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Sayed had apologized for the way he'd conducted himself earlier and Amy, whilst she'd accepted it, could still feel the tension and remaining frustration as she drove to head back to the mansion and peace the fuck out.

Frustration bordered impatience and she found herself putting Holly on speakerphone, wishing to get this over with whilst it was still fresh.

Incoming call


Holly was, you guessed it, carving more pumpkins.

She elbow-tapped her phone to answer, wondering what fresh hell Amy was up to now. The first thing she'd note, was the fact that there was.. Noises as if the girl was driving?

... You know calling or texting while driving is frowned upon, yes?

She was old, and did not know the fact their own car had the same calling feature.

Oh Holly, you poor, old thing.

..You know that there's a feature which allows you to call whilst driving and not have to stick the phone to your ear, yes?

But seriously now.

Two things. One; you never told me about Sayed and two; did you know shifted weres could talk?


Oh there.. What. There was a what.

... Of course I did, I'm not old.

She was old.

One, it was only a few days ago, and two, I did. Now why are you calling me about Sayed and talking weres? I'll happily stick a gourd onto your head and force you out in the yard if somehow he's ended up eaten.

All said very pleasantly, really, but she was honestly concerned about what might have happened.

Such refusal. She chuckled.

And here I was thinking you thought more highly of me—my heart, Holly.

There was a visible pout to her words, but it was all in good humor.

But back to being serious.

Sayed's fine; I came across him earlier tonight in the woods, but we got interrupted by a cheetah when we set foot in Copper Mountain. No one's hurt, but God knows how stubborn he was about picking a fight with the animal. I dropped him off at his place and he apologized for causing a hassle, but I think it'd be good if you got in touch with him about it; he'll find himself gutted if he keeps spewing bullshit at angry furballs.


She found her eyes rolling in exasperation at the girl's words. Her heart indeed, yes. It was good they had met, at least, and everyone was fine. She was even pleased they'd gone hunting together in future Clutch territory.

She was a little less pleased about a cheetah being there.

We'll have a few shifters wandering in before it becomes more obvious it's occupied territory - you both did good not picking a fight, though. We don't want to seem aggressive before we have a right to be.

Holly chewed her cheek a moment, thinking about Sayed's actions.

It is the day after new moon, so perhaps don't judge him so harshly. He's about your age, I think, and from Chicago - it's possible he's never actually been in close quarters with weres before. I'll have a word with all of you, I think, when you hang up.


They'd done well.

She appreciated the gentle praise even if it didn't make her feel any less mentally exhausted.

Fair enough. In a bit, then.

Amy had considered mentioning Sayed's encounter with the bear shifter, but decided against it.

The beginnings of a headache were forming and she'd rather keep her focus on the road than try to pay close attention to what Holly was saying. Whenever it was the older vampire decided to get in touch with them, Amy would be there, she was sure of it.

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