Strange Encounters

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It would be hours after the encounter with the encounter with the two vampires. Time to find his way back to his car and shift back. A brief rest period, and the process of gathering clothing from his trunk.

In that time, he sconsidered the words exchanged and the actions of his feline counterpart. He was not proud of the aggression, but he still was uncomfortable with such a proximity, the proclamations that this was their neighborhood and they would leave, for now. It did not sit particularly well with Mathis, specifically the cat he shared a body with.

And so, he dialed the number of the one person he knew to call as he made the drive home.

Incoming Call

@"Yana Novik"

I want you to know that every time I see your number and you're away from home, I have palpatations now.

 Her voice was level, at odds with the confession as she took a moment to sit up straighter.

How're you?


He blew a small breath through his nostrils at that form of an answer. There was the gut desire to tell her he was fine, that he was just calling about Work Release, that she shouldn't worry. Instead... well.

I'm, eh, uninjured. But not all peaches...

There was some hesitation in his voice, but he was quick to continue so as not to keep her on any sort of edge.

You have every right to beat me for this, but I shifted in Avondale tonight and came across two vampires. There was no violence, I managed to scare them away. But they seemed to be more aggressive about standing their ground than just wanting to feed in the area we were in.

Brace for... he never did know with Yana.

First thing was first.

Did anyone who wasn't a corpse see you? As an animal, as you shifted?

She rubbed at her head, hunched over and stared down at the floor as she focused on his voice alone.

Tell me about these vampires, everything you can.


No. I searched through nearby buildings and found nothing. It was at Copper Mountain.

A brief pause as he sought to recall the details of the vampires.

One was a man. Darker skin and hair. Young looking, speaking in some sort of. I don't know. Some American accent.

He couldn't begin to try to place from where.

With him was a girl. Young and blonde. Very skinny, in dark clothing and... She spoke with a more plain accent, but at times she spoke in a language, eh, similar to yours. Some sort of European. Russian or maybe Polish.

It had been starkly out of place. He thought back to her face. He hadn't realized at the time, but she seemed vaguely familiar. Mathis hadn't met her before, had he? Mm.

The male said that Avondale was "his neighborhood" and, eh, when they were leaving, he said it was "for now"


 With every bit of information he gave, her frown deepened.

Did they threaten you? What am I - did you tell them anything about us?


His tongue clicked as his brows stitched at Yana's suggestion he might have.

No, Yana. I hardly spoke.

Perhaps a sharper edge to his words than intended, but tonight had not been a good night.

The male did most of the talking. He told me that Avondale was not my land, and I informed him it was not his either. That is my fear. That perhaps they are planning to populate it.

He was nearing Belle Vista. When he crossed into the borders, Yana would be able to feel his presence and the heaviness that weighed on him. Exhaustion, distress, frustration, fear. A mix of emotions he was growing far too familiar with.

I did not think you would tell them anything of your own free will, Mathis.

A quick, albeit snippy correction as she noted the strain in his tone and responded to it in kind.

I will speak to Asha as well as our friends up north, we'll decide what to do with this knowledge. I appreciate you, Mathis - I am glad you're no worse for wear from this.


He bristled some at the returned shortness, but did not speak on it. It was now that he crossed over into Bells Vista, and he felt somewhat calmed by it. Perhaps it was to do with the words Yana spoke as wel.

Of course. Keep me in the loop, yes? I have to see a doctor about the apparent vampire magnet I swallowed.


Of course I will. I happen to know a jaguar who's proven quiet useful.

She sighed, softened once she had the familiar comifrt of sensing him.

Don't be a stranger. I'll speak with you soon.


Mathis chuckled at the joke. Perhaps he should ask Frank.
Never a stranger. Ciao, Yana.


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