Cheap Fabric and Plastic Fangs

Lavender Heights 
So ever since he had been sure that the ‘Gala’ was in fact actually a Halloween Party and costumes were encouraged, Tikanni had been scoping out the options. Some perusing online and various catalogues later and he’d come to the conclusion that Party City would be the best bet. Now that it got dark sooner, it made it possible for him to even drive up bike around for a bit before heading to the place with enough time for it to still be open as well. Overall, he was a happy camper. Locking the bike up at the front, the vampire made his way inside to begin perusing the various outfits with the smell of cheap plastic and fabrics in the air.

There was a lot, what with several aisles and a lot of selection on just one shelf. Looking up at a particular display, he contemplated if this was the one. Probably, maybe, possibly, he’d try and go from there. So grabbing the size that’d work for him, Tikanni was about to make his way to the front, when bonus assortments of items had his attention. There was various makeup kits here, sparkles, eyelashes, onesies, even little packs to make the right look without a mask. His gaze landed one in particular for vampires and it made him smile broadly, amused to heck what with the fake fangs and blood. Man, he had to buy this to play with. How exactly would this work was something he had to try out. Picking up one of the kits, he read the back, really not gleaning anything other than what the picture had suggested, but was still amused. Yep, this was coming with him even though it had nothing to do with the costume he'd picked out. Sometimes you just had to splurge on things even when they were as goofy as this.


Octavia was going to be Toph! From the Last Airbender! The earthbender, because hah! She was one! It was a private joke to herself, but in earnest she really loved the character. Some of her coworkers were going to be the other characters for their Halloween party, so she sort of jumped on board with them. The tricky thing, there weren't really many good options as far as costumes went. Not unless she wanted to break the bank ordering from a Cosplay site, or something.

So she was making it! It wouldn't be the best quality, but she was putting some effort into it. The clothing was mostly done, and the shoes were in the mail. All she had left now was to get contacts for her eyes and black hair spray paint. And maaaaybe find something that would work for the headband. For now, she focused on the contacts and hair stuff. There were a lot of options as far as colored contacts at Party City, and she was certain all of them would end up killing her eyes by the end of the night. But! She would wear them for as long as she could?

She was eyeing a set that looked promising. Really sort of meant for creepy zombie looks, as was displayed on the packaging, but they could work for that icy blue color that Toph had. With a decision made, Octavia shuffled forward and reached awkwardly toward the contacts, as both of her arms were holding two cans of hairspray each (she had a lot of hair, give her a break). Of course, she was never, ever, lucky enough to be graceful. One of the cans slipped from beneath her arm, and slammed onto the title floor with a loud crack. The plastic around it kept the top from busting, but it did nothing for the bottom as it, of course, split. Black hairspray came shooting out of the hole, the air propelling it in a speedy roll down the aisle, right toward a guy holding a costume and a makeup kit.

"Oops! Oops! Oops!" Octavia squeaked as she ran after the runaway can. Her shoes squeaked as she did her best to dodge the plume of black spray that it left in its wake.

The sudden onslaught of noise and breaking had Tikanni whipping around, noticing the shooting out black mist skittering towards him and the approaching girl trying to wrestle it back. Yikes, yikes, yikes! He backed up from the perfume of hairspray and recoiled as some hit his shoes. The spray that managed to coat the floor had him slipping and down he went in a really comical fashion, legs out first and then butt hard on the tile, items falling gracelessly in accent around.

Drawing in a breath of air to whoosh out in pain, he noticed the can rolling past him on it’s black painted rampage and tried to nab it before it could do more damage. "I've got it," he grunted. Coated edges made it slippery and it was a no go. "I don't got it." Defeated, Tikanni made to get to his feet, careful of the wet floor.

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

"Ahh!" She called as the guy it rolled toward just fell straight on his backside. Octavia hurried after the can, but honestly she couldn't help but laugh incredulously at the boy's attempt to catch the runaway hairspray. Eventually, the contents of the can were expended, and the can rolled to a stop just as she reached it. Sort of thankful, considering she would just be sprayed up and down if she tried to pick it up and stifle the flow. With a little grimace, she bent to grab the can, which quickly covered her hand in black, then turned on her heel to the man it had attacked.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry!" Oh! His shoooesssss.

Hat he's currently trying on

There was a ruckus in aisle whatever or the other.

He didn't really jive on Halloween like everyone else did, being, you know. An actual Halloween extra. Kinda lost the appeal? And he couldn't even get fucking candy anymore.

The torturous part, was the bookbar thought it'd be cute for the workers to dress up subtly a week before the spook fest. Obligatory, they said. Well a big fuck you too, work, again. The only humorous thing was he could legit be an ass about it and buy some sort of ridiculous costume that would make people uncomfortable.

The ruckus in aisle whatever, was next to his aisle of magical hats-with-mittens, and let me tell you. Hair spray shit coming out all at once? Did hell on a were's nasal cavities.

They'd hear him sneeze about fifteen times, a grouchy "Jesus Christ man," thrown in there somewhere.

Laughter accompanied the girl's approach and Tikanni watched her out of the corner of his eye grab the can that had stopped rolling successfully as he rose. Looking down at his shoes and turning them this way and that, it looked like some work was going to have to be done to get the spray off.

A girl's voice announced the can's owner had reappeared and it had him look up from the painted shoes. If there hadn't been a bunch of hairspray floating in the air burning his noise horribly, he would've easily noticed there was something different about her. As it stood, he appreciated the gesture to check on him and apologize. "Everything's jake, really, I'm fine," he said, rubbing at an arm. Minus the burning smell and hurt butt, yep. She really didn't need to feel bad here, accidents happened to everyone. And he was about to say something to that effect when sneezing about a gazillion times had Tikanni look over, at the shelves as if he could see through them. He couldn't, but there was definitely someone over there being afflicted by the smell just as much, the cussing confirmed it. Hopefully, the place aired out well.

Stooping over, he made to grab for the items he'd dropped. "What're you needing that color hairspray for?"

Everything was... jake. Okay. Octavia nodded her head, not entirely knowing what he meant but assuming it was some sort of slang for "alright." She offered him a sincerely apologetic smile, and would have said sorry again if they weren't accompanied by a sudden storm of sneezing. Octavia bit her lip with stitched brows as she waited for the misery of the person on the other aisle to stop. She... wasn't really bothered by the smell, but maybe some people were sensitive! "Sorryyyy!" She called over the aisle, hoping the person would hear. Back to the guy with the shoes!

"Oh! Um! For my Halloween costume. Have you ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender? I'm going as Toph." He looked around her age, so maybe!

His first coherent thought when the sneezing began to subside, was who in the fuck said everything's jake?

Weird ass fucking college people. He was part of that, technically, but not because he was a lot cooler. Look at him, rocking this unicorn hat of awesomeness. The chick who'd made the mess said sorry, whatever, Jeremy grumbling a "Yeah yeah," back at her.

He was being distracted by the new smell he noticed, now the scent of aerosol and chemicals was dissipating. It smelled like.. Death. Like when that raccoon died in their attic when he was ten and kinda melted into a pool of yuck because it was summer. Jeremy sniffed the hat suspiciously.

Not the hat.

He sniffed towards the people talking..


The chick was going on about some nerd-shit, but Jeremy was on investigation mode. Who the fuck stunk. Why did they stink. Were there such things as swamp monsters too? He swung the scarf-paw part of his hat dramatically around his neck, and made his way up the aisle so he could peer into the next one where The Shit™ had gone down.

Of course it was for her costume, they were at a costume store, were they not? Items thankfully back in his hands, he listened. The rest of the answer had him trying to pin which character that was. He hadn't exactly watched the show. Tikanni just knew of it and the references and a few of the character's names. "Nope, but I know of it. Toph's a pretty wicked character." He looked over her, critically, folding his arms and leaning back to be super extra about this all the while sounding a 'hmm'. "Yeppp, you'll be a perfect one, I can feel it," he beamed with a wide smile.

As the smell began to waft away there was notably human psychic and a really big surge of were scent which was one he recognized! Fox. Almost assuming it was the sandwich friend of his minus the piss smell, Tikanni looked towards the end of the aisle quickly and saw some dude in a pretty fantastic looking unicorn hat peering around the corner. He offered a little wave in greeting, not quite sure if they were the source and maybe just a bit crestfallen that if it was, it wasn't who he thought. But still, new possible werebuddy? "Hey, I like your hat," Tikanni said earnestly.

At least he'd sort of heard of it! It wasn't awkward then. She wouldn't have to explain to him who she was. Instead, he took it upon himself to step back and appraise her, and after a moment of confused blinking, Octavia put on a little tough little face like Toph would do. It seemed to win his approval, and her little pout turned into a broad smile. "I hope so!" She giggled. "I'll get to see what I look like with-" But there was someone coming around the corner that caught the man's eye, and Octavia turned to peek over her shoulder at who it was. She hoped it was a worker coming to offer some help in cleaning the mess she made!

But instead, it was a grumpy looking boy in a unicorn hat. She cracked a smile at the sight of someone so dower in something so bright and happy. Nice irony, there. "Where you the one sneezing?" She guessed, a little apologetic frown turning her lips downward.

When he turned the corner, he was greeted by a smelly boi, and a normal smelling lady. Literally - they were quick to jump at him. Nice hat, uh. Yeah, sure but not really. And obviously he was the one sneezing, if he came to check this out.

Really, he was just intent on trying to figure out what the stench was. Now he located it to be this aisle, and indeed, this man, he was fucking suspicious as fuck. Why you smell like death, bro? That ain't normal. Take it from the fox-shifter-person.

"It's fabulous, yeah," he commented a little dryly, eyes narrowed a tad at the guy. Death. What could smell like death.


He'd never actually met one. So this was a big thing. He was also kinda tempted to try and light him on fire, but the scene and questions it'd cause wasn't worth it. Jer felt somewhat responsible for the chick though, who was apparently just a dumb human. So, he walked closer to them (trying very hard to subtly breathe through his mouth) and nodded to the mess. "What the hell happened? You drop it?" He'd nod to the can, somewhat sympathetically.

She was cute. Her playing along, doubly cute. Thank you for doing so since that made the interaction even better. He was still wondering what she was excited to see herself with even as their fox friend came up.

The shifter's attitude could easily be summed up as kind of sour, but there was hope here that maybe it was just a cranky spell. It was after normal work day hours so maybe the guy had just had a bad day. The pointed look didn’t go unnoticed and that just had the vampire offering a small smile in return. Look buddy, he wasn’t doing anything wrong and came here to shop for a costume for a Gala Halloween Party Thing or whatever Edvin dude had decided it was, as you do.

As the fox asked exactly what had happened, Tikanni himself wasn't very sure as that was on Toph over here. A shrugging motion with hands in his pockets, Tikanni looked at her questioningly.

Fabulous was just the words for it! The attitude? Not so much. But Octavia was willing to look past it in favor of trying to force cheeriness into the guy who was looking her new friend over like he'd just come into the clean kitchen with muddy shoes. "Um, yeah." She admitted a bit sheepishly. "It fell out of my arm when I was trying to reach for some contacts." She gestured with her thumb toward the rack down the way. She needed to remember to get those.

"Sorry, again!" :3!

Possible-vampire wasn't talking much, which was maybe kinda nice to his own ego? Yeah you better be quiet, buddy, and fear the shifter. Even if he only turned into a small little nippy thing. Still. F E A R.

The chick was just plain clumsy, apparently, which was a normal and uninteresting ending to the story. "Bummer. It's fine." A shrug back, because there really wasn't anything else he wanted to talk about. The only thing keeping him from turning heel and leaving was the small desire to make sure bloodsucker dude wasn't trying anything on the girl.

The question was, would he actually risk trying to stop him if he was?

He wasn't honestly sure, but he decided to linger while his morals worked it out. The unicorn hat (he'd forgotten he'd had it on) was pulled off, and he wandered a little further down to where a display of fake eyelashes was set up. No way he was buying them, of course, but he pulled off a pink pair that would match the hat anyway and started 'reading' the back.

The shifter seemed to have taken the answer as good enough and left to go find... eyelashes upon closer inspection. Well, that'd go well with the hat he was trying to pull off and be a beautiful unicorn when all was said and done. Tikanni honestly felt a bit inspired to make a little unicorn hat for a fox to wear once shifted. If they were to ever cross paths again, perhaps.

Turning his attention back to the girl, he rubbed at an arm. "Do you want help reaching for them so stuff doesn't fall again?"

Sourgrouch seemed satisfied with the answer, and stalked off to go look at another rack. Octavia paid him little mind, which was easy with the nice boy offering to help. Octavia let a smile stretch wide across her face. "If it wouldn't be any trouble. I know I already ruined your shoes." She frowned down at them. Maybe she could do something like she had for Beauregard at the pumpkin patch? She doubted paint was entirely the same thing as cheap hot cocoa. It would probably just dry and be harder to get out later.

"What's your name, by the way?" She asked as she looked back up to the man.

Gross. Was the vamp trying to like, weasel his way into her good books so he could suck on her neck? That was the only reasonable explanation of why he was still hanging out and being all friendly and shit.

And the girl? Completely fucking falling for it like an idiot. What, coz he was attractive? Ooooh gonna make it so much better when he turned all fangy.

It wasn't like he was going to be some big hero and save her, either - not gonna risk his own neck. But, he would stall as long as he could to eavesdrop, and get a better understanding of what a vampire was.

The offer was welcomed and his gaze followed her own to his shoes as she apologized. Yeah, that was going to take a bit of scrubbing, but it should theoretically be ok. Just get some soap, maybe a toothbrush and just have at them. Looking back up at her, he waved a hand to express to forget about it. ”No worries to both. I’ll get these right as rain in a jiffy when I get home. Accidents happen,” he said, leaning back a bit so the balls of his feet rose in accent to it.

Leaning back to a normal stance, Tikanni made to start walking to the shelf in question where the hairspray options were displayed. ”I’m Will,” he answered her question, slipping to a common nickname for himself. ”What’s your’s?”

He was still very aware there was a shifter present here and while he had no ill will in regards to unicorn hat over there, there was a high probability they were still side-eyeing his actions. Tikanni just wanted to help for now, dude. Later, who knew, but right now was all about the hairspray. Also, now that he was getting a look at this particular shelf there were several options for black. Glow-in-the-dark, neon (how though), matte, shiny, classic, the list could go on. Expectantly, he waited for the psychic to supply which one and perhaps her name.

"Right as rain in a jiffy" was not entirely what she was expecting someone that looked close to her age would say. Octavia regarded him with a bemused smile, but otherwise didn't comment aside from a little hum of laughter. How odd! Maybe he was a hipster trying to bring old lingo back. And, to be honest, she kind of liked it! Octavia followed him, Will, to the shelves. "Octavia!" She offered with a grin. "I got the shiny kind." She nodded toward the cans in her arms, and the busted one she still held in her hand.... and glanced toward the mess of shiny black hairspray on the floor behind them. Yikes.

Verdict so far? 

God he was bored. These two were boring. Even the vampire's name was boring. Will? Lame.

It didn't seem like any immediate biting would be happening, nor was Will showing any interesting vamp features aside from sucking the life out of this conversation. There was only so long he'd pretend to look at eyelashes, and after a minor bit of guilt about leaving the hairspray-chick to possibly get eaten.. He squashed it, snatched up rainbow glitter eyelashes, and huffed off. 

Angry unicorn out, good luck human.

She answered with an amused sound and he thought over what exactly what was said that could’ve been funny. It made him pause internally, assessing and realizing that perhaps it was exactly that, what he’d said. Which word though?

At the reciprocation of her name, Tikanni nodded before reaching up to the hairspray in question, still a bit troubled he was coming off old fashioned here to Octavia. The cool metal was in his hand and it was about then that he realized the shifter had left, the smell receding which was also a bad and good thing. Everything was just a harmless interaction to help someone out, but with the smell of hairspray dying out with that sharp something mixed with woody overpowering scent of shifter drifting away as well, it was just Halloween store mixed with hints of muted staff and other people wandering around. But nothing stuck out more than Octavia who was really close to him. Oh boy. Insert internal grimacing here.

Bringing down the can of the color requested, he noticed the floor she was looking at and frowned. Yep, that was going to be a heck of a lot of work for someone. Hopefully, no one else fell in their pursuit for Halloween items. Tikanni offered over the hairspray, looking back at her. ”Here ya go.” Biting his lip, options were considered and with a throw of proverbial mind dice it would seem leaving wasn’t an option for now. ”Why Toph? Are you going as a group with people to be, uhh, what were they called? Element gang or something?”

He was so helpful! Octavia grinned as she was handed the can, and shifted the ones in her arms so she could grab it. Maybe she should have gotten a basket... oh well. At the question, Octavia brightened. "I a few of my co-workers are going as the others, yeah!" She giggled at the incorrect name, but honestly couldn't think of what they were actually called right now. "We work at Eden Project, its a botanic garden and butterfly conservatory. I'm in charge of keeping up with all of the plant life, so." A shrug. "It was fitting." Also, she could manipulate plants and earth and water. Heh.


Tikanni noticed after he'd handed her the can that she was kind of in juggle zone. Oof, that'd been rude not to consider.

Octavia's coworkers sounded super fun. Maybe, next year he could get his own to do something like all being characters from Jurassic Park. That'd be amusing to see a bunch of people dressed like that running around the sanctuary. The mention of her place of work had his face brightening to one of recognition. Toph definitely was fitting if he was following correctly since she was a Earthbender. If the choice also having anything to do with her own powers, that sadly went over his head.

"That's jazzy. You guys will be really cool, I'm sure. I actually visited there recently and the butterflies and flowers were really something special." He looked towards her full arms and then back up, catching Octavia’s gaze which had thankfully been on him. This was a way to try, possibly. "Uh, here, I'm sorry, I should've offered to carry some for ya. Let me help you tonight." Tikanni crossed fingers in his mind while willing whatever crazy power made this happen to go forth and do, feeling his stomach do flip flops. He needed to try, but she was so nice though! So he'd tread carefully, hoping not to spook her. Any thought to the suggestion not working were vanished as he felt it take. This was him taking this on the fly though and he’d figure out what step two was meant to be based on her reaction to that suggestion first. If she’d offer him some things to hold he’d make to get them.

"Thanks!" She said of the compliment. And you know what? It was jazzy! Octavia grinned, finding Will pretty endearing. So it was a no brainer to agree to let him help her. "I would love that! I just need to get some contacts. Could you hold these?" She motioned to the cans of hairspray, hoping he'd say yes since he'd offered and all.

Wow, that'd worked out well and there was a genuine curiosity to see how far that suggestion could be taken without the need of another. Riding on a wave of personal satisfaction, he graciously took the cans out of her grip. "Sure," he grinned. Playing happy shopping new friend would be easy, he'd do this even if he wasn't currently considering eating.

Tikanni would then go to follow her to where the contacts were as soon as she started there. "Man, you're going all out, even changing your pretty eye color out for this. What shade are you looking for?" Honestly, he was genuinely curious and also being super real here, her eyes were pretty now that he'd gotten a good look.

So nice!!! She flushed a little at the compliment. "Well, Toph is blind, so I'm getting some white ones." And as she said that, she reached up to grab some from the rack. "I'll probably end up taking them off half way through the night, but." A shrug. This was commitment, okay? She would at least keep them in for pictures.

"What are you going as?" She asked.

Ah, white ones made sense. He smiled at her explanation that she might just take them off halfway through. "Worth it for that bit then." After Halloween he would definitely have to see how those pictures came out. The staff would probably be posting them on social media somewhere on the place's accounts.

At her probing for his costume, Tikanni shuffled the costume bag around his arm, moving some cans around to be held better in the new grip. "Robin. I need to adjust some things, but this is a pretty snappy start."

"Cute!" She exclaimed as she looked over the costume. "You'll make a good one. You ready to check out?" She asked then, because she was! But since he'd been so helpful, and had offered to help her with her stuff, she was alright waiting for him. Also... there was something he was quickly deciding she would do. He was cute and all. And incredibly helpful! So. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to make him a friend!

The agreement had him beaming, pleased that she thought so. Hopefully, the rest of the clutch thought so too and this would be good enough for a 'gala'. It wasn't some fancy tux, but hey, no one could have a problem with superhero costumes right?

"Thanks! And uh, yeah, I think so." Looking at what was currently in his possession for the costume, Tikanni went over his own list. Yep, everything was accounted for. Anything else would have to be found at a hobby or fabric store.

"Let's go to the checkout, I guess." With that he'd start making the way to the front if she agreed, still juggling her various cans of hairspray to dutifully help out. To be honest, he'd probably do this anyways so it all just felt natural, happy enough to help someone that needed it.

Awesome! Octavia walked with Will to the checkout, and when they got there she was thankful to go first. A few minutes later, and she had everything in plastic bags and a receipt to tuck away into her purse. Normally, she would have said her goodbye then and headed out, but she found herself lingering as she waited for him to check out. When he was done, she fixed him with a bright smile and headed toward the glass doors. "Thank you again for helping me." She said. "That unicorn guy was pretty cranky."

Dropping off her hairspray at the counter, he waited for her to checkout and then it was his turn. Halloween costumes acquired, it seemed they'd both had success. One less stress to worry about this month. During that whole process though, he was pretty sure she would've left. Color him surprised when Octavia stayed present. That had been unexpected completely and had him at odds.

Returning the smile, he made his way to the doors with her. They opened with a whoosh and the night air came rushing in to greet them. "No problem." The fact that they were both calling the shifter a cranky unicorn guy in some capacity had him breathing a laugh. "He was a bit of a bluenose for sure."

There was a blink and the idea felt really creepy. It didn't hurt to offer things and it was a pretty mundane compulsion that might not even work with this, but it was sort of a test and he was curious in the grand scheme of things. "I can help you to your car too if you want? It's kind of dangerous at night with all the things going on and I don't know how far out you parked."


Where did Will learn to speak? Maybe he was raised by a grandparent, or something! Octavia giggled but nodded along. She guessed he was a bluenose, whatever that meant! As for Will's suggestion that he walk her to her car, she paused for a beat. Even if he had been nice, he was still a stranger, so it needed thorough thought before just agreeing. He'd been so eager to help her, even if she had ruined his shoes, and he seemed genuine about looking out for her. Hmm. If he did try anything. at least they were outside. She had ways of defending herself.

"Alright!" She agreed with a little smile.

Tikanni was honestly totally fine if she said no. He could walk away, happy enough to make the acquaintance of someone that might be a future friend if they met again. That offer could easily be misconstrued to being even weirder towards a direction not at all intended, he got it. There was a difference between preying on people and preying on people. So, he waited with a small smile as she seemed to think it over.

What he got was an alright and yeah, he was still not sure if anything passed that initial help had been part of the suggestion. Overall, it was fine though because she was going to let him walk with her. There was a part of him remembering she wasn't without bite here herself. Best to proceed with caution as he had no idea what her powers even were.

"Cool, so how long have you been here?" Tikanni would start to follow her where she went, trying to strike up an conversation.

And with that, they headed off to her car. She was happy to have someone to talk to on the way there. "I grew up here! Well, in Crestview, but." A little shrug. "What about you?" Surely, he wasn't from around here with the way he spoke!

She was a local! Octavia probably knew all the ins and outs of the city then.

"Neato. You probably know tons about everything then. I'm frommmm not here." He looked at her then, still happily walking along. There was no harm in sharing this info as far as he could tell. "I grew up in Nome and moved here." Good 'ol Nome, Alaska where it'd probably be white with snow again.

"Yeah!" She agreed. She'd explored most of Mountainside growing up. There were some areas she'd yet to really venture into, but the place was big so give her a break! "Alaska?" She said, excitement peaked. "When did you move here?" And why! Alaska was so pretty!! Probably really cold, from what it looked like, but Colorado could get cold, too. She could probably handle it.

That was a super enthusiastic reply and he grinned at her. He swung the bag he was holding a bit, the momentum making it delay before popping back into rhythm as she asked the question. Looking up, he did a rough estimate and turned back to her.

"Yep! Uhhh, almost a year ago? I've never lived in a big city like this till now though. It's pretty swanky." There was a lot he still had to explore here.

A year was not long.

"Pretty swanky, indeed!" She giggled. "I should give you a tour of some cool places some time. A year isn't long enough to see the best spots." Her eyebrows raised as she looked over the side of his face. It wasn't so much of a move on him as it was just being friendly, but! She knew what she was doing!

Her agreement with a giggle had him smiling. He'd been doing that a lot, but it was kind of hard not to. Feeling eyes on him, he turned to look at Octavia as she offered to give him a tour. That was a nice offer and there was perhaps some intention, maybe, or he was squinting too hard. Either way it'd be nice to see her again.

"I'd like that," Tikanni said sincerely.

"Yay! Just gimme your number and we can set something up." She said, and moved to dig out her phone from her purse and hand it over. While he did that, she unlocked her car and set her bags inside, before closing the door again and locking the door. Just some safety precaution, so he couldn't shove her into the car, steal her keys, and drive off to some scary- okay, she was overthinking. Will was nice!

Octavia wanted his number and for some reason he actually didn’t think this discussion would get this far. It kind of left him at a surprise. Of course she’d need his number if he was going to get shown around, idiot! But he’d just figured by now she’d be on her way, mind wiped if everything went smoothly. And yet, here he was still having a conversation and she was being very endearing and helpful. Overall, he was actually at peace with that as it was a nice change of pace.

”Ah! Sure, that’d be awesome. Lemme get my phone out.” Fishing for it in his pocket, Tikanni watched Octavia as she put everything up and promptly… locked the car again. Odd. Wasn’t she going to drive away soon? No one was going to steal her car when they were both right here.

”Ready whenever you are.” He'd offer his number for her to put in when requested, momentarily having to remind himself internally that he was Will in this conversation. That'd be something to put down in the notes of her contact info most likely if he were to keep things straight later on.

They would exchange numbers, and Octavia would save his number as Party City Will. When all was said and done, she was grinning and slipping her phone into her pocket. "Cool, I will hit you up soon! Thank you again for the help, and sorry for the mess!" Her eyes flickered down to his shoes, then up to him again as she frowned crookedly.

Maybe, it was because Tikanni had had enough time to talk himself out of it and she had offered to help show him around, that any idea of pursuing another suggestion just fell. Instead, he'd made a charming friend.

Saving Octavia's contact information, he shifted his weight, hands in his pockets with the bag hooked into the crook of his arm as she said her goodbyes. The look back to his shoes and up with the sorry had him wiggling his feet up and down in amusement.

"No worries. You can pay me back with that tour," he shrugged with a smile. "I'll catch you on the flip side." If she had nothing else to say, he'd turn around to walk to his own car.

"Have a good night, Will!" With that, she unlocked her car and settled in. All in all, a good night!

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