The jaguar is a powerful, deep-chested, stocky cat

The Gym - Were Only 

It'd been a while.

Abraham couldn't remember the last time he'd gone to the gym, but it was long enough ago that he was kind of embarrassed about it. He was by no means overweight, but were-life did not give you a six pack by any means. Soft around the middle and insecure for it, he decided it was time to... uh.

Move around again sometimes.

Outside was cold and rainy and shitty, and he was already dreading what shifts would start to be like. Waking up absolutely freezing. Maybe they could... like. Build a garage in the woods at the edge of Belle Vista. And like. Train the cats to run there. Or something.

That maybe wasn't a terrible idea?!

What was terrible, though, was this treadmill. His feet clunked along, his heart and lungs working reluctantly to keep up. Some DIY home renovation show was on TV, and he zoned out while thinking about how bad he was at manly things like using power tools.

Attention not on his feet, he eventually stumbled, staggering backwards off the treadmill but managing to catch himself on steady ground with the help of his stupid fat cat. The treadmill ran in front of him, and he sighed at it, wondering if he could just... jump back on while it was still rolling.

Outfit except no shades and hair longer and in a ponytail

This place! She hadn't even known about it until recently, but it was wonderful. Somewhere to exercise without having to limit herself. Her cat afforded her much more strength and flexibility than a natural human body would, and it was always a disappointment to have to stifle the range of her power. Not here, though. V had been once before, and after how sore she had been, she knew now that warming up gradually was the best option. So, she made her way through straight toward the rack of smaller weights that she knew housed a few jump ropes. It was nearby the treadmills, and she spied the man as he stumbled off, but hardly noted him until she was right upon the area.

When she reached the weights, set her water bottle down, and bent for the rope, his scent hit her in full force. It had been muddled when she came in, masked by the smell of canine and various other species. At this proximity, she was certain of it. Jaguar. Vidya procured the jumprope as she straightened up, a knowing smile on her face as she turned to look fully at the man. Oh yes. Her cat pulled herself out of her proverbial cat cave, and notified Vidya with an excited roo that this was another!! One!!

"If you did that successfully, I would give you five dollars." She decided on saying, eyeing at the way he contemplated the moving treadmill. She had made the same mistake in the past, trying to leap back on. No easy feat, but maybe he was nimble enough?

His cat alerted him first.

Were scents weren't exactly few and far between here. But the jaguar gave a mental roo roo, pay attention, you dumb hairy sweaty Abraham.

He looked up from the still spinning treadmill just in time to see...


Some chick all smiley, a jaguar, a chick jaguar, right here in front of his face. His eyebrows rose. New jaguar. Another jaguar. Jesus Christ.

This was fine. You're fine, Abraham. He was quiet for a little longer than was probably socially ideal, then found words again.

"Don't know how fast treadmill injuries heal, but probably don't wanna risk it," he said sheepishly, circling around to turn the dumb thing off.

Oops! Had she startled him? Vidya met his surprise with a sweet smile, and waited as if his pause wasn't overlong. The jaguar pushed against her restraints, pacing eagerly in attempt to coax Vidya nearer to the other cat. She stayed put for now, though. The joke was cute, and she chuckled at it with a little scrunch of her nose. "I've heard it still takes weeks." She added. He was older, this one! Felt the same as Asha had, which was just a bit more powerful than she or Able. She wondered curiously if he knew them! So! "Do you know Asha?" Simple as asking!

That question was kind because it meant this wasn't just some additional random jaguar.

But it also made him feel a little embarrassed for making such a dumb first impression.

Oh well. What's new, Abraham.

"She's, uh. My girlfriend," he said. Had he ever said that sentence without some stumble! Probably not. "Are you the... uh, you work in a salon, right?"

There was a zero percent chance of remembering her name.

Oh! "So you're Abraham!" Vidya grinned with a sure nod. And at his own recognition, she quickened the bobbing of her head. "Mhm. Vidya!" She was honestly glad to have just bumped into him, given she had been planning on reaching out to each Jaguar individually for a meetup. This worked too, though. V stepped forward to extend her hand, which the cat encouraged with a delighted roo. When contact was made, the feline would leap excitedly toward the male cat, and seek to bump her nose into his cheek with a bumbling "rrroooororooorooorrr."

Of course they'd talked about him. His ass clenched a little.

His jaguar was a lot more interested, and as Abraham reached out for a handshake, his cat shoved forward and swiped a broad paw toward hers, clawless and trying mostly to...

Well. Just kind of thump her a little. Abraham felt his everything sweaty, despite already being sweaty.

"Sorry, he's- uh. Enthusiastic," he breathed with a nervous smile. "Asha seemed to really like you. She talk much about our group thing?"

The cat was subsequently batted at, which she returned as she leaped back a bit. Just a pap on the nose, mostly in play but also in a >:(! Abraham’s apology made her chuckle. “It’s okay, she doesn’t know boundaries.” A pain sometimes, being that boundaries were incredibly important to Vidya.

“A bit! I think I’m joining up with the group of you for the full moon. I plan on trying to meet everyone before hand, though. So far it’s been you, Asha, and Able. Only a few left!” A bright smile accompanied a nod as she withdrew her hand and placed both on her hips.

A thwap on the nose was probably the best possible response, in the end. His cat snorfed with indignation and approval, and Abraham tried not to focus on that part of his brain because it was embarrassing.

This chick had a confidence about her, a sense of ease, and that was one hell of a relief to Abraham. He could only be responsible for so many people still struggling under the weight of their respective jaguars.

"You're making progress," he said, running a hand through his hair and accidentally slicking it down some.

Stupid sweat.

"It's been wild, after like... months of just Asha and I, all these jaguars appearing," he admitted. "You had yours a while?"

And she was excited for it! Vidya nodded as she bunched the jumprope in her hands and toyed with a loop it made. It was a weird phenomenon, he described. Everyone suddenly coming into each others lives. "Out of the woodwork.” She said with a little trill in her voice to give it a spooOoOoky vibe. She wiggled her fingers for added affect. “She’s been around fooooor, three years?” Right? "What about you?"

He smiled sheepishly to her spookiness. Vidya seemed to have her shit together some, at least as much as Abraham could sense here. No weird panicked cat. No obvious baggage. No "turned last week." She had a job. She'd found her way here.

All of that was one hell of a relief.

"A little over a year," he said. "Just long enough to have lived every mistake at least once and survived."

Such a short amount of time and so in control! Vidya wasn't a jealous person, but color her impressed. Both Abraham and Asha! If she had any apprehension to considering a group run by them, it was surely ebbing away. "Oh, I know that life. Try living in NYC with a brand new cat." Her eyes widened as her brows rose, and she blew her lips out in a little raspberry. So many mistakes, but she'd learned!

"But I survived, and so did everyone around me." So! Good news.

Holy shit. How the fuck did any new were survive in New York? He could imagine starting to shift on a subway and the thought left him borderline nauseated.

"That's intense," he said, audibly impressed.

They'd had... less great luck in a more rural area. At least Abraham hadn't killed anyone... that he could remember.

"Well. It's a pretty good group. No assholes, except maybe me," he said, half sheepish and half sincere. "But Asha keeps me in line, so. I think we'll have a good full moon."

“It was.” Vidya said with a little sigh. “But I think the chaos helped me get my stuff together.” What was the saying? What didn’t kill you made you stronger? Well, what didn’t make her turn into a giant feral cat made her stronger.

As for the group? It would be a relief to have some sort of safety net. As much as it did pain her to admit, she wasn’t without flaw. A few friends around willing to pick up some of the burden would be nice! Plus! New friends!

“The assholes keep the ones that keep them in line on their toes. It makes things interesting.” She teased with a little wink. So far, he did not strike her much as an asshole. But this was only a first impression.

“Do you come to this gym a lot?”

The wink made him kind of sheepish in the way that women who were pretty made a guy sheepish?! Not in a romantic way, Asha, please don't sense it and get upset from afar.

Abraham hoped he could keep everyone in line. His approach hadn't always been successful in the past.

To the question, he wondered if he looked out of shape. Because he was.

"I used to, sort of fell out of the habit for a while. Now I gotta do all the gyming Asha can't do while she's healing up," he said, and that was a joke, but now he wondered if it was mean. "Uh, you?"

"I hope she heals soon! I heard a bit about what happened. I can't imagine a were-bear." She grimaced. It sounded terrifying. Was Asha in human form then, or shifted? Either way, Vidya was certain she would be running the other way. "This is my second time at this gym. But I try to work out a lot of she gets restless." In the end, it was beneficial.

Abraham sure as fuck hoped she healed quickly, too, even if she'd managed things alright with the cane.

He also never really wanted to imagine a were-bear ever again. This... in retrospect, wasn't the first time that one of them had terrorized Asha. It had to be the last. Right?

Vidya was positive at least, and Abraham ran a hand through his sweaty hair.

"I feel that," he said, despite the fact that he hadn't been working out. Like. At all. "I guess I'll... uh, get back to it. But I imagine we'll be seeing more of each other with the jaguar stuff and stuff."

Which was good, honestly. She seemed like the kind of cat they desperately needed. She had her shit together, and she wasn't miserable about it.

A... really nice change of pace.

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