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Kensington Quarter 
Outfit and @"Savannah Raight"

Ellie didn't remember this part of town.. She had memories of the centre of Cordova, the shopping centre, the square, and just the area. She remembered her parents bringing her here.. but she still couldn't remember anything else. She just knew she'd been here.

But this place. This place she had no recollection of whatsoever.

And honestly she found it a bit weird. "Savvy I don't get it. Any of it," she'd say, looking off to the side at some weird shop selling odd sculptures.

It was getting darker earlier too, with it getting nearer winter. And with that came something she was too focused on something else to notice just yet..


"It's like.. High end decor items we're looking for. So we gotta go to high-end parts of town. And since the Creepy Clutch of Death is gone, this is like the best spot."

She'd honestly missed Cordova, all the shopping, all the city vibes. Definitely felt more mature than the Heights, given most of the residents weren't students. Plus, meant they wouldn't be buying gala items at Party Central.

It was fucking freezing today - not that she felt it. The coolest part about being a vampire was she could basically be walking around in a bikini right now, and wouldn't feel anything but horrified stares from passerbys. As such, she had on a jean jacket with fluff, but it felt weirdly unneeded even if it was cute.

Something wet landed on her nose, and she looked up as more kept falling. "Oh.. Hey snow!" First snow of the year, guys! Soon time for awesome warm food and hot chocolate and snuggles and fires and oh shit that wasn't happening because vampire. Right.


Creepy Clutch of Death, yeah that was a good way of putting it. Honestly, Ellie was glad she didn't get to see anything about them other than the bad lady who was now dead (yay!). She liked her clutch, and now she was a mentor of all things, so she was even being an important part of it.

Either way, her attention was broken off the 'high end decor items' as Savvy called out that there was snow. In October? Ellie always thought that was a Christmas thing only, though that was all she'd seen from the films and tv shows. She had no actual memory of the real thing.

She'd look up then, and actually see it. Small white sparkles fluttering down from the dark sky. Her mouth opened a little in amazement. She lifted an hand to see it settle on her coat. It was real snow.

"Look Ellie, it's snowing!"
"Ahh no, not a snowball!"
"Right in Mommy's face!"



It was becoming oddly, depressingly familiar to watch Ellie had little memories pop back up at random moments. Savannah wouldn't notice it at first, wandering further ahead to scout some stores, but soon enough she'd feel the lack of presence beside her. "Hey, silly, what'cha.."

Her friend was looking up at the sky, mouth opened slightly, which wasn't surprising perhaps. She forgot about snow? Weird but.. She'd heard weirder.

Then the girl mumbled mom, and Savvy's heart broke just a little.

She would walk back, and take her hand, squeezing slightly. "It's okay." Just a memory, bad or good. If it was good, then.. Good.

Bad, they'd take it each step too.

The image was there now, burned into her mind, almost literally since it felt like it hurt. Hurt like how she thought fire would as a vampire.

Her mother's face. Red and cold with bits of snow sprinkled on it, grinning in a fun-evil way as she was about to get her payback for a snowball to the face.

As the sprinkling of snow settled on Ellie's own, it was almost like she could feel the memory too.. She was lost. Lost in the first image of her Mom she could even remember.

It wasn't until her hand would be grasped that she'd snap back to reality. Her eyes stung with tears, and as her head slowly dropped back down to meet Savvy's, she'd grip her hand tighter. Needing this.

"I.. saw my mom.. I remembered what she looked like.." she'd croak out, still completely stunned at this realisation. She didn't even know if it was good or bad. It was just..


She could see the tears now, making Ellie's somewhat large eyes even bigger, wet. It only served to soften Savannah more, as she looked around for somewhere they could sit perhaps.

"Easy, Ellie. Come on, let's go find a seat and you can tell me more.." It would help her to just.. Talk it through. Make it seem less surreal. Weird, though, that her memories were slowly returning. Good and also.. Not? Because not all memories were good ones, and hell if she wanted her friend to go through remembering shit from that place.

There was a metal bench, a little further ahead in a small green-space. A pathetically spindly tree, a little sign warning you not to leave dog poop lying around. The ground was dusted with white now, as the bench was, and she used a sleeve to brush it off for them to sit.

Once settled, she'd turn to face her friend, holding both her hands. "What did you see..?"

It wasn't a sobbing kind of crying, not the usual flailing that she did whenever she was upset. Ellie was just stunned, and tears were just simply falling from her eyes. She hadn't felt this before, and she didn't know what to think of it. Everything was so confusing.

She'd nod, and let Savvy take her along to a bench, just blinking along the way to see if her eyes would stop watering. It would be brushed off, and she'd slowly take a seat, still gripping her sister's hand.

What did she see..

Ellie would sniffle up, but she wouldn't address her eyes just yet. It just felt wrong to for some reason. Her voice would continue to be a croak; quiet as she was still reeling from all of this.

"I saw.. it was snowing and we went out to play.. And I could hear my parents again, and I made a snowball and threw it at my mom.." She'd pause to chuckle a little bit, sniffing again. "I hit her in the face, and we were all laughing.. then she wiped it off and.. I saw her.."

She'd look over to Savvy then, with a softer expression. "I saw her face.. I saw my mom.."

Savannah could be the most impatient creature, sometimes, and then the most patient the next. Right now, she wasn't going to interrupt Ellie once while she gathered herself together, listening intently, if not a little upset, at the memory she had. It must be hell, suddenly remembering your parents after so long. Or, well. Parent. Dad still hadn't made a mental appearance, if Ellie even had a dad around..

She looked back, squeezing the girl's hands gently, expression intent. "Hold onto it, okay? Keep it in your mind.. Save it. Then you won't forget her again, and maybe it'll even help bring more memories back."

Part of her wondered, again, if that would be a good thing. But for now.. She'd hope it was.

"I can try to draw her, when we're home." Perhaps that, combined with Ellie's last name, they could try finding her on social media..?

Ellie would hold onto it. She'd hold onto it forever. This image of her mother's smile would be ingrained in her head forever. Or maybe, at least until she got to see her again. Then they could make new memories together. So, she'd sniffle again, and nod back.

"Yeah.. I just wish I could remember her name.. or my Dad too.." Her lip would quiver, but she'd grip her lips together, trying her best to suck it in.

A coat sleeve would come up, and rub her eyes clear. By the time she could see visibly once again, the whole of the area would be covered in a beautiful, gentle sheet of snow.

She'd smile then, and go to lean on Savvy's shoulder. "It's really pretty."

It did suck, and Savvy would have wished she could have too if she was in Ellie's position. But, encouragement for now. She had to be strong for her, just like the brunette was strong for Savvy when she needed it. "Well, hey. They're coming back slowly, your memories. Maybe it'll click soon, you'll have a moment." She smiled a bit, trying to joke. "Maybe I gotta like, wear a suit and act like a dad and it'll trigger it."

Probably not, but she'd look fucking cute in a suit, guys.

A snowflake hit her nose again, more wet than cold. Savannah looked around the Quarter, a grin spreading across her face. "Yeah, so much. It'll be Christmas soon." Her favorite holiday, honestly.

A light hand-squeeze. "What do you want, for Christmas?" Something to help distract her, as she was tugged lightly to her feet by the older vampire and led along.

Savvy was right, and Ellie nodded. Her memories had slowly been coming back, and at this rate there was a decent chance she'd actually remember her parents fully. Then they could go about finding them. Somehow.

Ellie just knew they were close.

She'd giggle at the idea of her wearing a suit though. She didn't know how it'd look honestly, but she was interested in trying. With another sniffle and a grin, she'd nod. "That'd be cool."

Christmas was soon. With another hand-squeeze and an all-important question, Ellie would be lifted up after Savvy, and they'd get to walking again, shoes crunching in the snow lightly. "It'd be bad if I just said marbles wouldn't it?" she'd joke, giving her sister a cheeky little grin.

Though after she'd sigh in thought, pouting as she tried to think. "I'm not sure.. I don't really know what I want honestly."

Savannah led her further down the darkened street, the streetlights making the snow an eerie orange color. She wondered if any stores would still be open, or open long enough for them to buy anything. They could get ideas from store windows anyway, and order similar things online at the very least. It was nice getting out of the house.

Though she had skipped some classes to do this and.. Welp. Anyway.

"No, coz I was getting you some anyway." She grinned cheekily, elbowing her friend lightly. "And it's okii, you got a few months. And even if you can't think of anything, I'll find you something." Though gift ideas were always so much better. "And you don't gotta worry too much about me either kay? We'll keep it chill."

They were 100% getting the most awesome goth tree ever, though.

Speaking of gothware, there was a tasteful decor store they just passed, and it had some pretty cool looking glass pumpkins and these big dark purple flowers around them in the window display. "Ohhhh you think that's pretty?"

As childish as she knew it was, Ellie still couldn't help but give an excited grin at the prospect of getting more marbles. They were just so great, every time.

A few months yeah, but this was the first time she'd ever had to actually think of something she wanted for Christmas, at least to her knowledge. "Okay, cool." She'd have a think, both for herself and Savvy, but overall she'd probably just let Savvy choose her something.

Ellie looked up to where Savvy was noting, and would stop to look up. It was super pretty, and she'd raise her other hand to point, "I really like the flowers. Do you think Edvin would be into flowers?"

Would a gala-throwing man be into flowers? Proooobably? But he had said to run by any purchases, so she hummed and shrugged. "I vote we take a bunch of pics of things we like, with prices, and then show him later tonight." Savvy was already bouncing up the step to squint at opening hours. They were in luck - just a half hour left before closing.

They stepped inside, a bell jingling, and she smiled to the lady at the counter in a we're browsing, please don't be all pushy manner.

When they went a little deeper into the store, she'd take Ellie's phone and show her the camera function. "You go that way, I'll go this way, let's just take pics of things we like kay? And note prices, don't forget." That was more for herself, honestly - Savannah had the bad habit of not looking before spending.

She took an aisle that had lots of candles, and thank god, they had a smaller display of LED ones she could snap pics of.

Ellie nodded back to that vote. Really any ideas Savvy had were great, that's why she was her best friend-sister. And also why Ellie was now a vampire, but that was still good so whatever. She stepped in with the girl, and would follow suit, completely ignoring the lady at the counter since Ellie had no sense of shop etiquette.

The camera on her phone was opened, which was never really used other than the one time she accidentally took a picture of herself whilst messing around. "Alright, I'll do my best," she'd say with a nod, before turning to her end of the shop.

Ellie was amongst.. pumpkins. Glass ones to be precise. They were quite pretty and came in all shapes and sizes. Ellie would give one a tap, as her nail would ever so lightly clink against it. She'd also just give one a quick little touch and just.. send some energy into it. Just to test how fragile it was.

She'd recede the energy and grab her phone, taking a quick picture of a few of them.

The candles were pretty, totally. She had a like for ones shaped like bottles, so she took pictures of those and few extras of some candelabra things in case Edvin didn't like bottles.

At the end of the aisle, she looked down the other to grin at Ellie. "Pumpkins! They look like something from Cinderella!" The girl was taking pics, so perfect - Savvy wandered further along, gasping as she caught a glimpse of this display of nearly opaque black balloons. Like, tasteful balloons, they looked like some sort of wrapping paper? Not rubber Party City crap.

"Elliiiiie I'm getting one of these for me anyway even if Edvin doesn't like 'em," she whined, holding the string to one and just.. Gently bobbing it.

Oh my god could she go on a dog walk holding one of these? Imagine all the people who'd follow her into dark alleys for noms.

Ellie was still a bit unsure about what exactly she was looking for, just going off Savvy's concept of "stuff she liked". So when her sis popped her head around the corner to grin and give a happy reaction at what Ellie had chosen, it gave her a little more confidence.

She'd keep going as Savvy passed by, only looking up as the girl would say her name again. Upon looking her way, Ellie would see her bobbing a cool balloon. "Alright. Well, let's take a picture of it," she'd say with a grin, before looking behind her to step backwards a little.

Then she'd hold her camera up, to frame Savvy holding the balloon. "Say cheese!" To which she'd take the picture, if Savvy would allow it.

Of course Savvy would allow it. Savvy fucking loved pictures, spent hours as a young teen figuring out how to work the angles that didn't make her look like a chubby chipmunk. She shot Ellie a grin, then blinked a bit as the flash hit her eyes.

"Wow that stings," she grunted, squinting a bit. But anyway, she kept a hold on the balloon and looked for a price tag..


"Excuse me they want $35 for this. What. In the fuck. You aren't that cute if Edvin isn't paying for you." This was she didn't shop at fancy stores. Fancy stores had fancy prices.

Savannah Raight was really, really not meant for fancy things.

Ah, frick, she forgot she left the flash on. It was enough to surprise her too, and frowned a little in disgruntlement at her phone because of it. "Frick, sorry."

She'd get to messing around on her phone a bit more, trying to work out how the camera worked and stuff, before she'd look up as Savvy spoke again, complaining that the balloon was $35. She'd take a note of the price, nodding back.

Albeit with limited understanding. "Is that a lot for a balloon?" she'd ask completely innocently.

Was that a lot for a balloon? "Oh my god, yeah. I mean well." A sigh. More explaining of daily life stuffs. "These are fancy, granted. But the thing is, you can get a less fancy balloon for like.. I dunno, two dollars for a whole pack, at a dime store. So, okay. These might be super fancy balloons, but I still wouldn't pay that much for one when I can get 50 for way less. Even if they aren't so pretty."


Savannah shrugged, continuing along a bit further with Ellie. They'd hit the end of the Halloween items - already, a few Christmas ones were set up way in the back, so they looped towards the door. "Want to hit a few more shops if we can? Then we can go home and show Edvin what we thought would look nice, go back tomorrow to get it."

Well. Okay. The balloons were overpriced. Ellie just kinda stared, wide-eyed as Savvy went off on her little rant. She tended to do that quite often, and Ellie had just learned to smile and nod. "Got it." She didn't got it.

They'd wander a bit more, and Ellie would notice that Christmas items were there. Wasn't that too early? It was weird. Either way, she agreed with Savvy's idea. "Yup. We can do it like a pick'n'mix."

Oh, frick. She forgot they couldn't have sweets any more. "Oh. Sorry."

A pick and mix? A what?

Savannah blinked, and squinted at her friend in confusion because FOR ONCE she was on about something she didn't know about. "What's that?" she chirped happily, hoping it'd give her friend a confidence boost to get to explain it to her.

The two girls would head back into the snowy night street, and wander further along the shops at a leisurely pace. There was a thrifty sort of costume shop, they passed, and after a pause Savannah would beckon her friend inside. "We'll need Gala costumes too, so may as well look now."

Thank goodness for late opening hours.

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