Everything Will Glow For You

Cedar Creek 
@"Joey Valero"

Avery did not want to wake up. It was warm and cozy in bed all wrapped up against her fiancé and just comfortable.

She didn’t want to go talk to contractors for the clinic. She didn’t want to get up and feed her children. She really didn’t want to go to her wedding dress fitting this week. She wanted to cling to Joeys chest, ear against his heart and relax into soothing herself back to sleep.

She wiggled around so she could muzzle in closer, reached over with her ringed hand to take Joey’s hand with her own and kissed his knuckles.

Life was perfect.

There were few things in the world that were more relaxing than laying in a warm bed wrapped up with the woman he loved the most. Every morning, he found it a struggle to wake up and every morning, he just pulled her closer so that that she would be less inclined to crawl out of bed. Today was no different.

He was somewhat aware of the way she held his hand but that didn’t stop him from wrapping his other arm around her body and pulling her flush against him. That done he wrapped their blankets around both of the and snuggles closer to her With a content sigh and a slight smile on his face.

He pulled her closer and she sighed softly in comfort and relief as their combined body heat made a cocoon in the blankets. Her beast rolled lazily, changing its position to lay with her head on the other Hyenas shoulder, tongue flicking out to lap at his ear gently.

She tightened her grip on her fiancé on the outside and her eyes fluttered open and then shut again, the beat of Joeys heart nearly in perfect sync with her own. Nearly.

Joey was barely aware of anything. His hyena was just as lazy, crooning quietly as her tongue swept over his ear, which twitched a time or two in response to the touch. It had taken a while to get used to this level of intimacy but he was glad he’d found Avery, glad they’d become so close and that they’d had two wonderful, beautiful kids. He could never have asked for anything more.

A deep breath pulled in her warm, inviting scent as Joey’s arms tightened around her slightly before the male started fading into sleep again, not quite ready to wake up yet.

On a conscious level, Avery didn’t know what was happening. On a sub conscious level, the ex hyena queen knew exactly what was happening and was encouraging her beast to keep close because she needed him. Needed him more than she needed air to breathe or her eyes to see. She would give up everything she had for him and the twins. Hands down.

She turned her head so that her nose was pressed against his throat and felt herself heat up from her very core, a heat that only Joey Valero could quench - metaphysically she invited him in.

There was a sense of movement that wasn't quite physical. He could remember, vaguely, when he had first become a Were -- he hadn't been able to make sense of how the metaphysical plane worked. It had been overwhelming and scary, in some ways. Obviously, he had figured things out as time went on but there was still obviously a disconnect. He knew he wasn't as in tune with his beast as some other Weres were, or as Avery was, but in this moment, he felt so... connected.

He felt his hyena go to hers, felt the need to be close and share an intimacy that had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with being meant for each other. He had no idea how he knew that, but he did and he submitted himself to it, feeling his fur brush along hers. What he would give to stay here with her like this forever.

Her eyes snapped open with the connection. His beast met hers and together they sighed in relief. A sense of being complete washing over them. She was perfectly at ease now and it had everything to do with how comfortable the two had become.

Her heart beat in tandem with his, violet eyes meeting his golden ones and she let her fingers untangle from his to cup his cheek gently, leaning up to kiss him firmly.

You may now kiss the mate.

For the first time, Joey could feel the surge of his beast as it rushed to meet hers, feel the way his eyes filled gold as he watched her own turn violet. There was a different feeling to this, though. The kiss she laid upon his lips was intense, more so than any kiss they'd shared before, which was odd considering that their kisses before had been considerably more... intimate. This felt like a different kind of intimate though, a good kind of different.

"Ave," He mumbled against her mouth. "Ave, I love you..."

His words felt like the truth. Like he truly believed what he was saying and it filled her with warmth in places she didn’t realize were cold. She giggled into the kiss, giddy with all of the feelings rolling through her and pulled back to look at him properly.

"I love you too. We will always be together."

He kissed her again, fingers grasping at her and pulling her closer to him, hugging her tighter. It wasn’t a long kiss but shorter, breaking again to answer her.


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