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Mountainside Planetarium - Clutch Only 
Marybeth was very brave, and kept soldiering onward at making friends in her group. She had arrived on another night off, toting two large bags from Michael's full of crafting supplies, and she had every intention of parking herself at a big table and luring over other visitors to make Halloween decorations.

She did not care about Halloween, exactly. Costumes and obscured identities and children running around all made her sort of uncomfortable, but she liked gourds and skeleton bones so it balanced out to about even. Blinking nervously around the lounge, she made her way to an empty table and began to unload her haul and go about making some examples ( [1] [2][3] ).

"Ah, Marybeth," Amelie said with a smile upon entering the lounge.

She arrived clad in a sweater dress with The Giver in tow. The book was almost finished and she intended to free herself of its heavy, dull burden as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, some time could be spared to reacquaint herself with the awkward vampire from the drag bar.

Marybeth, in the midst of splaying out construction paper and plugging in glue guns, was surprised to hear her name. She looked up, wide-eyed, and smiled when she saw a face she recognized. "Emily!"

Emily Mouse was not in the same category of friendliness as Savannah, but she had shared good information, and Marybeth would not be here without her. That meant that Marybeth would keep trying with friendliness. "Come make things! I haven't seen you in a long time."


"Er, Amelie," she said, a soft correction. It was close enough, she supposed. The smile remained on her face, even though she felt a muscle twitch.

The invitation (more like command) to make things had her pause and stare at the little... baubles.

"Oh, okay." She didn't often partake in arts and crafts. However, she liked to think her attention to detail helped for whenever she did.

Amelie took a seat across from her.

"Are they for the gala?"

Emily? Amelie. Was that like a new generational name maybe? Well, she repeated it to herself anyway, trying to correct her memory. Amelie Amelie Amelie!

Amelie sat, which pleased Marybeth as she pushed balloons and googly eyes and scissors into neat order. "I guess so, yeah. Or just to have hanging around down here. Do you like to make things?"

If the answer was no, she wouldn't know what to do with herself! Everybody should like making things.

"Sometimes," she said with a light shrug. She didn't often feel the urge to make things but, whenever the opportunity arose, she didn't find it to be terrible. Although, making the same thing over and over again soundly dreadfully tedious.

"They look really nice," Amelie said in regard to the ones already made. She grabbed one of the orange balloons for the tiny pumpkins. Those looked to be the easiest to do.

She brightened at this. "What do you make?" Marybeth herself made all sorts of things, fishing lures and bushcraft shelters, bookshelves out of old pallets once...also several months where she got into lacemaking? Finding out how to make things was awesome.

She smiled at the compliment, looking down at the little balloon full of rice as if she were a proud parent. "Thank you. Probably you can figure out how to do one of those on your own." She squinted inquisitively over the table, trying to remember if she knew how old Amelie was. "What have you been doing since we met?"

Yes. Good, natural conversation.

"When I was younger I used to help my father make traps."

That counted, right? If she meant stuff like what was on the table, well, she couldn't really remember. It must have been decorations, too, she thought. But nothing significant enough that she could readily recall. For some reason, only the animal traps had come to mind and she was certain that that hadn't been what Marybeth meant. Oh, well.

"I think so," she said, "but let me know if I do anything wrong." They weren't terribly complicated. Although, the little fabric toy-looking things were a little daunting. Needlework had never been a strongsuit of hers.

She started working on the balloon, trying to make sure it was about the same size as the one Marybeth had made.

"Work, mostly," she said. And trying not to lose her cool around any more psychics. "How about you?"

Marybeth gasped audibly. "What kind of traps!" She knew how to make traps, she used to kill rabbits and raccoons and stuff!!!

Regaining what counted for her as composure, she settled back into her seat and began cutting out paper templates for the sewn felt decorations. She had chosen the kit, which was much more expensive than she would normally buy, in case someone came by who was too skilled for tube bats and balloon pumpkins. Also, she could save the templates and buy her own felt and keep using them for years! "A lot! I met some catpeople, I almost killed a guy, I got lost in Cordova, lots of stuff! There's so much to do here, compared to in the country."

Ah, it did count. Lovely.

"Die Schlingen," she said. Amelie didn't know the English word for it. "Er — the one with the loop that the animal gets stuck in."

She listened to Marybeth's recap of what she had been up to. The woman had certainly been busy.

"There is," she said. A part of her missed the quietness of Red Rock. But she was constantly torn between peace and quiet and how terribly dull that could be.

"Snare, loop, noose, etc."


Look, he was sort of putting on his big boy pants here to explore. But also! Tikanni just wanted a better look around without a leveling gaze watching his every movement. There was a lot to look at, touch, take in, explore. Plus, this place was gorgeous. He'd never visited a Planetarium till visiting here the first time.

So, as soon as he had a day off, Tikanni had made his way to the place. First plan of action, looking at all the exhibits. There was a lot of cool ones, but his absolute favorite was the theater dome with the telescope just second to it. He'd probably spent a good almost hour just twirling under the slowly moving stars and then eventually laying on the floor without any problem by the staff. It reminded him of the many nights he'd done just this as well, the stars clear without light pollution minus what the aurora brought forth. A good reminder of home and of the many nights even outside of that.

When he'd had his fill, the vampire made his way, albeit hesitantly, to where the rest of the clutch hung out. It was a lovely lobby of course, but it was quite relieving to see two members working on crafts of all things at a long table after making his way in. Now that had his attention and seemed a good enough icebreaker without any pressure whatsoever. As he got closer, one was familiar, Amelie, and another Tikanni didn't recognize. Coming up to a chair, he pulled it out while looking to what was being made by both. "Would you mind if I joined?"

Die schlingen. Marybeth mouthed the words inaudibly, trying to discern their meaning in the moment before Amelie clarified. "Oh, yeah," she grinned, "they do those all over, I bet." Hey, how old was Amelie, anyway? And where from?

But the thought escaped quickly as a new person came down the stairs. New friends!! For socializing!! And making crafts!!!! She was so excited that the way her brain decided to welcome this newcomer to the table was to sort of shout "Sit down!" Ease up on that gas pedal, Marybeth.

She gently patted the table and smiled from one vampire to the other. "I'm Marybeth, who are you?"

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