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As promised, once Amy let her go she eyed her phone a little longer. Wondering what to say, collecting herself mentally to not exactly tell Sayed off, but to at least make him understand even their lifespan could be short, given how you used it.

She was sure he wasn't a troublemaker. He'd been calm, collected enough in their first meeting.

Perhaps, like most men were, he was just prone to.. Idiotic moments.

Incoming call

They'd find out soon enough.

Sayed was trying to forget about what had happened. It was obvious that Amy had been angry, and she had every right to be. He'd just finished off a bag of blood he'd had for emergencies since he didn't feel like it would've been a good idea to try to go out to feed after he'd been dropped off. His phone went off in his pocket and he quickly pulled it out. He didn't recognize the number, though there had only been a few people with his phone number.

Hello? This is Sayed.

He had a good feeling who it was on the other end.

She'd made sure to mentally prepare her tone. This wasn't an accusing call, and she did not want to end up the type of leader to chastise her members over every single thing. A leader, in her mind, was a guiding figure. Sayed was not a bad man, Holly was sure - he just needed to be helped along the difficult life of a vampire. Being immortal wasn't all fun and games.

Hello, Sayed. Amy told me what happened tonight, I just wanted to make sure you were alright.

Her tone was caring enough, and not at all forced. She did hope he hadn't been to spooked by the whole ordeal.

She was kind, thankfully. Her voice didn't come across as angry, nor did her words make him think she had anything else on her mind other than concern.

He sighed.

Right, yeah. I'm fine. I don't really know what came over me. I wanted to leave when we first heard the cheetah, but Amy thought we should stick around, and then when the shifter told us to leave and called us leeches, I just kind of lost it. I mean, I live here in Avondale. What if they try to force me out?


It was understandable he'd gotten pushed to upset - the shifter had sounded like the aggressor in this situation. Still, all this could cause was trouble depending on what they'd take back home.

I'm glad you are alright, and I do understand the frustration. But you need to learn some diplomacy, if you're to deal with weres. Not all of them are aggressive, just like not all of us are. Avondale is not yet claimed by anyone - you're better off keeping low, and backing off if this happens again. Fighting will only you get hurt, or give the clutch a bad reputation once we get settled. I don't know what damage you and Amy have already done.

A little firmer now, making sure he understood that pulling these kinds of stunts wouldn't be too highly appreciated in the future.

Even if Holly couldn't see him, Sayed still nodded along with everything she was saying. He was waiting for her to pause so he could interject and say that his aggression was likely a mix of the new moon occurring recently and being hungry, but then she pointed out that there may have been irreparable harm already done to the clutch even before they were fully established.

He was quiet for a moment, thoughtful in his reflection.

I'm sorry. I'll do better.

It may have not been much, but it was the only thing he had to offer.

It was a simple apology, yet, she honestly thought it more sincere than any extravagant plea for forgiveness others might have offered. He was sorry; he would do better.

That, is all you can do. Thank you.

She was just as sincere back to him, smiling just a touch into the phone.

For now, just be wary going into wooded areas. Perhaps stick in town, the shifters won't be in animal form there, at least. You know not to go into Belle Vista, North Glenn, or Cedar Creek yes?


Sayed was relieved that Holly didn't seem too mad at him. After two encounters with shifters, Sayed knew it was better to be with a group of vampires rather than being alone. He didn't want to get kicked out of a clutch that hadn't even gotten started yet.

He nodded again as she told him to stay away from wooded areas. It was annoying since he liked hiking in the woods at night, but he understood that it was best to lay low. And then she mentioned Belle Vista.

Belle Vista? I've been there a few times without incident. I like the museum there.

He understood not going to North Glenn, since that was where he'd run into a bear. And he'd overheard that Cedar Creek was a pretty shady area of Mountainside, so he had no desire to go there. But Belle Vista was different.

I mean, if you think it's important, I'll stay away from Belle Vista for now.


He had been into Belle Vista without incident? She squinted, a low hum of interest passing into the receiver. Might be the warning of shifters had been false, or perhaps they just were not a very large group to watch everything at once.

There's been warnings a shifter group hostile to our kind resides there. You might have just been lucky those few times, but I certainly wouldn't push it further until we can get a better read on it.

He seemed to already be pushing his luck to the limit.

Thank you, for being patient and understanding. I'm very much here to try and help you settle without issues, not scold you. Not being argumentative is very much appreciated.


Sayed listened to Holly carefully. He hadn't been in Mountainside too long, and if she said there were places he shouldn't go, then he understood that it was important to listen.

Oh really? Okay. I will steer clear of the area then.

He might give Pandora a call too, since she had been there as well. He got on so well with her- he definitely didn't want anything to happen to her.

Of course, Holly. You know this area better than I do. And I appreciate you taking the time to make sure that I'm safe. I will stay away from all of those areas.


He was a good man, really. A bit puppyish, but most men were.

Tis what a group ought to do. Keep safe, I'll be in touch.


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