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Nothing had felt quite right after Chloe's murder.

After the run-in with the feline were who had attempted to prosecute him for the crime he had not committed.

Romeo knew where November was these days, but he left her alone out of a strange fear that the last thing she wanted was to see someone from Cataclysm.

So that left him with one avenue for confiding, and he'd finally given into it.

There have been some developments, and I'm afraid things I haven't told you previously that I am feeling I should have. If you aren't opposed, I would like to meet up soon. Perhaps my place, or yours if you feel more comfortable.

He was good at ghosting. He hadn't had proper contact with @"Kuzunoha Adachi" in a few weeks, but in truth... He had oddly come to trust her. Now it was time to test some of that.

:9_symbol_star:Kuzu's life had been, of late, entirely and impressively unusual. Needless to say, it was a welcome change from that strange, strange night where she had first crossed paths with her vulpine sort-of-but-not-quite paramour. Still, she would be lying if she claimed that her heart skipped a beat when she spotted out Romeo's name (with a flirty little star emoji appended by Kuzu herself) as it manifested upon her vibrating phone screen.

She did not get many personal calls these days. She smiled as she scooped up the device.

Well hello, there, McCloud. Fancy hearing from you! It's been a while.
. . .

Her eyes flicked back upwards towards the text he had sent. Ominous and ephemeral as usual, she thought; but this seemed to surpass a level deeper than his usual, baseline worrywart-ing. Curious. What hen house had Romeo raided?

Your place sounds fine. I won't ask any more questions here. I do hope this isn't a setup of some sort :1_face_wink:


Kuzunoha was forever odd to him. Mostly he didn't understand her references, or what her intent was. She was difficult for him to read, in spite of their good terms. His initial cold reception of her outside of the night club that one night. The more earnest collision the night of the broadcast. The awkwardness that had followed.

He did not understand her, but he did not mind her. He blamed the fox, smitten as he was. He also ignored the fox as best he could--more and more difficult these days.

You are quite safe with me, Kuzu.

The sort of thing that she probably hadn't been looking for, but he was keyed in on a sense of fear and a need for safety that he hadn't been the last time they'd met.

I can explain everything when we meet. When is your earliest convenience?


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