You know those days where everyone is in a bad mood, and everybody drives crazy, and everything you touch or look at immediately breaks?

Abel was having one of those days.

He was handling it like a champ, though. You didn't survive almost a decade of having a cat burst out of you without getting very good at self-regulation, and Abel was regulating like a prince today. Best, most comfy t-shirt on under his coveralls? Check. Fast food splurge at lunch in the form of two footlong Italian subs? Check. Shutting himself in the bathroom and playing meditation sequences on his phone after a woman chewed him out for doing exactly what his boss had told her they were going to do and successfully fixing her car? Check check check! Abel King was functional!

But he was also very tired, and very ready for a hot shower and a big supper.

His shift was dragging to an end as the light outside got bad, and he occupied himself by using the last of his energy to haul in equipment left strewn around in the lot. Being a Were could be helpful, see? He still had some strength to burn. He paused in flipping wheels over to roll them back to the garage, and stared contemplatively at a stray dog taking a dump across the street.