stranger so suddenly, but Amélie seemed to know what she was doing, so it must've been fine.

She had never meet another fire user, the only one she knew that could wield some sort of element was Zachary. And he seemed cool, calm and collected with his power. Rabbit, on the other hand, could feel nothing but the opposite.

But she pressed those thoughts away for the moment, while she observed the woman as she pulled out her phone and briskly sent a message. Rabbit fidgetted in her stance but otherwise was mostly still and quiet.



"Let's go; he's waiting," she said, eyes lighting up.

Gesturing for Rabbit to follow, the blonde would start moving down the sidewalk—opposite to where the dog had set off towards—to reach her car which was parked about two blocks away.

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