Shapeless Shadows

Carson's Hill 

A photography site online had mentioned going out during October to photograph the 'creepiest' places in the area. It recommended the trip as a way to practice lighting shots and maybe make a nice deal with some publishers who were chomping at the bit for spooky content.

Practice and money sounded like excellent motivators to Amber. A deep dive into the most haunted areas in town pulled up a decent list and right on top was a literal mansion left to ruins. She had plenty of experience sneaking onto private property back in California, it might not be the case here since the place was pretty much abandoned, but just in case she made sure to park around the corner for a quick get-away.

A warm jacket zipped up to her chin, Amber meandered through the site, snapping a few pictures here and there. For such a grand house falling apart, it was still impressive. The overgrown vegetation gave everything a wild look. Cracked statues littered the garden and the air buzzed with a static energy. Amber pulled her arms closer to her body, snapping a picture of the entrance.

Should she try going inside? A few thrill seekers had mentioned spending the night, only most hadn't lasted due to becoming terrified of strange noises coming from both inside and outside the house. Shivering from another chill, she remained at the front, staring up at the widows. There was something so creepy about this place.

She picked the camera back up and squinting through the viewfinder, took another shot of the window glass cracked like a spiderweb.


Natasha had been feeling a bit out of it lately, like really out of it. She seemed to be perpetually stuck in a hung over state, noises seeming louder than normal, smells stronger than they had been before. She hadn't worried about it the first few weeks, but going a month in now, it was obvious something was up... She just really wasn't sure what at this point. This is why, instead of wallowing at home, she buried herself in her work. Distractions were key in these sort of situations after all.

Walking aimlessly about, she had no real leads today on what story to conjure up, but she was sure if she walked around long enough, something would have to come up. Boot heels clacking on pavement, brown eyes caught sight of the girl, body automatically turning her way as the curly haired wonder made her way over.

Pictures were a sure sign that something had to be up, or was up by the look of the house, and one could never tell if a story was worth listening to unless they asked first. "So what are we taking pictures of exactly?" The house looked pretty abandoned to her, definitely not some realtor trying to make their next sale.

Amber must of jumped half a foot in the air, nearly dropping her camera which would have made her cry. She must have really been lost in her craft if someone could easily sneak up on her like that. To be fair, Amber wasn't the most observant person on the planet, so this other girl didn't have to try too hard.

She let out a laugh, holding a hand against her chest. "Oh my God, you totally scared me." Her first impression when finally turning to face the girl was of her outfit. Eyes widening a little at the colorful fabric tail.

"Sweet outfit, but aren't you cold?" Weather forecast had it in the 40s with a wind chill.

A little voice reminded her that the girl had asked her something earlier, but that wasn't important right now, this clothing ensemble needed to be discussed ASAP.

Natasha didn't bother holding back the giggles that erupted from her throat as the girl jumped, taking a step back as the female turned to her, offering laughter of her own. Lacing her hands behind her back, Natasha leaned forward ever so slightly, grin making its way to her face. "Really? I couldn't tell by the way you jumped." She joked, before straightening back up as the stranger mentioned the cold.

In normal cases this sort of chill would have been more than uncomfortable for her even with her growing up in the ever chilly London. Recently however, it was nothing more than a bit irritating, and not completely unbearable, yet another strange thing having happened to her as of late. Waving her hand in soft denial Natasha shook her head. "Thanks, and a bit, but its all in the name of fashion my friend."

It wasn't the best of answers, but it would have to do for now, and perhaps a quick subject change could brush it all under the rug. "So back to my question. Why the house?"

She let her eyes linger a little longer on the dress, the fabric must be thicker than it looked for the girl wasn't shivering as you'd expect. How Amber envied those with strong circulation.

While Amber would be fine to continue discussing the interesting dress, the girl's soft dismissal was enough to turn her attention back to the original question. She lifted up her camera, displaying its lovely craftsmanship for all to see, and with her other hand pointed back at the window she'd just been admiring.

"I'm doing a photography project. Taking photos of the spookiest parts of town. Heard about this really cool abandoned house and well, here I am." So far, things were even better than expected. Lots of great shots that would fill her blog and maybe interest some of her contacts

Smiling again, she lowered her arm. "I'm Amber by the way." The house was begging to be further explored, but Amber would never turn down the opportunity to meet new people.

Ah, photography, the close cousin to journalism and something that always peaked her interest. Eyes glancing over the camera, Natasha could not help but smile at how proud the girl seemed of it. She supposed that was a good quality to have as a photographer, and as the girl explained her reasons for this house being the subject of her art, Natasha gave a few soft nods.

"Ah I see." She hummed, offering her own name as Amber gave her own. "Natasha."

Eyes glancing back towards the house, the smile grew on her face. "I bet you'd get some creepier shots inside. Wanna go?"

Her eyes grew big. "Yes! I was getting the courage up to go inside just seconds ago." Amber hopped in place once and turned back to the house, taking a few big steps up the stone walkway. She peered back at Natasha, already impatient to head inside.

She forced herself to stay put until her new companion could join her. "I should warn you, there are a ton of stories online about how haunted this place is." The seriousness of her words did not match the excited look on her face. A paranormal experience would be fantastic in Amber's eyes.

Hopefully Natasha agreed.

As the girl hopped in place out of pure excitement, Natasha could feel her body doing much of the same, overcome by Amber's personality, heck even that strange thing in the back of her mind was getting excited. At the girls warning, Natasha waved a hand of dismissal. "I live to find out if stories are true. I'm a journalist after all." She responded with a wink, before racing in front of the photographer, hand already on the handle to the house. "Now what are we waiting for." And with that she was bursting into the house, the sound of the door opening oddly loud when compared to the silence that lay within.

Oooh, a journalist? Amber was delighted. What an awesome coincidence and perfect for a little investigation into the possible hauntings of the abandoned mansion. Amber would provide the photographic evidence and the lovely Natasha could write up a nice little piece on how friendly (or unfriendly) the resident ghosts were.

Not one to be left in the dust, she hurried up the rest of the walkway and entered right behind her new friend. "Oh wow." Sunlight illuminated patches of the foyer, highlighting the collection of graffiti scribbled on the walls. A few overturned chairs were piled in the corner, some probably weren't even original to the house.

She raised her camera and took a snapshot of it all, best to record everything while they were inside. "Definitely looks creepy, I bet there's more stuff as we go deeper."

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