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Sk8 City 

 It was only October and already the snow had started in - apparently not unheard of, it was still far less than welcomed. It was hard to wrap her head around it, that she was quickly sliding into her second winter in Mountainside. Different life, a different world, she was sure she would be bitching right about now. A decidedly less animal Alex had hated winter, loathed the snow and the bite power of a chilly gust of wind.

 These days she could swing a fall jacket, knew to pull it tighter around herself and raise her shoulders to the wind because that was what people did. The funny thing about being human was that even after so long it was easy enough to mimic, an easy costume. She relaxed only when she shoved open the second set of heavy doors and ended up in Sk8 City proper.

 After so long, she had a good sense of the general schedule, knew enough about the roller derby team to come by late on the weekday nights to watch them fly by one another on the rink. Saturday's were nice for the violence, but even practice was a contact high, adrenaline by proximity. Alina beat the shit out of other people and ran a business accordingly, Dante liked to watch cars zoom in a circle and collide, she supposed watching a bunch of girls shoulder check the shit out of one another was her own personal reprieve.

 She had gone through the motions, stopped at the counter to the far right and had bought herself a paper boat of fries doused in bright yellow cheese. By the time she left she'd stacked on a cup of Coke taller than her head was long. Jostling the straw a bit and sipping as she shuffled over to the round and perpetually sticky tables that were positioned around the wall that encapsulated the well-polished track. "Seat taken?" She'd already reached out a foot, nudged the chair from the table like reeling in a fish on a line.


Evelina's body was there, but her mind was currently wandering elsewhere. It wasn't really that she had anything particular on her mind, quite the opposite actually, and in just going through the motion of slamming nachos down her throat was a fabulous time waster. She was so lost in her thoughts of nothing that she jumped as another came by, pulling at a seat with a question, nacho flying from her hand to the floor.

Brows crinkling slightly at the sight of her fallen nacho friend, hazel eyes moved towards the assailant, simply offering a nod of her head. "Oh yes, you may have that seat if you like." Despite the female being the cause of one less nacho, Evelina had no real reason to take the seat back, nor any reason to be rude either.

 The choice between the tables available with chairs unoccupied was slim enough pickings. Most too far back of saddled with children in various states of junk-induced sugar highs. This one seemed to be a nice and normal human, alone to boot - no animal, no corpse stink. Nice and easy for what was supposed to be a calm evening of people watching.

 She grunted at first, a primitive show of gratitude as she settled in and put down her drink and her snack. "Great minds ..." And a shared love of nacho cheese, apparently - even if they had different opinions on what it best suited. "Like derby or is the timing coincidental?"

"Derby?" Evelina's voice trailed as her eyes went from the stranger to the track in front of her, just now noticing the girls setting up for their race. "It is only coincidental" She hummed, the word feeling strange on her tongue as her eyes moved back towards the girl, a soft smile appearing upon her lips.
"I just found myself coming here to think over a few things." She clarified, shifting so that her body was a bit more angled towards the female. "Do you come here often to see the derby then?"

 Before she could think to stop it, her brows knitted together and the corners of her mouth dropped, a fleeting bit of concern. The confusion was weird as far as she was concerned, but it was enough to find they were on the same page rather quickly.

 "I wouldn't say a lot, but frequently enough I guess." She bit into another french fry, bounced her feet on the outdated carpet beneath the table. "Good drama, usually."

"Ah, then you are one that enjoys violence, yes?" Evelina asked, fingers lacing themselves together in front of her as she glanced back towards the derby girls. Many of the kids within the home had enjoyed violence as well, but not quite so much the contained kind. No, they had preferred it to be unpredictable and dangerous, and most of all, they wanted to be apart of it.

Evelina herself had never cared much for it, enjoying the flames a bit more, but she could not blame this girl for finding amusement from it, nor would she judge it either. "Better that the drama is within this establishment rather than outside."

 That was the sort of question you couldn't answer happily without a great deal of explanation and quantifying. Did she enjoy violence? She thought about where she'd come from, where she was now - what she was. It felt like, maybe, violence was ingrained in every bit of her life, that it had seeped into everything. Still, she didn't think she was a psychopath, she didn't want anyone to snap their neck just yards away from her late evening snack.

 "I think there's plenty of that shit outside, too." There was that bit about the body in Lavender, after all. Not to mention all the other sordid details that she couldn't divulge to present company. "I guess - if you want to get deep on this, at least this is planned."

True, Evelina had seen a great deal of violence, even after she left the home. Humans were, perhaps, a violent breed, some would probably even say that Evelina herself was violent. In fact, many had called her so after finding out about the fires she caused, not that it really bothered her much.

"I believe you are right in that suggestion." Evelina laughed, taking a sip of her sweet tea before continuing on. "And yes, planned is always good, but when things are unexpected, they are much more exciting." She reasoned before moving to stuff another nacho in her mouth.

 She nodded along as if they'd come to a regrettably difficult decision together, glanced down to her nearly empty paper boat of junk food. At once decided on the idea that this was ... okay, she was a weird one. Thankfully not: 'collects fingernails' weird, but just - hard to place somehow. But the fact of the matter was she had settled herself in at this specific table and getting up and going was a brand of rude that didn't feel like it fit the crime.

"Depends on a whole lot on which end of the shitshow you're on."

There was indeed a difference on how one would take to violence, whether watching or experience, depending on where they stood on the spectrum. One did could love the act of violence all they wanted, but when it came to the violence being shed unto them, well then that was a totally different story. It was the same it Evelina after all, she could watch is passively, but if she were to actually be apart of it, then she would not take it sitting down.

Glancing back towards the track, it was clear that the derby was to start, Evelina waving a hand to indicate it to the poor soul that had come to sit with her. "Well I will always sit happily on the sidelines then."

There was really nothing more for her to say on the subject, and so she sat quietly, continuing to stuff her face as she had before the womans arrival.

 That was a choose your own adventure story that went back pages and pages. the question of just how different things could be if she had sat happily on the sidelines. The idea made her grunt, perhaps not the most polite or poetic response as she turned to stare at the track. With a distraction it didn't feel as terrible to settle back and into the quiet.

 She kept her body turned to the event, welcomed the mindless distraction as she blindly picked at her nails beneath the table. One that enjoyed violence, perhaps - but that posed question snagged a branch in her mind. How much of that was pre-coyote, and how much was from birth? She wasn't sure what answer was worse.

The woman seemed content enough to focus on the event before them, Evelina doing the same, mind wandering back to the absent mind it had been in before. The conversation had been a good time waster, and had sent her back to her times in the home, and made her once again grateful for the fact that she was no longer there.


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